Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Masa sees Devi’s face

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
masa comes near devi and says why did you go to temple alone. Adhi comes in and she doesn’t see Devi’s face. Adhi is not feeling well. Devi takes him to room. Devi takes him to bed and he sleeps.
Virat calls Devi. She comes out. Devi says Adhi saw my jewelry in your room. He thinks I spent night in your room. Someone placed it there. Send the mehndi night photos.

Adhi gets up recalls his moments with devi. He says what should i do? Was she right? I have to meet her again. Devi comes to her room and checks the photos virat sent. She sees Kesar stealing her jewelry. devi says how can kesar do this to me? i have to tell this to Adhi. Adhi says should I call her or not? Adhi calls devi. He says I want to meet you. She says come. Adhi says I will meet you at the same place. She says okay I will come.
Devi is leaving. MAsa stops her. she says I am going to market. Masa says there are servants in house you don’t need to go. She asks hariya to bring what she wants. Adhi is in park. He keeps calling devi. Devi is sitting with Masa. She says why are you making such fat rotis? Adhi says where is she? Masa goes upstairs. Devi rushes towards the gate.

Devi goes there but Adhi has left. Devi cries.

Scene 2
Devi comes home and sees many water filled pans on the floors. Masa sees her face in the water. She is dazed. Mas says Devi.. I won’t leave her this time. Devi goes to her room and takes off her ghughat. SHe says I wanted to tell Adhi truth. He has to know the truth.
Masa says this is not the right time. I should let her play her game and find Kesar first.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I am confused really,I am seeing something totally different from what I am reading it does not add up I saw kesar with her husband and Devi helping her now I am reading kesar stole her jewellery?help somebody anybody????

  2. Jayashree,I would have clarified,had I watched the episode,but I stopped watching it altogether,I am just content with reading the updates.What difference does it make whether Kesar was with her husband or seen stealing ,in Rajawat household,marriages ,break ups,sister in law marrying her brother in law and mother orchestrating all these infamous events is considered normal.I have tried my best to see some logic in this serial but invain,it is becoming more stupid day byday.Accepted,no indian sop is perfect, but treating the viewers as some kind of brainless zombies is not tolerable.And I think it is too late to ake amends to this mess created by the writers.

  3. Jayashree, like Lakshmi i’ve stoped watching because of the sheer stupidity of the story and only pop in to read the updates and chat, don’t try to understand it is incomprehensible.

  4. Cathy,I am almost hooked to BasharMomin actors ,Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah serials.While surfing the net I have come across yet another one of their starrers ,Bheegi Palkein ( cry one’s eyes out).Faisal portrayed the character of a perfect gentleman ,quite opposite to that of his role in BasharMomin and Ushna as a damsel in distress or rather in too much distress and a very interesting character ,her psycho unmarried sister in law whose only aim in life is to make her bhabhi’s life hell.I am in the 22nd episode and I must say it is really interesting.Check out if it will be of interet to you.As for this serial,it is not worth watching anymore.

    1. Do you know if that serial has english subs?

    2. Hey like both of u even I stopped watching this one. I had come across bheegi palkein. Is it nice? Then I will watch too. As of now m watching a Turkish drama pyaar lafzon main kahan n it’s too good
      I just read this space to catch up with Lakshmi n Cathy ?

  5. I’m dying here….just read a review on the show the best i can hope for is it might appear on our local t.v channel that features Pakistani dramas..infact i’ll email them and suggest this, i did read about it and it sound excellent, i’m so jealous of you right now. LOL..

  6. Cathy,I was so excited to give the good news to you that I had completely forgotten about the English captions.Yes,there are no English subs for this serial and I do sincerely hope that your local TV Channel shows it ….really worth watching.Ushna is outstanding as Meharbano,wait for a few days to see if your channel will telecast or not otherwise I am ready to write the update for all the 25 odd episodes on this forum and you can watch them on A plus ,if telly doesn’t mind.Ofcourse it won’t be as effective as watching with Subtitles but something is better than nothing.

  7. If you have the energy to write the updates then i’ll start watching, but please don’t feel obligated to do so. i watched a bit of the first episode it looks so good.

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    In another household,Fariya tells her mother to see a match for her brother Umer as she is getting bored.Her mother Samina says that her brother wants her to get married first .Fariya says that after marriage,all her freedom will be over ,so first she wants to enjoy her brother’s marriage by dressing up,dancing and singing before jumping into the black waters of marriage. Samina says let us see what god’s wish is ,Fariya reminds her that there is no need to look for a bride as her friend Ayesha is best suited to her brother.when her mother expresses doubts saying that it depends on her brother’s liking,Fariya says that she knows her brother likes Ayesha as she is rich and beautiful. Samina firmly says without asking her son ,she can not fix his marriage.
    As Umer is busy on his laptop top,Samina sits beside him and advises to take rest as he is a workaholic. UMER replies that he is given a very important project ,on the completion of which he will be promoted to chief engineer .His mother wishes him all the best and raises the issue of his marriage,he says that his sister should get married first with her cousin and childhood fiancee Hasan.His mother replies that she got tired of convincing Fariya but invain.Fariya is unwilling to marry her cousin as he is from Multan,a rural area whereas she is city bred.Samina asks her son if he has any girl of his choice,he says no …..had he had one,he would n’t have waited till she asked.He tells his mother it is her choice but requests her to show him the girl once before settling the marriage. Samina says that he has already seen and talked to her as well,Umer gets puzzled and asks who the girl is,when Samina tells him about Ayesha,he says that she is like his sister Fariya.WHEN his mother tries to convince him saying that Ayesha is like his sister but not his sister,he asks for some time to think about . Samina agrees and leaves him to do his work.
    As everyone is asleep,Fariya gets up,opens her brother’s bedroom door ,goes inside stealthily,takes his car keys and leaves the room.In the morning,on not finding his car keys to go to office ,Umer asks his mother to wake up his sister as she is good at searching the lost items.Fariya is already awake but doesn’t get up inspite of her mother repeatedly knocking at the door.She is seen enjoying the fun.At last she gets up,opens the door and gets annoyed with her mother for waking up her as early as 8 in the morning.Samina asks her to hurry up and find out her brother’s car keys. As Samina and Umer are at the breakfast table,Fariya comes down,takes out the keys from where she has hidden them and gives to her brother saying that she found them on the sofa .She gets very pleased when he appreciates her and thanks her. UMER tells her that he plans to keep her here only even after her marriage as they can not do without her,Fariya says that she intends to take both of them along with her to her in laws house,Samina scolds Umer for pampering his sister too much.
    Meharbano tells her friend about how she had to borrow some money from a stranger.She makes fun Of Meharbano that the stranger may come to her house at anytime now, not because he is interested in his money but to meet the beautiful girl once again and goes on to suggest that he might have already fallen in love with her and she with him.Meharbano gets annoyed and makes it clear that she has n’the even seen him properly.
    Fariya is busy in her friend Ayesha ‘s house seeing her diamond ring and she looks fascinated as she asks her if they are real diamonds.Ayesha ask Fariya about her brother and his marriage. In turn Fariya inquires about her liking and if there is any guy in her family whom she likes to marry,Ayesha replies in the negative and says she likes to marry someone who likes her ,not someone of her liking. FARIYA asks her to get ready to receive a proposal from a handsome guy who likes her. WHEN AYESHA tries to make fun of her by asking if she has opened any marriage bureau,Fariya replies that the doors of her house are open to welcome her as her brother’s bride.She informs an elated Ayesha that her mother has already convinced her brother for this marriage.
    UMER comes home fot lunch and asks his mother what is so special today that he is called from office .Samina says it is his sister who called him home,meanwhile Fariya comes there and informs him that it is Ayesha who prepared some mouth watering food for him.As he sits at the table,Ayesha comes out of the kitchen and serves him food which he appreciates to the pleasure of Fariya and her mother.
    Meharbano and her friend Saba wait in the bus stop.Saba starts inquiring about the guy she met in the medical store,how he looks like etc.Meharbano gets irritated and replies she doesn’t know.AS they are about take a rickshaw,a car pulls over and Umer alights.He inquires if they need any help.Saba excitedly asks if he is the same guy that she borrowed money from.when Meharbano tries to return the money ,he refuses to take saying that he just wanted to meet her,and if she doesn’t like him stopping over,he will leave.As Meharbano keeps quiet with the money still in her handbag,he leaves.
    Fariya is with Ayesha and tells her that her brother likes her,Ayesha says that she too reciprocated his feelings. Fariya feels very happy to be getting a rich girl as her sister in law ,she thinks that she can have access to her luxurious cars after she becomes her sister in law.She tells her mother to take ‘yes’from her brother as she wants only Ayesha as her sister in law.Her mother tries to put sense into her head saying that marriages can not be forced upon and Umer has every right to choose a girl of his choice but if he likes Ayesha,she doesn’t have any problem.
    Meharbano’s mother shows her a boy’s photo and asks for her opinion..She asks why she is in such a hurry to marry her off. Her mother says it is better girls get married as early as possible. She gives her 24 hours to think over as it is going to be a major decision of her life and if Meharbano consents,she will call them for tea the coming weekend and fix the marriage dates.
    When Fariya persuades her brother to tell his opinion about Ayesha,he says she is OK but asks why such a hurry.Fariya replies that she is too excited to have her friend as her sister in law.In reply Umer says that they will discuss it once he comes back from office.When Fariya takes it granted as his consent,her mother cautions her not to get excited as he has not said ‘yes’.
    UMER parks his Car near a super market and goes inside for shopping. He notices Meharbano there and asks himself is it destiny or coincidence that is bringing them together so frequently.He says hello and asks her isn’t she puzzled at their frequent unplanned meetings.She replies that it is not very difficult for guys like him to plan these unplanned meetings. While paying the bill at the counter she looks back and Umer smiles at her and explains that he is not that type .Meharbano says if so,she is taking back her rude words.He follows her out but she stops him saying that they are not even acquintances,so why should he bother about whatever she says.He says she is right ,at the same time he feels that it matters to him whatever she says.As she walks away and waits for the bus,he follows her and touches her hand.Meharbano fumes and asks what he is doing. HE asks for her forgiveness and requests for her contact no.In the same tone he inquires about her name.

  9. Cathy this is the update for the first episode,l have n’the written last 5 minutes ‘update as there is a problem with the video.Hope you will enjoy.

    1. I will enjoy, thank you so much.

  10. Lakshmi and Cathy thank you i can see this series is getting nowhere I thought it was going to be different but alas I think I will stop looking at it and just read when I get the time.

  11. Last five minutes update of Episode1
    After coming out of the super market,Umer stops Maherbano and tells her he would like to marry her if she also has the same feelings for him.Finding her too shocked to reply back,he gives her his visiting card and asks her to consider his proposal .He says that he will be waiting for her reply and leaves.
    When Mehar comes home ,her mother asks her what is her decision regarding the match that she suggested earlier.In reply,Mehar shows her Umer’s visiting card and confesses that though she doesn’t know him much,she likes him.Her mother says if you are apply I am happy and she will approach Umer’s mother with the proposal.
    After going home,Umer calls his mother to disclose that she can not marry Ayesha as she likes another girl by name Meharbano.Samina agrees to go to Mehar’s house the next morning itself.On hearing this news Fariya goes into a fury ,Her mother tries to pacify her by saying that she can not force her will on her brother ,she reminds Fariya of her own reluctance to marry her fiancée ,Hasan because of his rural background.Samina also puts a condition that if Fariya agrees to marry her cousin Hasan ,then she will persuade Umer to marry Ayesha only.Fariya fumes but keeps quiet as she hates to marry a village bumpkin like Hasan.
    End of episode

  12. Episode2
    Mehar and her friend Saba are in the kitchen preparing tea and snacks for Umer ,his mother Samina and his sister Fariha who are there seeking her alliance.Saba comments that Fariya seems to have come there reluctantly and showing her dislike openly.Mehar reminds her that this is the first time she is seeing Fariya,so better to not have preconceived notions.
    Mehar comes out into the living room with tea for the guests.Mehar’s mother introduces her daughter to Samina who instantly likes Mehar and expresses the same .She tells Mehar’s mother that her daughter is beautiful and she is ready to do the engagement then and there itself if Mehar also consents to marry her son.When asked for her willingness ,Mehar shyly nods and agrees to marry Umer.As the young couple steal an adoring glance at each other,Fariya looks at Meharbano with hatred.Umer puts the engagement ring on Mehar’s mid finger,,Fariya tries to say something to her mother in protest ,but remains silent as the engagement is over.
    After coming home,Umer’s mother says that she is very proud of her son’s choice ,not only is the girl beautiful but the family,though not rich,seems to be very noble.Umer nods in agreement ,butFariya ,unable to contain her frustration anymore starts crying.When Umer inquires why is she so upset ,she starts lecturing on the merits of her friend Ayesha,how many diamond sets and luxury cars she owns ,and what he has lost by rejecting the daughter of one of the richest men in the city and getting engaged to a poor girl like Mehar.Her mother warns her to be careful with er words as it is her brother’s discretion to marry a girl of his choice ,otherwise also Mehar’s family is very noble and you don’t marry someone for riches and status.Umer tries to calm her down saying that he too has a status , earns very decently ,has a sedan,and will teach Mehar driving once they are married,so that she can take Fariya for shopping and sight seeing.At this ,Fariya gets infuriated and shouts at her brother to stop making fun of her.Taken aback at her rudeness,Samina cautions her daughter to not exceed her limits with her elder brother that too for the sake of her friend,who is an outsider,Still not willing to relent,Fariya warns her brother that he will repent for going against her wishes and tells her mother that girls from humble backgrounds are very mean and keep their husbands in their grip so much so that they don’t allow their husbands to talk to their mothers and sisters also.
    Unable to take it anymore,Umer asks her to keep quiet as Mehar is his choice just like Hasan is not her choice,And status is not important for a successful marriage but emotional compatibility.When he advises her to apply her rules for her marriage ,a fuming Fariya leaves the room crying and cursing.
    Samina expresses her helplessness to control the volatile temper of her daughter who is selfish and whose demands are unrealistic .She reminisces about how this headstrong girl is unwilling to marry her cousin ,Hasan ,who is reasonably educated ,a landlord and a very decent man and whom she has never seen in recent years.Umer consoles his mothers saying that whatever is inFariya’s destiny,it will happen ,let us hope that something good is in her luck.
    Fariya tries her best to convince a hurt and furious Ayesha that it is not her brother’s fault ,he likes only her but this cheap girl ,Mehar ,somehow succeeded in seducing her brother but not to bother,only engagement is over,and she,Fariha will never allow the marriage to happen.She begs her friend to wait and give her some time and Ayesha agrees,
    As Maher’s mother gets worried about how to complete the marriage arrangements as the time is very less ,her neighbour and Saba’s mother tells her not to worry as already the major worries are over.With Jewellery and wedding clothes purchased much earlier,only furniture ordering and catering are left out and she will take care of them.
    Samina gets annoyed as Fariya stubbornly refuses to get her clothes stitched and do any shopping ,When Umer tries to lighten her mood saying that she can take as much money as she wants todo shopping ,she rudely tells him to save all his money for his wife …..she is not at all excited about his marriage as the girl is not of her liking.Umer informs her that marriage is too personal to try to force her will on him.When they ,her elders ,are hesitant to force a childhood engagement on her against her wishes,how can she think of dictating terms to her elder brother,……still if she doesn’t want him to marry Mehar,he won’t marry her but he won’t marry anyone else also and stay a bachelor lifelong .After he goes out ,Samina tells her that she is talking too much and if she wants her brother to marry Ayesha ,then she also should compromise on her choice and marry her fiancée.
    Umer calls Mehar on her mobile to say that he is very happy about their instant engagement and inquires if she ie happy too.When she doesn’t reply,he asks that should he take it she is not happy.Mehar says nothing like that and everything need not be told.When he asks about her favourite color,she says she likes all colors ,she consents when he says that he is going to buy a dress of his favourite color for her.when her mother calls,Mehar tries to cut the call ,Umer objects that they are already engaged,When Mehar’s mother comes in and asks whose call it is ,she replies wrong number ,to Umer’s amusement.He laughs ans disconnects.
    Mehar is busy in the courtyard drying the clothes when she hears someone knocking at the front door, she opens and finds Fariya standing outside.Refusing even to be seated,Fariya point blankly asks Mehar to refuse to marry her brother who is a Casanova and who is in the habit of changing girls as frequently as he buys new clothes.She tells a shocked Mehar that she is ashamed of revealing her brother’s escapades,but forced to do do as she doesn’t want an innocent girl like Mehar to be cheated by her brother.After giving ths advice ,she takes her leave begging her not to reveal her name ,else her brother would kill her.As a shocked and confused Mehar looks on ,Fariya walks out in triumph .
    Fariya comes home ,when her mother inquires from where she is coming and she thought she was in her room only,She replies that she has been to her friend Ayesha’s house .
    A distraught Mehar cries her heart out in front of her friend Saba ,she says she doesn’t know how to reveal the true colors of Umer to her mother.A furious Saba,decides to confront Umer and rings him up .He receives the call thinking it is Mehar but gets surprised and shocked when Saba informs him that hs sister has told everything about him,how he is in a relationship with Ayesha and how he wants to marry Mehar and cheat two girls.Umer shell shocked ,explains that he really doesn’t know why his sister has done all this but he doesn’t like Ayesha,he requests her to give the phone to Mehar.As she starts crying ,Umer tells her clearly that he loves her and she should learn to have trust in his love,saying this he disconnects and goes to his mother .He tells her how meanly his sister has behaved to spoil his marriage ,not even hesitating to keep his reputation at stake.Fariya who is standing there only shouts in turn and says if he wants to invite a catastrophe into this family ,then how can she stop it.As she rushes inside,her mother looks worried and repents for her pampering her too much.After Umer goes into his room. Fariya comes back and starts filling her mother’s ears against her brother and how he has already changed.When Samina tells her that she is still ready to cancel ths marriage provided she agrees to marry Hasan,she makes it clear that if this is the condition ,then she won’t interfere in her brother’s marriage.
    Umer rings up Mehar and apologises for her sister’s impudence and for hurting her feelings.In turn Mehar says sorry for doubting his integrity .He explains that they have pampered Fariya as she became very sensitive after their father’s death but never imagined that the outcome would be so disturbing .He asks her if she will believe if he says that Ayesha is just like Fari for him.When she says that she has belief in him,he asks her to stop crying ,and remember that in a few days time she is going to become the most important part of his life,…..when he wonders how short their courtship was…one day seeing each other ,another day engagement and in a few days tying the knot,Mehar reasons if God wants it to happen ,He will find any number of ways to make it happen.With that Mehar disconnects saying that it is time for givingmrdicines to her mother.
    Fariya is up to her tricks again,when Umar is asleep,she walks into his room ,checks his mobile ,gets annoyed on finding Mehar’s number,replaces it but takes his vallet and goes out.In the morning , seeing him searching for his vallet,Samina advises him to take care of his things as she is really tired of waking up his sister and asking her to search.Umer says he remembers keeping it on the side table but it s not there now.She calls Fari and asks her to help her brother .After showing some attitude ,she agrees.
    Mehar comes home from shopping carrying two heavy bags and tells her mother that she brought everything except for bangles.There ,Fari after pretending to search,tells her mother she couldn’t find his vallet.Umer looks worried as it contains credit/debit cards,his ID card etc.Fari suggests he might have forgotten in his car ..he should go and see there.
    Mehar’s mother says that she should take rest now to look fresh for the next day’s function.
    In the mehendi function ,Fariya stands indifferently when some guests try to talk to her,she responds rudely.After mehendi ,Umer and Mehar get married in a simple ceremony and Mehar comes to her sasural.Everyone looks so happy except for Fariya.
    Ayesha confronts Fari and reminds her of her promise that she won’t let this marriage happen.She says she will never forgive her for playing with her feelings.Fari tries to explain that she tried her best to stop this,….Infact she didn’t even participate in the wedding.Now her only mission will be to create misunderstandings between the couple so that her brother divorces Mehar at the earliest.After that no one can stop him from marrying Ayesha.A fuming Ayesha asks her to shut up as she is not interested in divorcees and there is no dearth of handsome grooms in the city.Fariya,feeling insulted promises herself that Mehar will not stay happy and be divorced soon.
    Samina explains the importance of traditions like wearing bangles and nose ring to the newly married Mehar.She advises her to take care of her jewellery in particular.
    At the breakfast table,Fariya makes a scene for omelette ,when Samina says she is too tired to make anything now she throws tantrum saying she doesn’t want to eat without omelette .exasperated,Samina asks her to go and prepare herself but Fari refuses saying why should she.Seeing all this Mehar volunteers,but Samina stops her saying she can not go into the kitchen without completing the function of kheer preparation.
    End of episode

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