Maharana Pratap 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 29th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with a servant calling shakti singh as ranaji has called him. But shakti singh tells him rudely that go and tell rana that he will not come. Then when rana is told about this he goes angrily towards shakti sing’s room. When he is going dheerbai sees rana through the holed window and smiles cunningly. Rana is going angrily towards shakti and pratap is going behind him and sacchabai is going behind ranaji crying and telling him to forgive shakti singh. Then all of them go at shakti singh. Rana tells him loudly and angrily that why he did not listen to his orders. Then shakti singh rana that did he now realize that on not listening to him, his father’s position has gone down. Then he tells him that even he was not accepted as his son and he did

not treat him like his son. Then ranaji gets even more angrier and sacchabai tells shakti to ask for forgiveness and not talk badly with his father. Then ranaji stops her and tells shakti to tell him what he wanted to say. Then shakti tells that the competition which will be held in between shakti and pratap shall be made the basis for the decision of the next successor in between them both. Then ranaji tells that now this only will be done in between them both and he goes from there.

Scene 2:
Rani dheerbai is in her room and her son is in her hands. She tells her son that now he has to do an important role in making pratap lose in the competition. Then she says that she soon will be the maharani.

Scene 3:

In the court, all the courtiers, councilors, chief commanders and chundavat and the rest of main positions have gather. Rana comes and sits on his throne. Then chundavat tells him that till today no one had objected on his decision but today they will. Then he says that why did he take the decision of putting a competiton in both brothers and then deciding that who will be the successor on basis of who wins? Then chundavat says that all the people of mewad have decided that pratap will be the successor. Then he says that even pratap has proved that he can be the capable or even more than capable of being the next rana whereas shakti did not and he says that even we have made pratap the next rana then why this competition? Then rana says that the thing is not of being the rana but it is of justice. He says that even shakti should be given a chance to prove himself so that the thing will be of equal distribution. He then says that he will not change his decicion as he has given a word/promise. Then rana goes. In mewad there are all the people who are talking about rana’s decision. Some farmers are saying that rana has kept a competition in both to decide the next rana and they say that this is not good. Then even guruji hears about this and even he says that this should not happen as it is just a gurukul competition which should not be pulled in political matters.

Scene 4:

At some digging ground, shams’s is digging there as a worker in disguise. Then the yogi comes and tells him about the news of a competition between pratap and shakti. He then tells him that rana has invited the whole mewad for this competition. Then shams’s gets very happy and laughs quietly. Then the yogi asks him for his reward. Then shams’s gives him gold coins and that yogi goes away.

Scene 5:

Shakti is doing pushups and is practicing it for tomorrows competition. His brother vikram is counting his pushups. He reaches till 63 and shakti gets tired and says that he is taking some rest. Then vikram tells him that he should do more as he does not have time for rest and. Then shakti continues doing it. When he is doing, dheerbai comes there. He then gets up and dheerbai comes and tells him that may he be successful in tomorrows competition. She then tells him that if he will win, then he will become the rana and his mother will become the maharani. Then she says to shakti that he ahs got the chance to defeat pratap and he shall not lose it. On the other hand pratap tells his mother that he does not want to do this competition against his brother for the throne as if he has to help the people of mewad, he can do it normally also. Then he says that rana would have easily made shakti the successor then why did he do it. Then maharani says that now it is not the time for him to come in relative emotions. She then says that a rajput is one who is powerful, confident, fearless and has love for his dharma and his state. Then she says that he cant do this as the people of mewad are looking to him as the successor in their eyes and he has to see mewad before his family. Then she says to pratap that a king should be lovable, fearless and should first think of his kingdom and people and that all these qualities are not in shakti. Then she says to pratap that even on knowing that shakti is not capable he is doing this? Then she says that he should at this time forget that shakti is his brother and that he should remember what his guru has taught him and what his father has taught him and he should win in tomorrows competition and make everyone.i.e., the rana, guruji , people of mewad happy and be still at his teachings. Back there dheerbai is telling shakti that he is equal to pratap and he can do what pratap can do. Then shakti says that he thought that pratap is more dearer to her. Then dheerbai says that now she is not as she is now more dearer to shakti. Then she says that she was blind in prataps love but her eyes opened on the right time and she realized that even shakti is capable of being the rana and so she has come to give him her blessings. Now pratap tells his mother that what he was thinking was wrong and now he will first think of mewad and he will do the fight. Then he tells that if on winning the fight against his brother , his father ,guruji, and the whole mewad is getting happy then he will do it.

Scene 6:

Outside the palace, there are preparations being made for the competition. When the throne for ranaji is put their head comes and tells them to put the pandal more up as this is not the type of preparation being done. Then they do as ordered. Now shamskhan and the yogi come in disguise as workers and asks the head can they work? They tells him that they will help him put the flag of mewad by helping them dig the holes. A worker come sand tells praise words for sms’s and the head allows them to work. Back at dheerbai’s room, jagmal is dressed to go to the mandir. Then dheerbai comes in and sees that jagmal is dressed in orange and she shouts kokaiya and tells her to dress him in red. Then pratap comes and tells that did she call him. Then dheerbai tells him that she is sorry for calling him in middleof his practice for the competition but she thought that he should come to the temple and take god’s blessings before he goes for the competition. Then pratap says yes and says that it’s ok as he will do his practice after coming form the temple. Then he asks that can he take som with him as he has not been able to give some time to his friend since days and dheerbai allows him and he goes. Then kokaiya comes after dressing him in red clothes. She then asks her why? Dheerbai says that her son will be helping in making pratap fail in the competition. She then tells that her son will help her in breaking pratap’s hand and legs which will prevent him for going to the competition.

Scene 7:

Shams’s and that yogi have digged half of a hole. Then shams’s opens the pockets of his trousers which are hidden inside. He is opening and the head comes, he then acts of removing the mud amd the head goes. Then shams’s opens his trouser pockets and puts gunpowder in it and quickly covers it with mud and puts the tall mewad flag attached to a bamboo in it. Then he covers it totally with mud and he says to himself that now this flag which pratap had put in the war will burn due to heat which will cause the gunpowder to burn the flag. Then he laughs quietly.

Precap: Jaivanta is telling dheerbai that she knows that dheerbai wants to kill pratap but she does not have any proof. Then she tells her that she knows this much that at the end ravan died. At the competition place, guruji is telling to a student that the one who will win will become the successor. In the palace pratap is not able to stand on his legs as he has got hurt on his legs and he tells som that how will he tell his father bout this. Then he tells that how will he complete his promise to his mother.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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