Mahabharat 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 29th January 2014 Written Update

Episode begins in Kampilya palace where Krishna is talking to Draupadi and Shikhandini. Draupadi asks if Arjun is the only person skilled enough to win her swayamvar. Krishna tells her that if Karna, Shalya and the King of Matsya can also win.
Draupadi wants to know whether her happiness has any importance, who should she wait for? Krishna tells her she must find out what makes her happy.
Draupadi gets annoyed at Krishna’s riddles and asks if he ever speaks clearly and Krishna says that finding answers is our path to moksha. If she really wants clear answers she should go and pray to Mahadev.

The Pandavas and Kunti arrive in Kampilya. They come across a potter and Yudhishtir asks him if there is a nearby dharamshala. The potter asks a few awkward questions, where they’ve come from and are they brahmins. Yudhishtir says they’ve come from Ekchakra (well done CV’s Bakasur vadh dikhaya toh nahin lekin at least you got the name of the town correct!)
Yudhishtir looks uncomfortable and says that they look like brahmmins. The potter recognises that he has only spoken a half truth in order to not lie outright, and he calls Yudhishtir on it, saying that half truth also is half a lie.
Yudhishtir agrees and promises never to speak a half truth again, the gods can punish him if he does. He requests the potter to not ask any more questions that he cannot answer.
The potter invites them all in for rest and food
.Yudhishtir agrees only if he allows them to serve him.The potter says he is too old for gathering the mud to make the clay for the pottery, so they can help with that. Bhima gets excited and asks where they can go to get the mud. Arjun says they only need enough to make some pots not an entire mountain
The potter says he needs lots and lots of mud to make pots, since they are in high demand for the swayamvar that is about to happen. Arjun asks if it is Princess Shikhandini’s swayamvar (Shikhandini would make mincemeat out of the Pandavas if she married any of them!) The potter says no, it is Draupadi’s swayamvar, who was given to Drupad by the gods. He informs that that the swayamvar will begin the following morning.

Draupadi is on her way to the Shiv mandir, in a palki. Some soldiers and maids are also with her. Draupadi hopes that she will get a straight answer from Mahadev.

Bhima and Arjun have come to the river bank to collect mud for the potter. Suddenly Arjun spots the Shiv mandir and says that they should pay a visit and get Mahadev’s blessings. Scene now interchanges between Bhima and Arjun praying to Mahadev, and Draupadi coming closer to the mandir.
They finish up their pooja and Arjun places some white flowers at the base of the shivling. Suddenly some soldiers arrive and request the brahmins (Bhima and Arjun) to take prasad and come outside where a feast has been prepared on account of Draupadi’s visit.
Bhima and Arjun leave the mandir and Bhima spots the feast.
Bhima wants to eat but Arjun warns him it could be dangerous if Shikhandini is nearby as she would recognise them.

Draupadi enters the mandir and Arjun pulls Bhima away from the food. They decide to get on with the task of collecting the mud. Bhima says the smell of food is taunting him.Then he gets on his knees, hands folded and says Rajkumar Arjun, please let me go. Arjun replies saying King Vrikodar please pay attention to the work.

Draupadi is shown doing an abhishek of the shivling.

Arjun remembers that the potter asked for some mud from behind the mandir as it is used to make plates. Bhima wants to go as the food is nearby, but Arjun is adamant that he will go. Bhima runs off anyway, and Arjun laughs.
Later on Arjun is still waiting for Bhima,who has gone to the feast. Arjun goes off to get the mud and bring Bhim back.

Draupadi says that Krishna told her Mahadev will answer her questions clearly. She asks Mahadev whether she will receive her answer. Then the white flowers Arjun had placed on the Shivling fall onto her lap.
Draupadi smiles and turns to leave. She comes outside and senses that the one she is waiting for is coming. Arjun comes from the opposite direction and spots Bhim still eating. He leaves Bhima to his meal and walks away, down some steps. His sandals leave their prints in the dusty steps, and as Draupadi walks down the same steps her foot is placed in the same spot.
They both sense something and begin walking (lovely bg music again) but just as Draupadi is getting closer, Malini comes and says they need to leave as Shikhandini asked them to return quickly. They walk past the place where the feast is held, but Bhima is too busy with his food to notice Draupadi walking in front of him.

Arjun arrives at the back, as Draupadi is walking towards her palki. She gets inside but lifts the veil, and Arjun and Draupadi see each other for the first time (both Pooja and Shaheer have lovely expressions here). The palki rides off while they continue looking at each other.

Precap: Duryodhan stops Bhima (in brahmin disguise) Duryodhan tells Bhima that he looks familiar to him.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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