Uttaran 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 8th March 2013 Written Update

Meethi dreams that Damini is waking her up. She smiles in sleep& gets up to wish her good morning when she realizes that it was a dream. Miss you Anni.
She then turns to share it with Vishnu but doesn’t find him there. She wanted him to be with her in the morning. She looks around in the room but finds it empty. She gets out & comes down looking for him. She stops on coming face to face with Maiyya.

Chanda is muttering to herself and is in the bhandarghar where she has kept the sanduk. She is arranging the puja things when the sanduk falls down revealing the tape. She keeps it back hurriedly when Tappu walks in. Tappu looks at the Kanha idol.
Chanda looks at her in anger and asks her what is she doing here…..is she is spying on her again?
She shouts at Tappu to go and see where her drunken husband is lying right now? Meanwhile Canda covers the box with puka ki chunri. She again asks why she is standing on her head. Tappu says she was just passing by when she heard Mai calling for her……what else I would come to you for. She goes away from there and Chanda wonders what she is after now.
Chanda closes the door when Tappu enters & searches around the Kanha idol. She realizes that Chanda took something with her…maybe it was the sanduk. She recalls Amla’s words. Chanda is very clever. She goes out after Chanda now.

Meethi comes face to face with Maiyya and her stern sister. She taunts her that she is forgetting something…she has to do something when an elder comes in front of elders. Meethi doesn’t take the hint and asks Maiyya where is Vishnu. He left her alone….if anyone does that? Have you seen him? Maiyya takes her to the window & shows something.

Meethi feels relaxed to see Vishnu in the jeep. Nirbhay is with him…he playfully aims the gun at Akash’s head when Meethi becomes scared. Meethi says…Maiyya, see that guy….what if he hurts Vishnu? Maiyya says…are you scared? It’s a joke amongst brother…there’s nothing to be scared off. Meethi calms down.

Nirhay boasts of his hunting skills. Akash says…if he is going to try it on his head only. Nirbhay removes the gun & asks him to drive….no need to be scared. Both drive away.

Meethi asks where they are heading to.
Maiyya replies…to hunt. It shows their manhood. They are going to hunt down a prey (eyeing meethi all the while)….you don’t have to worry about them. Lets go and have tea. Meethi smiles.

Chanda is in the store room. She heaves a sigh of relief as she holds the tape in her hand. She hurriedly puts it back in the sanduk as she hears Mai calling out to her. She hides the sanduk & leaves from there.

Maiyya, Meethi & massi are heading to have tea when meethi spots an armchair & is excited to sit at it. Massi points out that it is jiji’s….when jiji asks her not to. Maiyya allows her to sit on it and enjoy. Meethi smiles and goes to sit. Maiyya comes and stands next to armchair. She asks Meethi if she slept peacefully. Meethi blushes.
When Maiyya tells her that she will get water soon so as to take bath….meethi asks if they bring it from very far? Maiyya smiles and says yes….would like to accompany me when I go out in the village the next time? Meethi says…yes,
Maiyya points out that she will have to understand the rituals first.
Meethi asks what exactly.
She replies…..like… (while pushing her chair backwards) first of you will have to take blessing from all the elders whom you come across in the village….or they will think you are arrogant.
Meethi becomes uncomfortable & scared. Maiyya continues that secondly, a wife never takes her husband’s name.
Maiyya’s background music is playing.

A lady (with her head covered till her forehead…face not yet shown) storms in shouting “Mai”. Meethi gets the opportunity to get up. Maiyya becomes angry & asks her what happened?
She stammers…she thought that…
Mai completes her sentence….did she thought that Mai was going to hurt the new bride or push her off the chair? Maiyya says she is my son’s wife…a princess. Would I hurt her?
She asks Meethi if she thought so. Meethi nods in a no & smiles. Maiyya asks the lady not to think anything like that as that is not the case.
Maiyya introduces the lady as Nirbhay’s wife, Kajri to Meethi. And we get to see her face.
Meethi smiles and goes to her and wishes her Namastey by folding her hands. Kajri reciprocates in the same manner.


Kajri says…I have heard a lot about you from before. She apologizes that she wasn’t home when Meethi’s grehpravesh was happening. Meethi asks her not to apologize as she is elder than her.
Maiyya asks if she had any important work. Kajri says she just came to inform them that the breakfast is ready.

Meethi asks Maiyya if she can have breakfast today before taking a bath as she is very hungry. Kajri is scared while both the other sisters are angry. Meethi coaxes her and Maiyya sweetly tells her to go ahead. Meethi thanks her and Kajri goes to set the table for them.

Tappu sees the hidden sanduk. She opens it but hears a noise and quickly hides herself behind something (it’s a store so everything is covered with long drapes and all). Chanda enters with a lock for sanduk. She puts it but the keys slip from her hand as she is very scared if someone comes. She is about to bend down when she hears a noise and jumps in worry. Sees the open window and calms herself while Tappu looks on.


Chanda closes the window. Tappu immediately picks up one key out of the bunch. Chanda locks the sanduk & goes out after hiding it once again under sheets. Tappu comes out now and tries to open the lock. It doesn’t open so she breaks it with some old diya (a big brass one). She holds the tape in her hand and says…..finally, the second and final motive of staying back in this home has been achieved as well. Episode ends!

Precap: Shows the journey of Tappu till date in glimpse….friendship, hatred, penance. Next comes the promo scene…where Tappu, Jogi Thakur & Divya are in a mandir & she shows them the tape and reveals that she has achieved what she wanted to. Right then, Tej walks in and shoots at Tappu. Is is the end of Tapasya’s journey now???

Update Credit to: Pooja

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