Uttaran 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chameli comes to Rani’s room but Rani is not there.

Rani is outside in the garden. Chameli told me that she hid Meethi Ma’s idol here but why did she do it? I will search it. I will find it. She picks up a stick from a corner.

Chameli is waiting for Rani so that she can give that poisonous apple to Rani. She will give it to Meethi which will result in her death only. The whole property will be transferred in my name then. she goes outside to look for Rani.

Ambika and Sankrant return to Mumbai. She wants to visit doc first. We have been outside for so long and dint take care of a lot many things. He agrees. We will go together. She declines. you should go home. Make drama that I dint come back then I will come home and surprise everyone. He is surprised that she will go alone. She replies that she is just going for check up. I will anyways feel ashamed to talk about a few things in front of you. a woman cannot talk about certain things in front of her husband. Give me some money. I will meet the doc, hire a taxi and will reach home. He nods.

Mukta is talking to Akash and Meethi when Nandini comes downstairs. Mukta calls her Chameli. We were talking about you only. She corrects herself and calls her Nandini, Nandini Chatterjee. This is what you have been dreaming to become! I cannot believe that you are the same Chameli whom I had met the first time, who gave her life’s entire earning to me so that I can give a better life to your daughter. When that is happening today, she got a family, a house, parents’, you are using her only against Meethi. nandini tries to walk away but Mukta holds her hand. I am still talking! Meethi tells her to let it be. There is no point talking to her (Chameli / Nandini). Mukta tells her to be quiet. I am the reason behind everything. This all started with me. I met Chameli before you and brought her in your life. The more she (Chameli) will stoop low, the more Meethi will rise higher. Chameli is not interested in Mukta’s lecture. You don’t know what I have been through. It was hell. After so many years I have got a chance to start afresh, imagine a new life with someone else whom I love. Akash warns Nandini not to cross her limits. I was quiet till now as it was about this house’s respect. Nandini asks him what has happened to him. I am your Nandini, your first love. Meethi shouts at her but Nandini continues talking. You know me very well. If I had not left you then today I would have been your wife, not Meethi. you are very smart. you know the rules of a marriage very well. Two wives cannot stay in one house. It will be either me or Meethi who will stay here in this house. Everyone is taken aback by her words. Nandini refuses to leaves this house.

Rani continues to dig the garden to find Meethi’s idol. She gets hurt in the process but still continues searching.

Meethi agrees with Nandini. Two swords cannot be in the same sheath. You thought you will get Akash? I have told you thousand times that Akash is my husband and loves me only. I even spoke to you by stooping down to your level so that you understand my point but in vain. I will continue to talk to you in manner in future as well so that you get my logic. But understand one thing very clearly, Rani is my daughter. Akash and I have adopted her legally. We only are her parents. She wont leave from this house. Nandini is not affected by any of it. My blood is running in Rani’s veins. You know it very well. I am Rani’s mother, not you. neither you nor can anyone stop me, including God.

Rani finds the Ganpati idol finally. She gets really happy as she picks it up.

Nandini says I have given birth to Rani. She was getting raised in hell but I dint let anyone cast their evil eyes on her. you came suddenly and became her mother? You will snatch the right of being her mother? Meethi says I am not snatching your any right from you. Mukta says you (Chameli) may have given birth to Rani but don’t forget who risked her life to save Rani. Meethi saved her when she was about to be sold. Meethi showed her the dream of a better future, not you! Nandini agrees. I will never forget Meethi’s debt. I only want to say one thing – I will stay wherever Rani stays. If you will stop me staying in this house then Rani will also leave with me. Akash holds his head.

Rani comes there just then. Meethi tells Nandini that she will leave from this house for sure, that too all by herself. Rani wont go with you. Chameli notices Rani. She starts her acting. She begs Meethi and Akash. Please don’t separate me from my Rani. I wont be able to live without her. I love her a lot. Meethi realises Nandini’s game and notices Rani while Nandini continues to plead them not to throw her out of this house. She pretends as if she has noticed Rani just now. She acts all loving towards Rani. Your mother loves you so much but your Meethi Ma wants to throw me out of this house. Meethi tells Nandini not to lie to her own daughter atleast. Mukta supports Meethi. Nandini says I have been telling them that I cannot stay without my Rani at all. But they are not ready to listen to me. they have been telling me to leave from this house. I told them that I cannot leave as my daughter is here but they are not listening to me.

Akash turns to Rani. You know your Meethi Ma. She will never force you for anything. She never says anything to you. Nandini asks Rani to tell everyone who is her mother. Tell them that I am your mother and I will stay with you here only. Don’t be quiet. Rani loudly tells everyone that Chameli only is her mother. Meethi feels bad. God gave me a mother like you but don’t know why God gave me another Ma too. Nandini’s smile disappears while they all feel relieved / happu. Rani says Meethi Ma who loves me more than you. I love Meethi Ma only, not you. Meethi, Mukta and Akash smile while Nandini is angry. What are you saying? Rani sticks to her point which further infuriates Nandini. You have started talking so much. What has happened to you? rani shows the Ganpati idol to everyone. Everyone is shocked for different reasons. Meethi and Akash realise that they have been looking for it since so many days. Ma had given it to me. where did you find it? Rani replies that she found it in the garden. This Chameli is a liar. She only had stolen your Ganpati. She is very bad, I wont talk to her ever. I hate you! Only Meethi Ma is my Ma, not you. Nandini says I know you love your Meethi Ma a lot which is why you brought an identical idol for her so that she gets well. Rani pushes her away. don’t touch me. you are very bad, and a very big liar. Meethi asks her to come near her. Rani obliges. Meethi asks her if she saw Chameli hiding this idol. Rani confirms. Chameli only had hidden it. If she was telling the truth then why would she have hidden it? Akash says I know you are telling the truth. But you must not be scared when kids get to know about the mistake of elders. Tell me everything honestly. You trust your papa, right? She agrees to tell him everything.

Chameli only hid this idol. When I asked her about it she lied that Meethi Ma has given it to her. Thereafter she hid it in the garden outside. Plus the other day when you and Anni had come in my room, that red colour was actually her (Chameli) blood. She had hurt herself on her head. She is a liar. When Dadi’s room had caught fire I had collided with Chameli. She was hiding something. She was holding kerosene and matchbox in her hand. Akash is stunned and so is Mukta. Nandini gets angry.

Nandini is about to slap Rani when Meethi holds her hand. don’t even dare to hurt my daughter. Nandini points out that Rani is her daughter whereas Meethi reminds her of Rani’s words. She considers me her mother, not you. nandini wonders what magic she has done on Rani that she thinks of you as her mother. Meethi makes it clear that they all know who is doing (black) magic. Rani is young. I don’t want any more drama in front of anyone. Nandini asks Meethi loudly if she will stop her but Meethi warns her not to talk to her in this tone. Take my name with respect, call me Meethi ji. I would only take 2 seconds in reminding you of your place in case you have forgotten it.

Precap: Nandini is all set to leave from Bundela House. She notices Maiyya giving fruits to Meethi as she hasn’t eaten anything. She decides to keep the poisonous apple in that plate somehow. Meethi keeps the plate back saying that she will eat in a while. They notice Nandini coming downstairs. She pretends to slip and collides with the plate. She begins to gather the fruits and is successful in replacing the apple.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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