Uttaran 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th January 2014 Written Update

Ambika gets the real poisonous snake from the snake charmer. I will see who saves you now Meethi. She keeps it inside the basket and covers it again.

Astrologer tells Meethi she will have 5 kids. Everyone is pleasantly surprised. He asks for Akash’s name. It is time to read his horoscope now. The astrologer warns him to be careful of fog always. Coming in fog and going in fog. One who gets lost in fog once gets lost for forever. Meethi and Akash are confused. Akash tells him he doesn’t believe in any of it. My uncle reads kundli too but I don’t believe in it. The astrologer asks Meethi to stay with her husband always. You are his protector. Always remember! Ambika puts the basket back in its place. She thinks, Meethi ask about your next danger…your death. Ask when its going to come.

Ambika wants to know her future too. The astrologer forecasts one half marriage while the other one will be complete. More than one marriage is in your fate. Sankrant pays him the money. You have already told mine by telling my wife’s. Astrologer tells Meethi not to forget his words. Sankrant offers to carry the basket this time. Both Ambika and Akash look at it. Meethi asks Sankrant to let it be. I will carry it in my lap only. Akash is happy while Ambika is relieved too. They all leave from there.

Mukku is waiting at the bus stop. There are a few guys at a tea stall opposite to the stand. She is worried as Vishnu would have reached home by now. He must be waiting for me. he must be upset. Only tonight, rest I will return by 6:40 pm bus only. I will tell sir it isn’t possible for me to stay back till late. Just then Yuvi stops his car in front of her. he offers to drop her off but she politely refuses. He bids her goodnight and drives off from there. One of the guys from the opposite end whistles at her. they start advancing towards her offering her to drop her off to her home in their bike. She tries to walk away but they keep following her. yuvi comes back and stops his car near her. he asks her again if he can drop her home. A scared Mukku quietly sits in the car. She glares at the guys and they both drive away. both the guys wave a salute to Yuvi as he looks at them from his side mirror.

Sankrant gets the keys of both the rooms. He is hungry. Akash thinks of something. He asks Meethi to get the apple from the basket. He wishes that Meethi notices the snake and gets up with a start. Sankrant tries to deny but she insists as it will take time to cook the order. Akash and Ambika are waiting…for their own different reasons. Meethi is trying to find the apple but is unable to. She isn’t looking inside while the snake is crawling there only. She finally finds the apple without getting bitten by the snake. Akash and Ambika are dejected. They all leave for their rooms.

Yuvi recalls the last time when Kanha had seen them together and had asked her to come home but Yuvi had declined him on her behalf and how Kanha had slapped him in return. His expressions change to slight anger. He calls her brave for she took lift from a complete stranger. She replies he is her boss not a stranger. He points out she has met him today only and took lift. You dint even think once that the car doors can be electronically locked. He scares her about finding such news clippings daily. You are completely trapped that ways. She does look scared. He stops the car all of a sudden. She asks him what happened and he breaks into a smile. He apologizes for joking like that. She tells him she got scared. He asks her not to worry, you can trust me. he starts driving again.

In Shimla, the couples are playing antakshri. Sankrant sings first. Akash compliments the other couple. It feels good to see you both together. Ambika negates the same thought in her mind for Akash and Meethi. it is their turn now. Akash sings Hum Tum for Meethi. ambika is not happy as she looks at the couple getting all romantic with each other. She remembers the snake that she has kept inside the basket. She wonders about the snake…is it dead? If it would have bit her when she was taking out the apple then the atmosphere would have been something else right now.

Ambika sings next. She keeps on looking at Akash on and off as she sings Maine Pyar Tujhi se Kiya Hai. Akash praises Ambika for the love she has for Sankrant. Ambika gets up to bring the chart and map to plan their sightseeing for tomorrow. meethi suggests her to do it tomorrow. ambika doesn’t want to delay it. We shouldn’t miss out on anything. She goes out and cannot help but wonder how long she will have to wait. Meethi put her hand inside the basket yet she got saved.

Yuvi stops the car outside Mukku’s house. She gets happy and thanks him. he asks her to call her Yuvaan. She is about to get off when she realises something. How do you know I stay here? I never told you. Yuvi recalls the Christmas instance. He points out her application had her address written over it. Anyways I am used to go deep to know my employees. Mukku thanks him again and gets down after bidding him goodnight. He says, I dint have anything else to remember except you when I was in jail.

Ambika comes to Meethi’s room. She wants to see if the snake is there or not. she opens the basket carefully but there is no movement and she doesn’t find the snake inside. Epi ends on her confused face.

Precap: Meethi calls out for Akash. She is on the floor and the snake is right in front of her. akash is trying to catch hold of it while the snake moves forward and Meethi shouts again. Ambika is happy as she hears it. I think the snake has bit Meethi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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