Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th December 2013 Written Update

The Tattletale guy (maha mantri) of the king follows the animal lover minister Mannika to Loknath’s place.. The minister complains didn’t why Mannika share that he was gonna meet the great soul Loknath- who has the powers to speak and listen to animals. He then asks Loknath how he could know what the animals say, can he teach it to him.. LOknath tells that there is nothing to teach- he just needs to hear what they say..

The minister conspires to unmask Loknath’s treachery..

The rishis walk by..and happen to meet Naradji who inquires and then informs them about missing Kaamdhenu (divine cow) They say that Indr has taken it from them for some divine purpose…Naradji tells that she is missing and even after devta’s search

she is gone.. they now decide to grill Indr.

Indr gets to know that rishies have come to inquire about Kaamdhenu.. he is worried what he would answer them.. then he turns to his guru and expects him to settle things – may be with a lie.. the guru tells that he would never do such a thing and its his problem.
The Rishis are now called in and Indr says all cock n bull stories and put the blame on the greedy Asuras- its cause of them Kamdheenu has gone away… he does all drama of his innocence and disappointment cause of Kamdheenu’s whereabouts. he says that they being devtas are so upset and its an hurt it might which one of the rishis rant him saying Kamdheenu is as divine as a mother is..and he dare not use such words for it. Indr apologizes and shows his rage on that say of his.

What worries them the most is if it is gone into wrong hands.. then its divine powers can be misused..he blurts at the end that he’d promise to get it back.

Back at the forest.. as Loknath shows affection to an animal..he observes a cow is being chased by villagers who try to kill it.. it goes to Loknath and stops… when asked abt it by Loknath they say that he cow has stolen his ancestral chain…it swallowed it.

The wicked minister comes and does some smart talkk…as the cow has done a sin for which only death is the punishment..they expect the same for it. The mantri asks LOknath to talk ato the cow and know what it says,..he is glad to see loknath not utter a word and prove that he is deceiving them.

KNowing all that the cow has telepathically said..

At Arunasur’s place.. the 5 devtas are welcomed warmly and are given food along wid napkins with their name swon on it.. one of the servants spill some curry onto Varundev’s cloth..for which he aplogizes,, Varun dev tells that its ok and the mistake can be committed by anyone.. but the servant begs for forgiveness from Arunasur..he sternly echos Varundev’s words..they feel weird about all this. They feel that they should show their gratitude to Arunasur and need to meet him at once.. But are impressed by the hospitality given.

They are shown there guest houses..they feel glad to be there..and feel that Indr needs to learn something from Anuransur..

Loknath tells that the cow is trying to save its master-the farmer -Also that if they want the chain so desperately and kill doesn’t have any problem with that.

The cow did swallow the save his master

Loknath’s wife (Parvati devi in disguise) asks who is the master- Loknath signals at the man who accused it of stealing. She asks why did she do that for?

Loknath tells that the cow couldn’t see whose family it served like her own..and her master’s life in trouble.

Then to hide the truth the Mantri tells the farmer not to create a scene and do whatever he wants with his cow…The master feels guilty..

Parvati devi asks him to shut up and tell her hwtas going on there..why was the farmer’s life in danger? She asks Loknath about it.



One of his sevaks tell Arunasur that the devtas wish to thank him.. he thinks that time too will come soon and he’ll make them pay with their powers..
Naradji tells Indr that he doesn’t even care for the missing devtas

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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