Amrit Manthan 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 6th June 2013 Written Update

Yug confesses to Angad that he loves Amrit and that he wants to support Amrit Financially.
Angad suggests that he can open a Gym and Yug likes the idea. Angad also says that he will finance his gym.
Yug comes and shares to Amrit in excitement his business idea of Gym in Amrit garh and even suggests a name AmritYug.Yug says that Amrit looks beautiful in the saree and looks fit and fine and he will use her for publicity and brand ambassador. Nimrit who is watching all this thinks to herself that her Amrit di is beautiful and how she can look like that?

She open the cupboard and finds a saree. She wears all gawdy makeup and doesn’t wear he saree properly and comes down to the hall while the family looks on. Nimrit asks everyone how she is looking and if she is looking like her Amrit Di.She requests Tej to take a pic of her and Amrit . She looks at her picture and cries saying that she looks ugly.Everyone tries to console but she cries and runs away

Angad comes to the rooom and she hides herself in a bedsheet. Angad says he is her friend and will not leave her.Angad tells her a joke and Nimrit starts to listen to him unveiling herself from the bedsheet she hid and laughs. Angad tells her to follow her as he said if she wants to look beautiful.

Everyone at the dining hall and Nimrit comes over dressesd beautifully in a saree like she used to and everyone is surprised. Nimrit talks well like an adult and Amrit is surprised and thinks if Nimrit became normal again.She asks everybody to sit and that she will serve. She starts serving food to all just like old Nimrit and everyone is looking at her in shock. When Amrit starts asking, Nimrit claps like a kid and says see how I behaved well and did not drop anything on the floor and made everyone happy and proud and that Angad helped her.Amrit hugs Nimrit and says that
she is always proud of her. Mahiji says he is thankful to Angad that he came like an angel into their lives.

Amrit tells Tej that sometimes she feels Angad is acting very goody goody. Amrit receives a mail from detective but finds empty .She asks Nimrit if she saw any pics in it and Nimrit says that she has the pics and colored it. Tejam surprised that they cannot recognise the girl in the picture because of the colors and wonder what they can do now to know the connection of Indu’s daughter with Agni.

Amrit prays for Yug by reading Gurbani as he is starting his business.Yug is happy and thanks for the sweet gesture.Amrit says that her mom and Nimrit always used to that and now she feels content in reading and hopes that her prayers are fulfilled and Nimrit gets happiness.Maid comes and says that Angad left early due to urgent work and asked to handover the check. Amrit wonders what is so urgent that Angad had to leave. Angad who is in market gets a call from Yug and he disconnects with anger face.

Precap : Angad performing havan and the priest asks him to put antim ahuti so the soul gets shanti . He takes a photo of Nimrit and hands it over to the priest to put in fire as Ahuti.

Update Credit to: Saina

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