Vani Rani 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandani performs well in court

Vani Rani 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani says I rest my case. Shrivastav says I want to ask Sid a few questions. He says you are married. Would you tell us how is your relationship with your wife? How close are you to her? Sid is silent. He says what are you trying to say? He says are you close to your wife? Sid says I really love my wife. Love is the base of our relationship. She says what if your wife doesn’t love you and fool you? Sid says my wife really loves me. He says your wife was never close to your wife and in frustration you did this to Niti. Sid says shut up. Our relationship is based on love. I really love my wife and dont’ need anyone else. Judge says its a personal matter don’t discuss it in the court. Shrivastav says I am just trying to tell you his mental state. Court session for the day ends.

Nandani caresses sid’s face and says don’t be worried. i won’t let anything happen to you.
vidi comes and says do all this but you wont win. Nanadani says I will get my Sid out. They leave.

Scene 2
Vidi comes to Niti’s room and hits her. She says you stupid girl. My game failed because of you. She throttles her.
Nandani comes home and everyone appreciates her. Anjali says sid will come home. Prabha says you are so talented. we are so proud of you. Nandani says this is my responsibility. Kaviya says please rest. Nandani says sid can’t sleep there. Nandani recalls her moments with Sid. Sid is upset is jail as well. Nadnani gets a call from adi. She says stay there I am coming. I want to come and see. She says Nitti’s game is over.

Nandani and Adi come to hospital. They take a report from doctor. She says can these be changed? Doctor says we will know if someone changes them.
Vidi wonders why nadnani went to that room. Sartak says calm down. she says there was someone in that room. Sartak says there was no one;. You checked. Vidi says Nandani is doing well. I have to find out what are they upto.
Precap-Nadani says to Vidi you will lose this case. Sid will be free. Before hearing Vidi gets nandani locked in a room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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