Uttaran 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 29th August 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with last scene of yesterday’s epi when Akash brings the paper in front of her. no one will call you as Mrs. Akash Chatterjee. Take this….your amanat. He keeps the papers on the table as well with Tadeva Lagnam chant playing in the background. He stops for a moment by the ddor. I will miss you very much….madam! She turns and watches him disappear from the corridor. Meethi picks up the papers (Piya moment). She picks up the thaal next as another chant begins playing. She goes to the window to look at the moon. She does her little puja then and there itself. She recalls Akash’s words. Today is Teej and I think you have kept the fast. She drinks water from the pot all the while thinking about his words. A wife’s fast is opened by her husband only. Finally she breaks into tears. I am all broken now. My heart says he is true, his love is true. How would I be able to forget the 23 days I spent with you in your home and these 23 days? I am about to start a new relationship with Vishnu but would I be able to live a real relation with him? Would I be honest? Anni’s happiness, everyone’s happiness lies in the fact that I forget Akash. But how? How would I be able to forget him? I will never be able to forget him…never! I love you a lot Akash. I would never forget you. What do I do?

Scene shifts to Mukku who is looking at the moon (with the thaal in her hand). Vishnu comes there and she smiles looking at him. She does her puja while looking at his reflection in the mirror. Sweet background music starts playing. She drinks water while looking at the mirror. He calls out to her and she immediately turns. He is about to say something when Akash interrupts. Please come in the hall I want to say something in front of everyone. Saying so, he leaves followed by Mukku.

Everyone has gathered in the hall minus Meethi. Akash tells everyone it is time to bid goodbye to them. I promised you for 23 days…they are over now. And according to the promise I have handed over the duly signed divorce papers to Meethi already. This shocks Damini and everyone else too while Jogi closes his eyes sadly. He thanks Jogi Thakur for he was the first one of all to trust him even after knowing how I cheated you. I had thought I will win over your love in these days and take Meethi along with me to our home. But I forgot that I cannot do the penitence of the misdeeds of 23 days in 23 days time. He bends down to take his blessing but Jogi holds him sadly. Damini gets up abruptly. He goes to Kanha next. I and my mother made mistake. My sister isn’t to be blamed for this. Please don’t punish her for our sins. She loves you a lot with all her heart. If possible please forgive her. She needs you. Akash looks at Mukku who looks away to wipe her tears. Why are you crying? It was my mistake that I couldn’t fulfil the promise. Don’t be sad. read full updates daily with pictures only at desitvbox.com Looking at Vishnu he remarks after all Meethi and Vishnu were bound to get married. I am your culprit. I cheated this family using your name but in the end only that will happen which is written in destiny. Maybe my and Meethi’s relation was supposed to end here only. Now you are going to be her life partner, I have only one request. While taking the pious pheras don’t make the same mistake which I did. The base of this relation was a lie. Now you take them with a true heart. I will pray that you both stay happy together. He looks at Iccha’s pic. He goes and stands before it folding his hands. Damini looks surprised. I am not worth seeking your apology. Wiping his tears he half turns towards them. Even though our relation has ended on papers but the love will never end. I will do penitence for my whole life for the mistakes I have committed. Damini and everyone listen on intently. He leaves. Damini is thinking something looking at Jogi.

Someone bangs at Aatishgarh Haveli’s door late at night. Agarth and Ekadish come rushing followed by Pavitra, Kajri and Gomti. Everyone except Maiyya gets happy thinking it would be Nirbhay. Kajri opens the door only to find Shambhu. He quickly falls down in Agrath’s feet who is confused as to what is he doing here at 3 am. Shambhu gives him the bad news about seeing a murder from his own eyes. Nirbhay bhaiya’s! Everyone is shocked while Kajri lets out a big scream.


Kajri goes to Ekadish saying he is lying. She is all nerves. Gomti and Pavitra are emotional watching this. Maiyya tries to calm her down saying he might be mistaken. Agarth holds him by his collar. This isn’t possible. I made his charts as soon as he was born. He has a long life. This cant be possible. Shambhu takes his kids’ swear he saw it. Agarth wants to know who killed his son. Shambhu stammers…..Rathore! maiyya has a slight smile on her face for a second. Kajri lands on floor crying. Gomti goes by her side to console her. Shambhu continues with his story. We tried to follow him and help bhaiya but he caught hold of him in the jungle. He beat him a lot next day and pushed him over the bridge into river. I couldn’t understand what to do…to save bhaiya or catch Rathore or come here to tell you the truth. Maiyya puts on fake tears. I was right in doubting Rathore. He killed my nephew. Agarth is heartbroken as well. She tells him to take care of himself. Nothing is worst than hearing about your young son’s death. That Rathore will be hanged. Meethi’s family will have to pay for this. Kajri stops crying for a second. Maiyya looks wild with revenge. She smiles holding one end of the saree in front of her in a pretence to wipe her tears.

Akash is praying in his room as Surabhi watches by the door. I will only ask for one thing that while leaving from this home give me this much strength that I don’t feel weak….or cry. He turns realising someone’s presence. How will you live without Meethi? He says I will have to learn. I have to pay for my sins…will have to stay alone to do penitence. She says we both committed sins then why are only you being punished. I too did a mistake. He shakes his head. You dint do any mistake sister. You have a life inside you who needs to be brought in this world that is why God forgave you. But my journey isn’t over yet but it has started now. I have to now learn to live without her. Life wants to teach this to me.

Mukku is sitting in her room sadly. Vishnu happens to be crossing but stops looking at her. How will I be able to forget you? She too reiterates the same thing. He thinks maybe we weren’t meant to be together. I am bound by my duty. She too has decided not to say anything to anyone how much I love you. Sun raha hai na tu begins playing in the background. He turns the other way but looks at her once more as tears pour down her cheeks. They both stand hurt. Just as he disappears from the view she turns sensing something but doesn’t find anyone. He once again turns to look at her from far. She cries holding the pillow. He leaves helpless. Akash and Meethi are shown as well standing by the windows. Camera keeps shifting between all four of them. The epi ends on the split screen with all four of them looking hurt.

Precap: Mukku wishes Vishnu for his wedding. She is about to go but he holds her hand. I love you a lot Mukta. They both turn to look at each other and he repeats his words while holding her hand.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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