Veera 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera recalling Ranvi’s words and crying. Baldev comes and sees her crying. He asks did you meet Gunjan. She hugs him and cries. He pacifies her. She says she is afraid, what is things don’t get fine between them, if realtion does not become like before, they got differences in them, I know its tough to move ahead to each other. He says everything will be fine. Manjeet and Bansuri see them. Manjeet says this was the reason I got angry, as you left them alone in hospital, she has controlled Baldev again by her magic.

She says she has succeeded and they get angry. Gunjan tries taking her purse and Ranvi helps her. She says thanks and tries to talk. He acts annoyed and she asks him to be with her, only then she can sleep. He takes pillow and says no, this will affect sleep and work too. He leaves. Gunjan cries and says how will I get my old Ranvi back. Manjeet says there is something we can use against Veera, which divides Baldev and Veera forever, we have to do something that their relation ends. She says he should be helpless to hate her. Bansuri says she knows one such thing and smiles. Manjeet asks her to say.

Chai ji asks Gunjan did she sleep well. Gunjan says yes. Chai ji asks will she have tea, and she will give Ranvi. Gunjan says no, but I will give Ranvi. Chai ji asks why, take rest, why to walk on stairs. Gunjan insists and Chai ji prays for her. Ranvi cries recalling Gunjan’s abortion and her miscarriage. Gunjan comes to him and gives the tea. He says it was not needed that you bring it, and thanks her. She says don’t thank me, I love you a lot, there is nothing imp to me than your happiness. She asks shall I make veg pulao which you liked in dhaba. He says he is going out for work and leaves. She recalls his love on the valentine’s day and cries.

Manjeet coughs and comes to Bansuri. Bansuri hides something. She says she was cleaning. Manjeet asks her to do her work, when will she throw the trump card. Bansuri says no, I m waiting for the right time. She says she will tell her what to do. Manjeet asks her to do it soon, she wants Veera out, I can’t bear her in this house. Balwant hears this and asks why. He confronts her for her words. He says Veera is the bahu of this house. Bansuri says listen to me and takes him. She asks will he talk like this to Manjeet. He asks how can she say this being elder. She says she is not saying wrong.

He says I don’t know what problem you have with her. Bansuri says we feel Baldev will get better girl than her. He says what about her, and says Lord made their pair, even if anyone likes or not. He looks at Manjeet and leaves. Bansuri asks Manjeet to not say anything against Veera, till they workout their plan, have patience. Baldev brings Kachoris and thinks this will make Veera’s mood fine. Manjeet asks him about it that he got for them. He says this is for Veera, you all can have it from the box. She asks why, is it her birthday. He says no, I would have got the cake, she was upset, so I got this to cheer her up. He leaves and she gets worried.

Gunjan sees teddy bear and Ranvi’s gifts. Ranvi comes and looks at her. He acts rude and she asks did he have food. He says yes. She asks will he be at home, dad is coming. He says apologize to him on my behalf, I have to go. He says I will rest for sometime. She asks him to rest in room. He says the papers are out, I need to go. She gets angry and asks why is he doing this, she can’t bear this. What happened to him, she can’t see him being rude to her, and apologizes to him. She asks for a chance to repent, and hugs him crying. She says I know you have hidden your pain in your heart, get angry on me, don’t act like this. She says I know what I did is wrong. He asks her to have medicines, and he will get them. He says take care and leaves. O rabba……………..plays……………..

He comes out of the room and cries. Gunjan cries in her room. Baldev and Veera have the kachoris and she likes it. he says he knows her well. She says even Ranvi and Gunjan were good childhood friends, how did they got apart. He says when hope breaks, it hurts a lot. She says then you should give a chance to heal it, I wish Ranvi gives Gunjan a chance, they love each other. She asks did she say wrong. He says no, I understand what is Ranvi going through, when we fight with our pain, we get angry on our helplessness and he gets anger out on his loved ones, then gets annoyed with himself.

He says Ranvi will understand soon what Gunjan did was in fear, Ranvi is a nice human being, I can say she will not face such thing. Veera cries listening to him and enough, you explained me everything. Manjeet and Bansuri look on. Manjeet asks whats happening, when will you play the game, when Veera becomes mum of his child. Bansuri says he will kick her out tomorrow.

Manjeet brings the medicine truth out in Baldev’s eyes and Veera cries. Baldev gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. New spoiler: Veera has finally succeeded in Baldev’s love. Baldev is madly in love with her once again and he gives her a surprise by making the Pind turn into Goa. He brings her on a surprise date being thankful after what all she did for him. Her sacrifices, patience and love have won his heart again. Veera expresses her view to go Goa, and he fulfills her wish. They both dance romantically on their date and he proposes her again by gifting her a beautiful gown.

  2. nice spoiler. our old baldev is back.

  3. Hate this manjeet and bansuri…

  4. How much time will you take in uploading today’s epi

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