Uttaran 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 29th January 2014 Written Update

Meethi was passing by from the corridor when she hears Ambika talking in a loud voice with someone. I am the DIL, stay away from me. you know what happens to the MIL who tries to hurt her DIL? Meethi is confused. Ambika smiles and walks off from there. Ambika notices Meethi standing outside the room and turns serious. Meethi asks Ambika why she was shouting. Ambika replies that MIL was speaking ill against you. I couldn’t tolerate it. I have warned her nicely now she will think twice before she makes a move. Meethi thanks her. ambika promises to be with her always. Meethi excuses herself as she has some work to attend to.

Mukku comes home. Vishnu is sitting inside only and hides the gift that he has brought for her. she notices him doing the same. He asks her how come she is home early.

She asks him the same question. He tells her that she already knows the answer – 3 month anniversary. She is happy. I have heard in jokes that husbands forget wife’s birthday or their own marriage anniversary. But you remember it. I am impressed. How did you get leave so early today? she doesn’t let him reply and tells him what she said to her boss. I thought I will surprise you by cooking something special for you but you were already home. He lies that he too got an off when he asked his boss. I thought to come home and decorate before you come home. But you came early. She offers to decorate their home together. They both give each other the gifts they have got. He gets a tie while gets a necklace. They both love their gifts. Yuvi is watching them from outside. She says, hope you dint spend your entire salary on this? He shakes his head. These pearls aren’t real. Mukku smiles. It doesn’t matter as your love is real. She asks him to remove his hand and hugs him tight. Vishnu too is very happy.

Ekadish is muttering to herself as she paces worriedly in a room. She (Ambika) is a clever fox. Don’t know how she comes to know what I am thinking. God knows when I will be relieved from this Chaubey and his daughter. And there’s my foolish brother Agarth and his useless son, Nirbhay – I am stuck because of their mistakes. The electrician tells her that the lamp is fixed and stuff in your younger DIL’s room has been taken care of too. Is there something else to do? She asks him to check the geyser in Akash’s room. Akash comes back home. Meethi notices him and goes to him. he asks Maiyya how she is. Maiyya replies she is good. Rest she will reap what she has sown. Right, DIL (Meethi)? She goes to get water from him. meethi looks lost for a second but Akash brings her back to the reality.

Mukku asks Vishnu to help her in wearing her gift. He is about to do it when someone knocks on the door. she goes to check and is surprised to see Yuvi there. He apologizes for disturbing her. He also greets Vishnu. he gave her a file by mistake so has come to collect it as the meeting is due in a while. She introduces him to Vishnu. Yuvi congratulates both of them. Vishnu asks him to sit and also asks Mukku to get him a coffee but Yuvi asks for his file. Mukku goes to get it. Yuvi praises Mukta. You are very lucky to have her. she keeps praising you all the time. You know she loved that dress but she took care of your limitations and declined to wear it. I respect her a lot. Mukku brings the file with her. Yuvi has brought a gift for her too as he dint want to come empty handed on such a special day. She tries to decline but Yuvi stays put. See if you like it. Vishnu makes a straight / lost face as Mukku looks at the necklace. She tells Yuvi she cannot accept such an expensive gift which stops him in his tracks. Yuvi turns to Mr. Kashyap. Your wife is not going to agree to what I will say. You only ask her to keep it please. Vishnu nods his head which makes Yuvi happy while Mukku is still upset. Mukku apologizes to Yuvi calling him sir as he had to come all the way to her home to get this file. He corrects her. Call me Yuvaan. We neither work in a government office nor do we share a relation of employer and employee so call me by my name only. Remember the place we had dinner at some time back? I had gone there only with some guests yesterday. Funnily, the manager asked me if your girlfriend dint come along tonight. Mukku and Vishnu are shocked. Yuvi continues, I looked at him the same way then smiled. Its not his fault. I explained it to him that she isn’t my girlfriend but goof friend. I can call you a friend right? She nods. He takes their leave. He has an evil smile on his face as he makes an exit from their home.

Vishnu’s mood has changed. Mukku tells him how impossible it is to say no to her boss. I wasn’t able to say no to him for dinner that day exactly the same way you couldn’t deny today. you had many questions regarding my boss. What do you think now? Vishnu calls him a good, simple and generous man or no one gifts real diamonds to someone else’s wife. One doesn’t call someone’s wife his girlfriend in front of her husband. He is very good. She asks him what has happened to him. why are you reacting this way? He says I am not reacting wrongly. Your friendship has grown a lot that’s why he gifted you a diamond necklace. I am not blind or foolish. I can see and understand everything. He takes out the necklace that he had bought for her. now what will you do with these fake pearls now that you have a diamond necklace? He breaks it and the pearls scatter on the table / floor. She looks shocked as he leaves from there.

Ambika has given instructions to the electricians to do something that she wants to be done. She gives him extra money to do her work. He agrees to do it for her. She warns him not to even take her name by mistake. My dad is a police officer I will send you to the jail. Start your work. He nods. Ambika is going out when she stops and turns to look at the fan with an evil smile on her face.

Meethi recalls Ambika’s words that they should catch MIL red handed. Akash comes and finds her lost in some thoughts. What are you thinking? She denies. he catches her lie. I saw it when I returned home from office. Tell me what it is. She says there is a question in my mind. Does hate never go away? akash guesses by the word, hate – so my Meethi is thinking about Maiyya. It can only go away when a person realises the differences between right and wrong. Maiyya had planted the seed of hatred in my heart but my love changed it. Maiyya too has changed. She doesn’t hate you anymore. But you will have to understand. She is from a different background. Love isn’t expressed in words there but it is very much there. You think, Maiyya isn’t from Mumbai that she will keep saying love you all the time. Forget everything tell me what you were thinking about Maiyya. Meethi recalls Maiyya’s words about getting her DIL killed so easily if she was in Aatishgarh. She says I am only trying to understand her. Nothing specific. Akash starts coughing badly. She offers to go get water but he stops her. I will get it meanwhile you can rest. He makes her lie down and goes to get water. Akash switches on the ceiling fan before he goes and is happy to see her resting.

The ceiling fan is making a lot of noise. Meethi also hears some other noise and is startled. Where’s this voice coming from? She looks around to see but is not able to point it out. The wind starts blowing and the candle blows out. Meethi sits up on the bed. She is taken aback to see that the diya under her mom’s picture has blown off. The ceiling fan’s wire is loosening. It touches the bed just as Meethi gets up to go check on the diya. Meethi turns and is shocked to see the fan. Epi ends on her trembling / shocked face.


Precap: Akash blames Maiyya for what all happened with Meethi in Shimla. You sent her a message so that she comes out in dense fog. When this dint work out then you called for an electrician today and got my ceiling fan fixed so that it falls on Meethi and she dies of the hurt. What do you want? Maiyya declines doing anything. Meethi requests him to calm down. Maiyya says whatever your wife is telling you is wrong / a lie.

Update Credit to: pooja

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