Vani Rani 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi keeping an eye on everyone

Vani Rani 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi and Mishti are playing. Mishti collides with pabha. She says are you blind? Kaviya says sorry dadi adi was teasing her. Pabha says why are you saying sorry my princess. Come have breakfast. Sartak says let go Mishti. Pabha says your button is breaking will you fix it or ask your girls in college to?
Rani serves everyone breakfast. Pabha says to Parkash did you sleep well? he says yes. She says you had been worried. I was so worried for you.
Mishti says I wanna eat egg. Pabha looks at her in anger. Ajay is going. Vani says where are you going? Have breakfast first. She says maji ajay misses you a lot.
Pabha says to parkash your plate is empty please eat. Mishti says papa’s plate is empty too. Why are you not asking him? Don’t you like him? Rani says mishti shut up. Ajay leaves. Vani says sartak come sit. Sartak leaves.
Kaviya goes upstairs. Pabha stops her. Mishti says why didn’t you stop papa?? Pabha says you speak a lot.

Ajay is upset in his room.
Kaviya and mishti are leaving. Pabha says kaviya show me your bag. She says why? what? mom never checks our bag. Pabha says your mom is always busy. sHe says I care for you so you understand better things. Vani comes and says what is happening here? Pabha says nothing just giving them blessings. She says go have fun KAviya. Kaviya leaves. Pabha says to vani won’t you go to court? She says no I have taken off. Parkash says thanks for being so nice to mom.

Scene 2
Rani is playing trumpet in temple. A guy sees her and recalls her dad shouting at her in the same temple. rani says I am so happy God.
Pabha says what should I do. SHe calls Gaitri. Gaitri says they are so united. I was gonna catch Kaviya taking something in the bag. I was about to stop her. Kaviya is walking on wrong path and maybe vani doesn’t know. Gaitri says you have to catch and expose her. Pabha laughs.

Kaviya is getting her photoshoot done. HE says your portfolio is ready. You should go for auditions. She says but I have to go home early. He says it won’t take long. she says okay let me go and change.

In college, Anjali collides with a girl. The girls taunt at her. They say in support of adi. Anjali says now see what adi does to you. She says I don’t care.
Adi comes to college. All the girls flirt with him.
Pabha calls paraksh and says this rani is not looking after kids. Parkash says I am on kids. I am on site. We will talk when we are home. She sees Ajay going somewhere. Pabha follows ajay. He has tools in hands. Pabha peeks in his room. Vani comes and says what are you doing ma ji.

Precap-Adi comes to college. Anjali is scared. Pabha hugs ajay and says I really liked your gift. Parkash says to vani your plan was flop. She says you are over possessive about your mom. Ajay is your brother. Parkash says step brother. I dont’ want to share my mom’s love with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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