Uttaran 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 7th November 2013 Written Update

Nani is pacing in the living area. Ram hi Rakhey, I cannot stop what’s happening but I can make that “fatichar” agree for seeking revenge. Rest is up to God. Rathore who was passing by while talking on phone stops as he sees her. He ends the call as she too seems in a mood to talk. She is surprised to see him smiling when she hasn’t even said a single word. He says I know you since so long. I know what you want to say. She asks him to say it. He says, Ram hi Rakhey, Vishnu is immature. We shouldn’t listen to him. We should think about our daughter. How can she live in a house as small as a matchbox? Ram hi Rakhey! (He says it all so sweetly that even her bitter words seem fun 🙂 ). She makes a sweet sad face. What all I wanted to say I said it in front of everyone and it was all true. But I want to say something else right now. It doesn’t matter what Vishnu does or rather might not do after the wedding (she means a Wedding Reception) but the wedding should be grand. Mukta is the only granddaughter of Jogi Thakur. Plus it is your personal issue about giving that bungalow. I don’t have to go and live there. He nods. You wont go and live there. Plus about the wedding there is only one answer….he shouts out so loud for Mukta, Vishnu and everyone else that his voice reverberates in the house and Nani looks scared.

Everyone comes there surprised and wondering what happened. He apologizes to them all. It isn’t so serious. Pardon me Thakur sahab but I decided upon something without consulting you. Jogi smiles. What’s new in that? You took the decision of doing that drama on your own. By the way you act very well. No one doubted you for even a second. Tell me what have you decided now. Rathore says I haven’t asked you but would definitely ask one person. He turns to Meethi. I know you are going through a very rough phase right now. You do smile in front of us but I do understand what is going inside you. I wanted to change the atmosphere of the house. We should hold a small party tonight. Let us dance, enjoy and announce Mukta and Vishnu’s engagement. Nani gapes (big time). Everyone is happy. But only if you feel like. Meethi nods. He thanks her. Now I formally announce that we have a grand celebration tonight at our home. Nani speaks up in surprise. Today only? But how will we manage it so soon? Rathore says my name is Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. I will make one phone call and everything….Tappu coughs a little and he goes quiet. Will you take all the decisions or ask me something as well? He apologizes sweetly. She shushes him. Mukta is all shy. Tappu goes to her and says I myself will get her ready for tonight’s party. Meethi too offers to do it. My sister should look like a princess. Mukku agrees. But I have to invite someone special in tonight’s party.

Mukta and Vishnu have come to Bundela House to invite Aakash. Aakash compliments the couple and how happy they look together. Vishnu thanks him and apologizes too. Aakash tells him not to apologize. I should be the one saying it. The way I was behaving with you for the past few days. Leave all that. Tell me I did so much of hard work to unite you guys when will get to eat the sweets for your engagement. Mukku smiles broadly…right now. maiyya watches them from upstairs. Mukta gives him a box. We have come to invite you for the engagement party tonight. You are invited and you have to come. Vishnu too tells him to come. Aakash is happy with the news. How can I not come in your engagement! But then he stops as he recalls Meethi promising everyone that she will divorce Vishnu but will never return to Aakash. He tries to make an excuse. I remember I have to finish some work by today only so I wont be able to come. Maiyya ia relieved. Mukta offers to cancel the engagement. We will do it the day you will be able to make it. Right Vishnu? Vishnu is all quiet. Aakash tells her to try and understand. But she denies to get engaged without him. Let us go Vishnu we will have to stop the preps. We have to talk to papa too. She gets up and starts walking out. Aakash and Vishnu try to stop her but she is gone. Aakash tells Vishnu to make her understand. If I dint have work then I would have come for sure. Vishnu says she has taken the role of a wife now. She wont listen to me. Now I will have to agree to whatever she says. So you will have to come. He leaves for home. Maiyya is thinking something.

Piya o re piya plays as the screen zooms back on Aakash recalling the incident after the fire and Meethi’s words. I still love you but we can never be together. I cannot lose Anni by gaining you. Maiyya comes there. Maiyya asks Aakash if he is going to the engagement. Don’t go! Bhaiya will be keeping an eye over you. He will be looking for a chance as he would know you would go there for sure. I beg you don’t go anywhere. She recalls her brother’s warning words at her. I am your biggest enemy from today. Your dreams will break soon. We don’t share a relation anymore.

A few girls are teasing Vishnu. You can still think it out we can kill anyone for you. Rathore comes there. That wont be needed as I would anyways kill anyone who will try to take my Mukta’s Vishnu away. Vishnu smiles. The girls in turn tease him. If you wouldn’t have been Mukta’s father then we would have flirted with you as well. Rathore goes quiet. He runs off excusing himself. The girls laugh. Vishnu too leaves from there.

Mukta is almost ready and so is everyone else. Damini comes there to tell them that everyone has come. They should hurry up. Mukta asks for Aakash. She realises what she has said as everyone goes quiet hearing his name. Tappu tells Meethi to get Mukta ready. I and Ammo will go downstairs so as to welcome the guests. She gives a somewhat stern stare to Mukku and leaves with Damini. Meethi helps her get ready and compliments her plus teases her too. Stay happy like this always. Mukta gives credit to her. I want this smile to come back in your life too. Meethi gets serious. Nothing like that will happen. Mukta promises her in her mind that it will happen. Aakash will be back in your life I promise you. But why isn’t he here? Where is he?


Aakash is shown lying on the staircase and is shot across the chest too. Agarth is sitting next to him. My young son lost his life because of your mom. Someone will have to pay for it. He shoots another bullet at his chest and Aakash looks dead. Maiyya wakes up screaming for her son. She is worried sick recalling the words she just heard her brother say in her dream. She runs out looking for Aakash but doesn’t find him anywhere. Kasha kaka tells her he has gone to attend Mukta and Vishnu’s engagement. Maiyya is worried.

Aakash comes to Thakur House and is welcomed by Rathore. He makes them meet the couple and Mukta is elated to see him. aakash wishes them both and Mutka thanks him for coming. Instrumental music starts playing in the background as Aakash looks around and notices Meethi coming downstairs. Mukta and Vishnu follow his gaze. Meethi stops for a second as she notices him. Mukta tells Aakash to say hi to Meethi and talk a little. Meethi joins them but the couple is soon whisked away by Rohini for a dance. Aakash compliments Meethi that she is looking beautiful. She is happy. They look at each other for a second but then look away. She excuses herself. He closes his eyes as if in pain.


A man tells Agarth that he (Aakash) has reached Thakur House. Agarth is holding a revolver in his hand. It’s confirmed right? The man nods. He has reached there. Agarth tells the driver to take him there.

Dancing starts with Rohini taking the lead. She then drags Meethi on the floor who starts dancing after a minute’s hesitation. Nani makes uninterested faces whereas Aakash is happy. meethi sits next to the couple and lovingly pushes them. Rohini resumes dancing. Kanha too joins in and pulls the couple on floor. Jogi is next. Rathore and Tappu join in too. Aakash stands by and looks on happily.

Pavitra calls out for Kasha kaka. Maiyya tells him to find a taxi asap. They are trying to call Aakash but are not able to reach him. She is scared. Bhaiya will definitely be keeping an eye over him. Why did he go? God save him! Agarth is on his way to Bundela House.

Everyone is enjoying at Bundela House. Meethi notices Aakash and becomes conscious. Epi ends on Aakash’s smiling face.

Precap: Meethi says (to Aakash) I can understand your pain. He says I only want to tell you one thing. Whether I am alive or not but my love for you will never fade away. She gets emotional. Agarth takes out the revolver and is ready to shoot at Aakash. Meethi turns and notices him thus and is shocked. Agarth fires the bullet and we can hear Meethi calling out for Aakash.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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