Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Suhani that she will know the truth soon. Pratima comes to Suhani and sees her crying. She asks her to clean the reason of her tears. She leaves. Suhani recalls Sharad’s words and goes to see Dadi and Soumya. Dadi tears Soumya’s poster and throws on her face. She says we don’t need you, you can go. Soumya cries and says I did not mean to do this. Dadi says she does not like to see her face, she did a lot for her and you did this. Soumya says no. Dadi scolds her and says I should not trusted Suhani and you, you are just guest here, nothing more, don’t be seen near me. Suhani thinks what was this, does Dadi really want to break my marriage, but why.

Pratima tells Sharad that Suhani should make Soumya leave. They see Suhani sad again. Suhani says she needs to talk to her. Yuvraaj comes and asks whats happening. Pratima says you stay away, this is saas bahu plan. He says fine, plan later, I m taking Suhani for drive. They all see her. He asks why are they looking like this, its not first time. Pratima says we did not say so, and asks Suhani to go. Suhani comes to Yuvraaj and he says he is not taking to wear shawl and be in serious sad mode, we will go to drive that you will share all your problems, the place will be your choice, but we will talk. They leave in his car.

They drink tea at a small stall. He sees her drinking and asks how can she like such place, its dusty and not hygienic. She says you wanted to go five star hotel. They both argue and he asks to understand the thing before reacting. He asks her not to be silent, and wants to talk to her about her strange behavior. He says she is simple, but her actions are problematic. He says you pull all problems towards you, not this way, you become straight and I don’t know why.

She thinks how can she punish Yuvraaj for Soumya’s mistake. She says he cares for me, he got me here, and I m just thinking about myself. He comes to her and she smiles. He says your smile always saved you, not this time, I m not a fool. She says she is fool, she got caring husband and she had bad mood, she will not miss any happy moment. She says everyone has problems, it does not mean we forget to live life, problems will not control us, we will control the problems. He says wow, what a motivating speech, why don’t you try in politics. He takes her shawl and teases her. He asks her to take it himself.

They spend time together. Saawre…………….plays. They have a laugh on his filmi ways. They come home. She asks for the flowers. He says why to give you the thing which belongs to others. She asks what. He says come, you will know it. Dadi, Rags and Menka have a talk about her birthday tomorrow. Rags says we will give her the biggest gift of her life.

Suhani packs the gifts and asks what for is this and starts a sweet nok jhok with Yuvraaj. He tells about Dadi’s birthday. She asks about the party and no arrangements done till now. He says Saurabh will manage, and says this bouquet will be from your side. She says she will not go infront of Dadi tomorrow. He says superb, I will drop you tomorrow to your mum’s house. She asks really. He says yes, as Dadi’s happiness is most imp. She gets tensed. He smiles and holds her hand.

He gives her the bouquet and says I was joking, now you will wish Dadi first and do party arrangements too, so don’t think of going. She says fine and smiles. Yuvraaj comes to Dadi and keeps the gift, wishing her happy birthday. Dadi thanks her and says you are the first one to wish like always. She says you care for me a lot, so you are valuable to me more than my life. Suhani looks on. Dadi says sometimes I have to forget everything for your sake, I don’t care if anyone thinks I m bad. He says Suhani and I understand, and call Suhani.

Suhani wishes Dadi and gives her flowers. Dadi says white lily, Yuvraaj might have chosen this, as he knows my likes and dislikes. Suhani says they are trying to know about it. Dadi asks her to see herself before coming out of room, as she is bahu of this house. Suhani says sorry and leaves. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to see that she tells about her good, but she thinks she is wrong, I gave her advice, and see how she went. Everyone wish Dadi and gift her. Dadi taunts Sharad for gifting her by her money, and its good he got manners to gift. Pratima too wishes her.

Saurabh taunts Rags and Menka for being Dadi’s fav and not getting any gift. Rags and Menka say we have got surprise gift for her, and it will be best. They all hug Dadi and leave. Menka asks Suhani did Soumya not come to wish Dadi. Dadi says I don’t care about guests, I will celebrate with family.

Sharad asks Suhani to bring her feelings out. Suhani tells Pratima what Soumya said, that Dadi did this to break her and Yuvraaj’s marriage. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plz suhani know d truth soon

  2. Wow today epi jst awesome love u yuvani <3 B-)

  3. Plz update fast

  4. why is suhani not telling anything to yuvraj

  5. starpluslover

    Yeh Evil Dadi tho aise sone ki pose de rahi hai ko Rapezuel rajkumari… Par dhikthi tho us kahani ki Witch jaisi…

  6. Superb episode………the precape seem to be interesting………waiting 4 2mrw’s epi

  7. uhhhh now if suhani doesnt know the truth its better not to watch it!!!

  8. Wow!…superb suhani ..come on..send out soumya soon
    Lv u sharad

  9. Hey Suhani, tell your husband about Soumya. Otherwise, when Soumya is about to leave the house, Yuvi will stop her for your sake. Please save us from this unnecessary torture. Since Holi episodes, one can see Yuvi’s love for Suhani in his eyes. Kudos to Sahil for his acting abilities. If he is given good dialogues and screen time, it will be a delight to watch him.

  10. its such a golden chance to throw that gorilla-face out of birla house now….the only one stopping her there was devil dadi…now even she pretended to wanna throw out her…soo…grab the chance suhani…call her mother again. ..please..

  11. hey,anyone know the difference b/w dadi & snoopy?

    1. ans: snoppy loves yuvraj. but dadi doesn’t love yuvraj

    2. They r the same except snoopy has some manners and real hair

  12. Yay! I ❤ Yuvani!! BTW, what’s up with soumya and Dadi? What are they trying to get Suahni think?? I can’t wait to see suhanis reaction, when she finds out soumya didn’t love her! Will she stay strong?

  13. I felt very bad when dadi was questioning suhani about the what lilies.. what was the use??? always we should not question abt the gift but we should thank the one giving us…

  14. nice episode at least we can see yuvani happy together!

  15. Yuvi, please advice Suhani not to drape those ugly shawls and baggy suits. It does not suit her at all. But to wear simple but trendy clothes with little makeup, She will look gorgeous. Her plus point is her expressive big eyes. Some eyemakeup will definitely help.

  16. Wow.nice episode but want to see soumya out of the birla house.

  17. get lost dadi

  18. wt da hell
    stopped reading YHM comments coz of chat nw u ppl startrd here


    1. who started chating? did u see anywhere?don’t say anything without seeing.ok?

      1. lets start our convers adithya as all r waiting for it…………

      2. see previous one episodes comments

  19. Wait wait……. no one start a stupid dumb conversation on this page
    No one wants 300 something comments

  20. Bs aj ky episOde m mza aaya jb suhani or yuvraaj sath thy .

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