Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the card party at the Kapoor Mansion, while Ram is trying to do the cheating, Juhi holds his hand and says I caught you,not again. Ram asks, how you caught me always? Juhi says because she knows him very well. She realises Priya is watching and takes her hand. Priya says it is good that you stopped him from cheating. She says she wants to enter the game. Ram says he is losing. Priya says she wants him to win. She asks Sid and Juhi, when they met? Sid says he was in jail, he came out and then fell in love. Juhi says the same story as Sid. Naina comes and calls Dad to Ram and asks him to come for burning crackers. Priya tells Sid that Naina might be calling you. Ram tells Sid to talk to Naina. Naina tells him that Ram Dad used to teach them to burn crackers. She asks Ram to come. Ram obliges and asks Sid to do it next year. Juhi says sorry to Priya. Priya says she can call him Dad. Juhi says technically Ram is Naina’s uncle so it’s fine.

While burning the crackers, Ram and Sid gets hurt. But Juhi rushes to Ram and shows her concern. Priya is shocked to see her concern. She asks Sid, he is hurt too. Sid says yes. Ram asks for the water. Priya comes to Ram and sees the burn. Ram says it is good that Naina didn’t get hurt. Priya says that she thinks everyone are pained because of her coming back to life. She asks him to reply truly and asks what is their between him and Juhi. Ram is shocked and asks her to say what is their between them? Priya says she feels there relation is more than friendship. Ram says yes and says she is his kids mother and he is Naina’s father. He says she fulfilled a duty of a mother and I fulfilled a duty of a father for Naina. Ram says there is love between them and whatever they did is for love for her. Ram says Juhi did everything for her. Ram says there is nothing more than this, not romantically and physically, we are just parent for each other childrens. We were doing for you. Priya is in tears. Ram asks her to ask what is in her mind and says he don’t mind in answering anything.

Pari and Mayra takes Priya. Juhi comes and asks Ram,why he didn’t tell the truth to Priya. Ram says because Suhani told him that we can’t shock her in anyway. Juhi says so many people came for their wedding and if they tell Priya. She requests him to tell Priya. Ram says ok.

Khush comes and greets Priya. Priya asks him about Robin. Khush tells her about Robin. Priya calls Robin to a restaurant. Robin asks, do you want to talk to me? Priya says she knows about his past. And tells him not to come near Pihu and says she knows how to handle guys and no one is bad than her. She says you said that Pihu and you are seeing each other. Robin says I wasn’t lying and says you don’t know the truth about your daughter. She is a simpleton at home but she has a different personality outside. He says reality is that she is spoiled daughter of a rich man. Priya asks him to tell the truth. Robin says he wanted to marry her but she dumped him. Robin says she don’t cross her limits but she used to lie, break the heart, and changes her words. She doesn’t have a heart and no one knows what is in her heart.

Priya comes to Pihu and says she went to meet Robin. Pihu asks, you started again. Priya says she went to scold him. Priya says problem lies with you and says I think you are upset psychology because whatever had happened 7 years back. Pihu gets angry and says you have problem. Why you repeat the same thing. Priya says she wants to help her. Pihu says she can take her decisions and asks her to stay out of her life. Priya gets angry and asks her to listen to her.She says there is a problem and you are taking your life on the wrong path. you are befriending with boys and then dumping them. You problem is that you are lying and isn’t accepting your problems. Priya says I came back to your life and will handle your hand. Pihu says it is her life. Priya says ok, I will let your Dad handle this. Pihu says you can’t tell Papa.

Pihu comes to Juhi and says Priya is going to tell Dad about the truth because of that she will lose her Dad. Juhi comes to Priya and says she knows whatever had happened in the past. She says as a mother I know it is alright. She says it is ok to have a boyfriend and says Pihu never crossed her limits. Priya says she is not ok with it. She says Pihu used to have a new boyfriend every month, It is her pattern to used and then dumped him. She says this happens in this age. She asks Priya to don’t stress. Juhi asks Priya not to tell anything to Ram and says your connection with Pihu will break and so is Ram’s. Priya thanks her and asks her to worry about her and Ram’s connection. Ram comes and asks what they are talking about. Priya says just time pass.

Juhi says I didn’t mean it. Priya says she appreciates that she brought up her childrens in these 7 years and that’s why she will not tell Ram. She says she will handle Pihu to make sure that Pihu don’t lie again. She says no one can stop her if Pihu lies or do a mistake. Juhi says fine and thanks her.

Ram sees the perfume and says it is his favourite perfume. Priya says that you don’t like its strong fragrance naa. Ram says he didn’t like it but he tried and actually started liking it. Priya says you have changed a lot in these 7 years. Juhi comes and says that she got it for Sid. She asks Ram to keep it if he likes it.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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