Vani Rani 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandani wins the case

Vani Rani 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anajali and Adi are looking for Nandani everywhere. She is crying in the locked room. After 10 minutes adi comes back and says I couldn’t find her. Everyone is worried. THe hearing starts. Shrivastav says the case is already over. He makes his stories. Nandani is crying. She tries to come out. Nandani stands on the chair and tries to break the glass.
The hearing proceeds. Judge says defence lawyer is not here. I want to see all the medical reports again. Nadnani looks for ways to get out of the room. SHe breaks the glass and jumps from there.
Judge locks his decision. He says after hearing all the witnesses and seeing proofs we conclude that Sid.. Nandani comes in and says please stop. She is all injured. Everyone is dazed. Judge says what is all this? She says don’t worry about me. Let me proceed with the case.

I wanted to show this court a proof. I was locked in the room outside before hearing. I ran from there. We all know who did that. She says this was done so I can’t show you this proof. She gives a report to judge and says as per this report niti had a women problem. She went to doctor for that. Doctor’s report shows clearly that she was given some meds. Those meds had notes too. According to doctor’s report she is a virgin. She had never been physical with a man before. This proves that my husband didn’t do anything and is falsely accused. Shrivastav says objection. She is fooling the court. Nandani says this is original report from hospital and not a copy. These reports can’t be copied. This proves that Niti’s reports are fake. They were made to trap my client, Sid.
She was given so much money for this case. Nandani says you made a good plan but made this mistake of going to dr. Seema.
She says justice can’t be blind if a woman shouts. sometimes a victim is a man too. Just like my client Sid. I rest my case. Vidi is worried.

Judge says this case was pretty simple but it complicated when defence showed proofs. I don’t want any injustice in this case. This court decides that Niti Verma will be punished for false accusation. The court releases Sid with all the respect due. Everyone is happy. Niti syas i didn’t do all this I was asked to. Judge leaves. Sdid hugs everyone.
Precap-Nandani and sid come home. Nadnani says I want to apologize you all. Sid says Vidi’s countdown has started.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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