Uttaran 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 6th June 2013 Written Update

Meethi, Mukta and Divya reach temple. Meethi looks at the temple and feels sad as all her memories with Akash come flooding in front of her eyes. It is the same temple where she and Akash had spent some good memories. Mukta notices her upset and asks about the same. She tells her it is the same temple where I and Vishnu…and stops.
Divya says you and Vishnu would have gone to so many places together. You must be having so many memories at so many places. Till when will you run from them? You have to be strong. Mukku says if you don’t feel like then we can call pandit ji home. He can tell the procedure at home too. Badi ma you go in. We will wait here only. Meethi declines. Badi ma is right. I will have to be strong. I cant fall weak now. I have to do it for my ma. Divya smiles and she and Meethi head towards the temple while Mukku goes to buy flowers.

Meethi walks up the stairs of the temple. Naina lagya baarishan plays in the background as she recalls every sweet moment with Akash spent here in the temple and then in Aatishgarh. She touches the pillar of the temple and another flashback of his confession (that he loves her @ college) comes flashing before her eyes. She stands before the Shiva idol and recalls another incident when she had come looking for him in the temple and he wasn’t there. She rings the bell and folds her hands to pray.

Sankrant and Maiyya wait impatiently outside when Maiyya tells him to break open the door. Sankrant positions himself but Akash steps out on his own holding the kalash in his hands. Both look at him shocked. Om trayambhakam chant plays in the background now.
Akash says, Maiyya you were living holding this kalash dear to you for so many years. These are my bau ji’s ashes. The truth is – neither his soul got freedom nor your revenge fulfilled. But now it will happen. You were living with this kalash since so many years but dint got peace. Maybe you need one more kalash. Here goes mine. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Akash hands Ekadish her husband’s asthi kalash. The kalash actually drops from his hand and she catches it just in time. Sankrant notices Akash’s hands and shouts out that Akash has slit his wrists. Maiyya looks at him shocked. Akash smiles – your son’s (kalash).
Kajri tries to hear what’s happening outside. Kadambari asks and Kajri tells it is something related to Akash. They both look tensed (finally they are back in picture, I was so wondering about them).
Maiyya and Sankrant hold onto Akash as he falls unconscious.

Meethi opens her eyes feeling something. She has tears in her eyes. Akash or Vishnu? Which name should I remember him with? What to erase from my mind? I met him in your temple only then how did you let him cheat me? Everyone asks me to forget it…forget all the memories….I too want to forget / erase all of it from my life & mind but I am not able to. God, give me strength to do so. All of a sudden all bells of the temple starts ringing on their own. Meethi opens her eyes and notices the omen. She feels restless.

Nirbhay says, see bau ji I told you that Akash will play such an emotional game that the tables will turn. See for yourself. Everyone turns and notices Maiyya & Sankrant holding onto Akash (his wrists have been covered with a cloth). (Shocking that no one looks worried…no value of kinship? Then how do you expect someone to stay loyal to you? ;/ ). Maiyya leaves with the doc telling Sankrant to get something from her trunk (missed what she said sorry). Sankrant heads off to her room.
Nirbhay taunts Akash. Akash is burden on our family. He has ruined our name (was it ever there?). God will not forgive the son who cheated on his own mother. Sankrant gives him a fitting reply (with Om Hari Om chant in the background). Forgiveness is asked by those who do mistakes all their life. My brother is doing the right thing and God sides with what is right only. You worry about yourself I will take care of my brother. He leaves as Nirbhay watches him pissed off.

Meethi is getting restless by the minute. A very sad Piya plays in the background as she looks around for something or someone but is unable to understand. She notices Divya talking to the pandit ji. A very sad tune plays as she runs down the steps of the temples.
Mukku stops her asking what happened. Meethi tells her that she cant stay here anymore. I am feeling very uneasy. I am going home. You don’t worry I will go. You go to badi ma she is waiting for you and tell her that I left for home. She gets into an auto and leaves. A car suddenly comes and stops right in front of Mukku making her jump.

She scolds the guy about not driving carefully. He apologises profusely. The guy in the passenger seat gets down apologizing taking all the blame on himself. I dint realise when we reached the temple. I only asked him to stop. The guy calls him Vishnu. mukku stands stunned and Mukta and real Vishnu come face to face. They guy leaves after giving him the phone that he only had gifted him.

Vishnu looks at Mukta. Don’t know why I feel I have seen you somewhere. Sorry I know it sounds filmy but it is the truth. Mukku too speaks the same. They both recalls meeting in Meethi’s sangeet ceremony. Vishnu realises it first and she acknowledges. She calls her name. He states yes there was confusion about the names only then. The groom’s name was Vishnu too…Vishnu Kashyap right? He holds out his hand for her but she seems lost somewhere. I came there because of a phone call. Someone left a message for me in Satara Jail. I came to meet her only but couldn’t. Mukta!
She looks shocked. You are the same Vishnu? He too looks puzzled. She thinks what game is destiny playing? I was searching for you everywhere and now when you have met then Meethi’s life has already been ruined by that fake Vishnu.

Vishnu doesn’t understand. What do you mean by same Vishnu? She tells him she tries to search him everywhere or contact him somehow but failed. And today you are standing in front of me. He questions her why were you looking for me. She asks him you came for the wedding then why dint you stop. Why dint you try to contact me?
He is again puzzled. Why would I meet or contact you? She makes him recall that he was to come to Dadar Bus Stand at a famous pav bhaji stall to meet me. He recalls the same. But I was kidnapped before I could meet you. He is taken aback. Kidnap? I was to meet Mukta but couldn’t but when I came again to Mumbai then I met her. She gets shocked. You met Mukta? He says yes, you know here? Divya speaks from behind Mukku – she is Mukta! Both turn to look at her.

Precap: Akash removes all the tube pipes attached to his body as well as the oxygen mask. The nurse notices this and tries to put it back. He pushes her back saying I don’t want to live. He has trouble breathing.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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