Phir Subah Hogi 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 8th March 2013 Written Update

Suman brings Nagania back to haveli,kuhu is cleaning the house when Nagania criticizes her slow and lazy working.Suman scolds Nagania when she offers to make tea and asks her to get lost.Kuhu serves tea which suman spits calling it trash and throws it away.She scolds kuhu and MS comes to her rescue saying her to stop her nonsense.MS says kuhu is my daughter and no one can scold her,suman says MS herself is a servant and kuhu too.Suman leaves but skids on the spilt Tea and falls hard, MS says you reep what you sow and no one comes for her help. Finally hukum comes running and helps her.MS warns her to mend her ways od god will punish her.

Vini are escaping and Vikram beating the goons when Reva super shocked to see them together and follows them. Tarabai comes with her son ans all are following vini.

A wedding happening in a temple, vini take refuge there,Vikram says some goons are following them and asks for their help, they help them and hide sugni. Divakar comes and marriage party warns them while Reva hides and listens to them.Divakar says chulbuli is a pr*stitute and how can they help her,the marriage party feel embarassed for helping a pr*stitute and bring out chulbuli.

Tarabai says we may be pr*stitutes but we are humans, divakar says he has bought chulbuli,marriage party says they are making the temple inauspicious and decide to throw chulbuli out.They bad mouth chulbuli and call her filthy. Vikram is quite when Divakar says she belongs to him and wants her. Tarabai asks him to leave her when Divakar drags sugni but Vikram stops him.

Vini share eyelock.Sugni hugs vikram and cries, pleads him to take her away from here. Vikram takes her hand and goes near the mandir and applies sindoor on her maan and says from now on you are my wife.Reva looks is shock so is Tarabai & Divakar and Sugni.

Vedic chantings are on, sugni cries and vikram says she is free of this prostitution profession, her past is gone,all she has is a bright future. Sugni asks Vikram to hold her hand Devi maa is the witness as Vini holdd hands and leave.Divakar & tarabai are stunned to react.

Hukum massaging suman’s legs,kuhu comes with medicine when MS asks her not to help suman. An angry suman comes to slap MS when MS holds her hand. Suman warns MS and calls police when MS says why to go to jail without committing crime, she would rather kill suman and then go to jail. Suman gets angry when MS says she will teach her a lesson soon.

precap – Tarabai planning something with the Black mask guy.

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