Uttaran 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
When mukta and rathore hear meethi’s muffled screams, they are alert and larmed, while the lady is tensed, as to what ti answer now. maharani’s men are scared too. Mukta tries to get in, but is told that they are alone. Mukta says that she is lying and sks if anyone told her to lie. she mumbles through. rathore tries to explain that they arent getting through and asks whats the real problem. The lady starts panicking, when mukta assumes that meethi and akash have lied and told her to lie too. She asks them to leave, while the lady shuts thd oor, much to akash’s and meethi’s dismay. ratjore is puzzled by this kind of bheaviour, and wonders why akash called and now its coming switched off. The lady, inside is again tied off. One of themn find that a purse has been left outside and what if someone sees it. As expected, rathore spots the purse, and stops the car, but it vanished when he gets down to find out. Mukta is frustrated that rathore is still thinking about meethi and akash, and tells him that vishnu needs them more. Rathore complies, but is still onfused about what just happened. after they drive off, maharni’s men are relieved that they retrieved the purse, before rathore found out. He gets the purse back, while akash is grunting. When akash nods that he wants to tell about kajri, his gag is removed. But akash says that he wants to go to the bathroom, but they smrks him off saying that they arent fools. They ask him to do it here only. Akash’s family is tensed. akash instigates them saying that they are scared of him running away if he is let loose, and that maharani would kill them if they lose akash, and that there isnt ny man here. One f the men gets instigated as akash wanted, and he eyes all of them with an evil glance about his idea, and they take him to the bathroom, while a man is on watch.

Downstairs, they hear the knock and think that its maharani, and as expected she walks in, while akash is planning in the bathroom. maharni is told that noone told anything about kajri. meanwhile, akash tries to escape from the back of the bathroom. maharani finds akash’s spot empty, and shockingly asks where is he. The man tells that he had to attend to nature’s call. She is frustrated and rushes upstairs to find out. The family looks at them tensed. Akash escapes out his way from the bathroom, as he hears hollers from outside, asking for the door to be opened. he asks them to wait for 2 minutes. they are impatient. Thy start pounding on his door, and when he doesnt respond, they begin to slam the door open. Inside, akash thinks that its his last ditch attempt, to save him and everyone else.

Downstairs, they hear maharani’s screams and while her men are scared about the worst, that akash got away, his family is hppy. meethi thanks the lord, that akash could easily leave, and now all would be saved. Maharani is highly angry at akash’ prank and betrayal. maharani scares meethi by saying that she would order one of her men to kill akash, and then once the news is confimed then she would gleefully wipe off the vermillion from Meethi’s head. meethi is distraught and starts screaming incoherently.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
As mukta sits by vishnu’s side, she is apalled at his condition and ters stream down her cheeks, as she replays her memories with him. Yuvaan sees this and is sadistically satisfied, as he remembers his scuffle with vishnu. Yuvaan says that his mukta will be his now. Damini finds yuvaan sneaking and eavesdropping, and they both find that his behaviour is very strange, and damini goes into confront and advise him that he shouldnt do this. Yuvaan tries to clarify his act, but damini says that his wife is inside, and if he wants to know about the patient, there are other methods too. damini signals kanha, and he knocks on the door. They walk when mukta asks them to come in. When they go inside, yuvaan is evilly determined to have his way.

As kanha and damini are discusssing that meethi always calls up once, while granny is feeding mukta, Kanha remembers his conversation and doubt clearing with meethi. He rings up this topic with mukta and tells about the medical reports that he had recieved and tells her that his condition wasnt good earlier only, but yuvaan knew about it prior only. They are confused and tensed too. But naniji discards their opinion of. Damini says tht she may have got a ay to taunt her, but maybe meethi and akash are in some real trouble. But nani refuses to believe any of this, and again brings up the servant and master relation that they share. kanha gets angry while damini silences him. Nani continues spewing her venom that yuvaan is better than meethi, atleast he is doing something. Mukta walks away. damini tells kanha to go to meethi’s place and find out why they didnt come.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Akash is in a dishevelled state, and trying to hitchhike but in vain. Finally maharani’s men catch up on him, and are about to finish him off, whe he is blinded by the frontlight of a car. rathore gets down and gves akash a hand to get up. the screen freezes on akash’s shocked face.

Precap: when kanha knocks on the door, maharani warns meethi that if she tries to act smart, then there would be a huge problem with her husband. Meethi is scared for akash. when she opens the door, and kanha cofronts as to why isnt she or her family concerned or in touch, Meethi plays along and acts indiffrent to kanha’s plight. kanha is shocked tht his sister is behaving this way, when she shuts the door to his face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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