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Veera 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev being super annoyed with Veera. She cries and says I did not think so. He pushes her and asks are you afraid of me now, I should do something mad, and bad, what can show my madness, what should I do. He bends her in window and asks shall I throw you from here. She cries and says leave me. He scolds her and leaves. She cries. Its morning, Jaggi meets Veera and says he is finding it strange seeing her work so much. She says its fine, homely works can be done. They talk about Baldev. She tells about doctor’s suggestion.

Jaggi says Baldev needs you the most, you can do a lot more than doctor. She says I feel he hates me a lot. He asks does she doubt Baldev that he has killed Nihaal. She says is my love and marrying him not enough to show my trust. He says no, you have to make him sure and make yourself also sure that Baldev can’t kill Nihaal, what Ranvi saw is misunderstanding, I feel someone has trapped Baldev. She says trapped?

Baldev cries recalling how he treated Veera. He recalls her words. Billa comes and sees him crying. Baldev wipes his tears. He says no one cares for me, they feel I killed Nihaal. Billa says Veera cares for you a lot, I don’t know why you are blaming her, its your personal matter, but what you are doing is wrong. He says the blame is your problem, I know it, try to think and prove innocent yourself, then your problem will end. The manager meets Gunjan and asks her to perform with Ranvi. Gunjan is glad. She says I don’t think Ranvi will agree. He asks her to convince Ranvi, and he may agree, it can help him in building name and star couple fame. She thinks.

Veera thinks about Jaggi’s words and goes to Nihaal’s murder location. She thinks about Ranvi’s words calling Baldev as Nihaal’s murderer. She cries and says everything thinks I don’t regret losing you as I don’t regard you my loved ones, maybe you also feel so, so you left me when I needed you the most. Baldev thinks of Nihaal’s message, maybe Nihaal did not do it, someone was trapping me. He recalls Nihaal’s words that his life is in danger. How he went there and saw Nihaal dead…. Baldev evaluates the situation and recalls in FB.

He says it was a trap for me. Veera gets a button there and says its not Baldev, then whose is it, everyone said they got just Baldev’s things here, his watch, his car jack. She says it has some connection with Nihaal’s murder, I have to find out. She looks for more evidences there. She recalls Baldev’s words and says it means there was someone else here along with Baldev, who has killed Nihaal, I have just this proof by which I can reach the culprit. She gets some hint of Baldev being innocent and thinks to reach its root.

Baldev thinks how to find who trapped him, his jack was stolen from the jeep, I dropped Veera home on wedding day, the jack was there, it means it was stolen that time. His milk vendor comes and says ask Biji about the milk bill. Baldev asks him did he take any leave. He says no, I came even on the day of your marriage. Baldev asks him did he see his jeep, and anyone outside his house, and near his jeep, when he came to give the milk. The man says no.

Baldev asks did he see anyone taking the jeep jack. The man says no one was there, if anyone would try to steal, I would have seen. Baldev says fine and asks Bansuri to pay the bill. Bansuri pays the amount. Baldev asks her about the day of Nihaal’s murder, did anyone come near his jeep, did she see anyone whom they can doubt of theft. She says not really, but why are you asking. He says nothing and thinks.

Veera talks to Rajveer about any other proof at the godown. Rajveer tells about all things belonging to Baldev. She thinks if she shows the button to him, he can say me to whom it belongs. Rajveer looks at her thinking.

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