Uttaran 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th December 2013 Written Update

Meethi is surprised to see Akash. Damini also gets surprised when she sees Akash carrying Meethi. Meethi asks Akash if it’s her dream? How come he’s there? Akash says it’s his responsibility to save her life. He can’t let anything happen to her. Meethi asks him how he found out that she’s here. Akash says his heart showed him the path and he reached her. She then beats him and asks why he went away from her. Left her alone in hospital as well. What if anything had happened to her.. what if she had died. Both have eyelock. Akash then asks now? Meethi says, you’re going to get punishment. Akash says, is life imprisonment enough? Meethi says she accepts that. Both have eyelock and song plays in background.. Main Vari Jawa. Both smile at each other. Akash then hugs her. Meethi cries from happiness and says I love you to Akash.

Maiyya is worried and tells Sankrant that Ambika’s father won’t spare them. He’s in police and can start case like this. Sankrant asks her if she did anything wrong. Maiyya says she did few mistakes in past and now they must make Ambika their daughter in law. Sankrant asks how that’s possible as Akash clearly said no. Maiyya says Akash is mad in love with Meethi so he won’t understand her, but Sankrant can. She does emotional drama and then asks him to get married to Ambika.

Vishnu and Mukta come to Vishnu’s house. Vishnu stops her at the door to do Grah Pravesh rituals. He brings a candle instead diya and says he is doing all rituals as there is no elder in that house. Mukta gets emotional. Vishnu wipes hear tears and she enters the house after stepping in kumkum. He then tells her that he will clean her legs. Mukta laughs and says, you know all rituals but don’t know reasoning behind it. Vishnu says he saw all that in his friends’ marriages so he learned it. He now brings sugar as there are no sweets in his house. They make each other eat sugar and start their new life.

Meethi tells Akash that he had promised he would leave Meethi’s life, then how he’s here. Akash says, I fulfilled my promise, but he (God) didn’t. I had said that I would leave your life once you get fine, but.. Meethi says, there’s a huge difference in that Meethi and today’s Meethi. I have become paralyzed now and can’t even stand on my feet. Akash tells her, are you done? I am here now and I will make everything fine. Meethi says, but you’re engaged to someone else, right? Damini comes there. Akash says, I was engaged. I broke that engagement. Maiyya hid truth from me once again, else all this wouldn’t happen. He asks her to promise that she won’t go away from her. He looks at Damini and says, I know Anni freed you now. Meethi says, are you ready to take this burden on you for ever? Akash stops her from saying anything more and says, life without you is burden. I am nothing without you. Akash holds Meethi’s hand and Damini leaves her hand. She says she will pray that Akash and Meethi never get separated again and no one gets a tear again. Akash puts his hand on his cheek and says he had to go through a lot to win Meethi. Everyone smiles.

Late in night, Ambika’s father is searching for her. Ambika is sitting outside in a bridal outfit and remembering Akash. Her father finds her and is shocked to see her like that. She asks him how she’s looking.. if she will look good with Akash. Her father is quiet. She keeps asking, I and Akash will get married, right? Her father is speechless. She falls on her knees and cries.

Next morning, Maiyya, Pavitra, and Sankrant come to Ambika’s house with shagun. Ambika’s father asks Maiyya if Akash agreed. Maiyya says, no, but my other son, Sankrant is ready. Ambika’s father gets angry and throws the shagun away. He tells Maiyya that his daughter is not a cow that if one doesn’t work, then he will give to other. Sankrant apologizes him on behalf of Akash and tells him that he will keep Ambika very happy. Ambika’s father still doesn’t agree, but right then Ambika comes and surprises everyone saying she’s ready. Her father tells her not to take any decision in hurry or anger. If she wants, then he can bring Akash and make him marry her. Ambika says she doesn’t want to marry someone forcefully.. and what would she have gotten marrying Akash who already has someone else in his life. A second wife’s position? She says its better to accept Sankrant’s proposal. Maiyya is very happy. Ambika’s father also gets ready. Ambika says she will marry on the day and time decided and will become daughter in law of Maiyya. Ambika’s father gives a hug to Sankrant. Sankrant says in his mind, don’t know where life will take me now. Episode ends on Ambika’s face.

Precap: Akash tells Maiyya about him marrying Meethi once again, and he would only stay in that house if Maiyya promises that there won’t be any unfair or injustice with Meethi.

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