Shakti 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya prays for Harman’s recovery

Shakti 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto thinking about Saya giving Vibhuti for Harman and applies it on his face. Shanno gets hungry and says it seems they will not have food being emotional, but I am not a fool and shall eat food. She starts eating food. Soumya comes to room. Preeto keeps Vibhuti’s bowl and goes. Soumya looks at Harman. Shanno tells Raavi if Soumya fulfills the condition and makes Harman fine then she will become everyone’s favorite and then they will send her to inlaws house. Raavi makes plan to lower Soumya infront of everyone and tells that Soumya is sleeping in room when Baba ji asked her not to sleep. Soumya says this is a lie, I haven’t slept or blinked my eyes. She says she loves and cares for Harman a lot. Harak Singh says we don’t need her, baba ji will make her fine. Soumya says even I am pained to see Harman’s condition.

Shanno asks if you love him so much then why did you go to become widow. Soumya says she wasn’t aware. She swears on Harman, but nobody believes her. Harak Singh says he can’t bear her anymore. Raavi says I am not lying and asks Soumya how dare she to tell that she is lying. Chintu comes and asks Raavi to swear on him. Raavi refuses. Preeto understands her lie and asks Chintu to go and sleep. She slaps Raavi angrily. Maninder and Bebe asks Surbhi to patch up with Varun and call him home.

Soumya asks Harman to speak and says since 3 days you have not spoken to me.
Preeti tells Soumya that she will go with her to get water. Chintu says I w ill go with Mami. Guru ji tells some rituals. Soumya brings water. Again same thing, she washes Harman’s feet and puts water in Datura plant. He asks her to make 25000 agarbattis and says havan will happen with it in the morning. Soumya tells Harman that she will not apply ointment on her wounds and cries, recalling his care for her. Preeto comes and picks ointment. Preeto applies ointment on her hand. Soumya says what you are doing and apologizes saying she didn’t do puja intentionally. Preeto asks her to pray that Harman gets fine.

Surbhi comes to office. Her Colleague gives her sweets and says it is for those who are not coming to his birthday party. Surbhi says how mean, you didn’t invite me. He says you can come with Varun and takes back the sweets. Surbhi calls Soumya and asks about Harman. Soumya says she is making 25000 baatis and says Guru ji said that Harman will get fine after havan puja. Surbhi says it is a blind faith. Chintu takes the call and says it might be blind faith for others, but it is Soumya mami’s love. Surbhi asks him to be with Soumya.

Harman Singh is dragging Soumya out of house, when Preeto informs him that Harman came out of coma. They rush to him happily..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Alister La Frenais

    When is Surbhi going to divorce her layabout husband. He is a creep and good for nothing. Instead of finding employment he is living of his wife and in-laws. Perhaps they should send him to visit Anushka in Laado where he can have a pair of balls installed, because he is missing a pair.

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