Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Harish saying I came for you. I am habituated for your stubborness. I am happy for you. Avantika is sitting with tears in her eyes. She hugs him. Avantika cries. Avantika is taken inside the operation theatre for the operation. Avantika signs bye to everyone. Adi says, all the best. Everyone are tensed as the operation is going on. Doctor tells them that Avantika’s blood pressure is problematic but we are doing our best. Sameer asks Harish to drink water and says Preeti is in her ward. Anuj says, my sisters are very strong. Doctors discusses about Avantika’s rising BP. Preeti prays for Avantika. Sheela comes. Rubel says, operation have started, you came later. Sheela says, so what? She asks Sameer, if you needed money why you asked Anuj silently. Anuj says, he didn’t ask. I offered him. Sheela yells at him and says I need an answer. Anuj says, you were not there at that time. Everyone are disgusted by her behavior. Doctor says, if the BP is not normal then we can’t save the patient. Adi asks Sheela not to talk about it in the hospital. Rubel asks her to go home. Sheela insists to know. She says, I gave my 25 years to this home. Anuj says sorry to Sameer. Sheela says, she doesn’t bother about the money. She is just asking, why Anuj didn’t let her know. Doctor says it is over. Pankhudi asks Sheela not to react in the hospital. Sheela says, I don’t want to talk to you. Rubel supports her and Payal. Sheela says, I don’t have any value at my home.

Doctor comes out. Adi asks about Avantika. Doctor says, she is fine amidst the complications. You can meet her after she gets conscious. Sheela is fuming and leaves in anger. Harish informs Preeti about Avantika’s operation being successful. Preeti thanks God. Nirmala goes to bring something for Preeti. Preeti asks Harish, did you really supported di? Harish says, I opposed initially. They talk and laugh. Harish asks her to sleep. Sameer asks Anuj to take the money back. Anuj says, I know you are upset with Sheela’s talk. You know her nature. Anuj says, you are capable to bear the expenses. I want to just share your responsibilities. Sameer says, my family’s self respect is my responsibility. Anuj agrees. Adi and Pankhudi meet Avantika. Adi gets hyper to see her in pain. Avantika says, pain will subside soon. Adi pulls Pankhudi’s leg.

Harish comes to meet Avantika in the hospital. It shows Adi and Pankhudi visit her. Preeti is visited by Sameer and family.Shanky asks the servant to do clean Avantika’s mom. Kaira says, everything will be done. Sheela is irked. Kaira asks, why you are behaving like this. Rubel is normal now. Sheela says, you all are blinded by Adi and Pankhudi. You mom is wrong for you. Nirmala gives water to Sadanand. Nirmala says Sadanand that Sameer didn’t do it right. Sadanand says, let it go. It is between Sameer and Anuj. They will decide. Nirmala says, Sameer showed that we couldn’t take care of Preeti well. Avantika comes home with Pankhudi. She asks Sheela, you didn’t come to meet me. Sheela says, I was busy with work.

Anuj tells his decision to Harish. I took a decision to take voluntary retirement from Deewan Group of companies. The new MD will be …he looks at Adi and Rubel.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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