Veera 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 12th March 2013 Written Update

Veera searching for ranvi before going to school… but she does not find him…MC says whatever is happening is not good its said truth is good but what nice happened this lie has broken their hearts veera was ranvis life… but now he is not talking to her… the distance which has cum between them I am not liking this relation is made by god if this breaks then I wont trust any relation… she says we have to save this bro sis relation…. Ratan says we cant hide truth.. I tried hard to hide this I fought with the whole world.. I knew if ranvi knows the truth he ill break down I knew… if ranvi would have been mature more… then he would digest this… MC says what do you mean we should sit and see the drama we should see our kids in pain… she says your ranvis heart has Broken… your son is missing veera becoz of her he has become responsible…MC says if this print stays in his mind it will be for life time .. why cant you see ranvis pain.. I can understand… becoz you never loved veera u accepted her becoz of ranvi.. she says accept her once… she says do you remember when u had left her in orphanage how was chote chands condition.. That time she was small.. but now its been 5 years… I cant see ranvi in pain.. Suppose I tell you today ranvi is not your kid will u feel the pain will u digest this…. And your talking….ratan silent…

[Veera on road]
Veera on road she is jumping and finding the rakhi which she had lost…a cycle is coming in front of her but she just jumps in time saying veerji and is saved by getting hurt…veera now runs and hugs nihal and says veerji… nihal is shocked… he says what happened she says I am scared…to go anywhere without veerji.. nihal says is ranvi not ok… she says how do u know… he says magic…veera says then make my veerji nice by magic.. nihal says I dunno if it will work.. veera says try…nihal now carries her on his shoulder and leaves her to school….

[School scene]
Baldev is shocked to see veera alone… he says now see what I do.. my work is easy now baldev says to veera where is your bodyguard…your alone today… veera says who is it… nihal says he is a person who saves you and guards you… veera says my veerji he is not well so he didn’t come.. just then bell rings and all kids run to classes…

Veera is now walking in corridor she sees balbeer with his sis and she remembers ranvi she says why you didn’t come and don’t worry i have talked to nihal chachu he will make u well…just then a boy come sans says veera your veerji has come he has called u at the back of school….

[Baktawar and nihal]
Baktawar is saying about the games he says if any new person goes he will not be able to win..… just then he sees nihal and says you didn’t get work that you went to school nihal baktawar shows the bag and nihal says oops I forgot to give it to veera thanks for reminding he move to go and baktawar says what is the matter your getting to mixed up with ratan….

[Veera backside of school]
She is saying veerji she is scared…she holds her pony and starts walking saying veerji veerji…baldev now try to tell veera truth
Baldev is trying to tell veera the truth… on the other hand nihal comes with bag and asks for veeras class… baldev is calling veera he says I wanna talk imp this so listen carefully…or else I will beat u hahhaha.. he now sees through the gap.. veera says who are u… she walks forward baldev stops her.. nihal is inquiring about veera he friends say we dint see her

Baldev says don’t run or else I will follow you stand here and listen veera you know your body guard that ranvi whom u call veerji he is in reality… just then nihal comes and veera says chachu… and baldevs plan fails…nihal says what happened.. veera says some one Is scaring me….nihal says ok… you come with me…both now coming near baldev…veera says chachu… nihal says ok I will go alone…(Here we go again nihal saves veera)

Precap- veera says its spicy… I want water ratan come ans scolds her and says cant we even eat tasty items… eat this I wont make a paratha at such odd time now… ranvi is silent and hearing this…

Update Credit to: Rashu

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