Sethji 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sethji taken to new house

Sethji 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says what if someone else catches this med? They take Sethji outside.
Nita says this inspector doesn’t take money? I am so worried. Nagesh says go home and don’t tell anyone. Ambi says baba Gauri we lost her. It was our best chance. Nagesh says don’t worry bhao would have done his part.

Sethji is brought to a small house. Baji cries. He recalls sethji cooking for them, celebrating functions. baji says this is all my mistake. Devi says what about her meds? Vaidh ji says someone should come here with her meds. Devi says I will. I am really worried for her. Pragati says in heart I will send you where sent your nages and ambi.

Scene 2
Nita comes home and says Pragati where are you? She calls her. But her number is off. Baji is outside Sethji’s room. Baji saays to Pragati thank you for you did for her. See what they did to my mom. Pragati did all this. Pragativ says if Pragati did wrong she will suffer too.

Pragati tells wasu. Pragati says thank you for trusting in me. Wasu says I always knew. I know you are the heroin. Pragati says what exactly happened to sethji? wasu says no meds are working. Pragati says I feel like there is something wrong. Wasy says everyone is worried. Pragati says don’t cry. She hugs wasu. Ganesh comes and says baji what are you doing.. You were hugging ths man? You are married. Wasy says no its not like that. Trust me. He laughs. He says look at you. I know what the game is. I know this is Pragati.

Ganesh says I am so wise. I recognized you. Wasu says why didn’t you tell me?
He says I thought to surprise you. Pragati says we will only spread smiles in Devsu now. Sethji will be fine. God will show us a way.
Gauri comes back Sethji’s room and cries. She says mom I am sorry. Because of me you are so ill. She recalls Sethji talking about her marriage. She recalls things Sethji used to do for her. She says I am responsible for all this.

Pragati sees sethji asleep. She says sethji open your eyes. These marks are not just shock. This is something else. Devi comes. pragati hides. Devi says Sethji I have placed you med take it when you get up. She makes Sethji drink it. After she leaves Pragati smells the med. She is shocked. She says I need to know what it has.

Precap-Baji says maji meet bunti bhai. He saved our Gauri. Sethji is faint. Baji holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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