Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani talking to Harish. Harish says Pankhudi is dead, we have used all contacts and tried to find her, do you think its possible. He says she is dead, we can’t ruin Adi’s life. Nani says Nilofer agree. Harish says I will try my best. Ayesha and Nilofer are on the way. Ayesha meets Ghalib and talks to him. She says don’t smile else I will punch you. He says I like your dareness. She says I will not come in your talk, so leave from here. He says you don’t care about my feelins, if you don’t become my wife, I will die. She says I will be lucky.

He holds her hand and says if I want I can take you with me right now, don’t make fun of me. She says leave my hand else I will slap you. He says fine, you know what I m here. Harish comes there and asks Ghalib to leave Ayesha’s hand. Ghalib says do you know her. Ayesha says yes, he knows me.

Nani looks at Ayesha and is shocked saying she is exactly like Pankhudi. Ghalib leaves. Nani is happy. Nilofer asks them to leave. Nani says I need your two mins to talk, please agree. Mama says I tried my best but I could not get Pankhudi, maybe Adi will get her. Pankhudi’s mum is upset. Bau ji says Lord does not take the blame on himself and puts the blame on others, so don’t blame yourself. Nani shows Pankhudi’s pic to Nilofer. Nilofer apologizes to them and says Ayesha is my daughter, you can ask anyone.

Nani says we trust you but we need your help, and from Ayesha. Ayesha comes and sees the pics. She says I heard everything. She says do two people have same faces. Nani says yes. I have a request, please help us. Harish tells them about Adi and says Pankhudi should go from his life permanently so Pankhudi has to come back in his life for one day, I mean Ayesha has to become Pankhudi and make Pankhudi die.

Nilofer says what do you want. Nani explains them and says Ayesha should do the acting as if she is dying. Nilofer scolds her. Harish says Adi feels Pankhudi is alive. He says he has to see her dying only then he will believe. He tries to convince them. Nani says please agree, its matter of one day. Nilofer says I can’t permit her to take such risk. She asks them to leave. Ayesha says but if Pankhudi is alive. Harish cries and says I wish, I did not think we will have to do this.

Nilofer says I can’ allow this. Nani says fine, Ayesha be happy. Harish tries his best and leaves. Ayesha looks at the pics. Sheela asks Payal to work on the treadmill. Payal says Pankhudi is dead so we should donate her items. Sheela says if we do this, Adi can’t come out of his pain, so he is not coming home. Sheela says fine, I will decide what to give to people. Rubel comes and says don’t give it away. Rubel says how can you decide without asking Adi. He asks Sheela how can she support Payal. Sheela says Payal is right. Adi has to move on forgetting Pankhudi. Rubel says its not easy for him and us.

Bau ji sees Pankhudi’s pic and cries missing her. He says I will try to smile only for you. Nilofer asks Ayesha what happened. Nafisa argues with Nilofer and asks her to allow Ayesha to do acting, as they would give money. Nilofer scolds her. Ayesha thinks.

Ghalib threatens Ayesha and is about to throw acid on her face. Everyone are shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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