Uttaran 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Malvika brings Rani downstairs. She gestures something to Ambika through her eyes after which she goes with Rani. Sankrant observes them and then looks at Ambika. He asks her who Rani was going with. Ambika by mistake sills up that Rani was going with Ma. Sankrant is taken aback. Ambika corrects herself. She was going with Mauli Ma. He is surprised that she calls her Ma. Ambika nods. She is elder to us so I cannot call her servant. I refer to her as Mauli Ma sometimes. She is going to burst crackers with Rani. Sankrant too wants to go enjoy with kids as he loves it but she wants him to be with him. he asks for Maiyya. She is sure Maiyya would have gone to buy gifts for them. It is our first Diwali together plus next year our kid will be with us. He nods. She thinks him to be the biggest fool. I will show my true colours when the baby is born.

Rani asks for Gomti Mausi. Malvika asks Rani if she loves Manav to which Rani nods. I never had a brother but when I met Manav Bhaiya, that need was fulfilled. Driver Didi and her family is really nice. I had told Gori Didi that I will go to save Manav Bhaiya but nobody lets me go. malvika eyes the packet of crackers in her hands. You know the goons took Manav with them because of you? Rani says yes, I do. I told Gori Didi that I will go and fight with all the goons all by myself. Malvika lights a diya and keeps it under the table for the curtain to catch fire. She walks up to Rani. If you get a chance to save Manav then will you do it? rani agrees to go to Ratna Bai’s place. I will ask her to keep me with them but send Manav Bhaiya back. Malvika diverts her attention as she watches the curtain catch fire.

Meethi and Ambika are setting the table. meethi is waiting for Maiyya. They discuss about it when Sankrant shouts that the outhouse is on fire. Meethi is shocked as Rani was there. Fire spreads in the outhouse because of the crackers. Sankrant stops Meethi who wants to inside to find Rani. He tells Ambika to call the fire brigade. Akash reaches there just then. meethi tells him to do something to save Rani. Ambika is worried about her mother. What if something happens to her! Akash jumps inside and comes back with Malvika. Ambika holds Malvika who stumbles as she coughs because of all the smoke. Meethi asks for Rani. He couldn’t find her inside. Sankrant had also seen Rani with Malvika. Malvika nods. She was lighting crackers. She went out to call her Gori Didi. I think she has run away. meethi insists that Rani is still inside but Akash thinks that maybe Rani is inside the house only. They both run to check. Meethi, Sankrant and Akash call out for Rani and check everywhere but in vain. Ambika attends to Malvika while the rest of the people continue to look for Rani. Malvika too asks about Rani. Sankrant gets concerned for her. ambika is happy at her mother’s performance.

Meethi recalls Akash’s words. She thinks that he has sent Rani away. you sent her right? He looks at her in disbelief. Are you alright? She talks about trusting him more than herself but he too had wanted to send Rani to the brothel to save Manav. You sent her finally. Malvika and Ambika smile. Why did you do it? it (this fire) was all a drama right so that you all can make Rani disappear? He asks her if she trusts him this much only. She continues to ask for her Rani. She had gone to the outhouse to light crackers.

Meethi thinks about Rani’s concern for Manav. She is in tears. Where would be my daughter? Don’t know how she will be! Come what may I will find you out Rani. Your mother wont sit idly. I will bring you back from anywhere. You will stay here with me in this house, and not in that brothel.

Rani steps out of a car. Nani is waiting for her. she praises Rani for saving her Manav bhaiya. Maiyya too comes there. Maiyya and Nani smile at each other. Maiyya is sure Rani Chatterjee, their lineage, wont get scared at all. Nani asks Rani to show them what they will say to Ratna Bai. Rani speaks up bravely. Maiyya excuses herself as everyone must be waiting for her at home. Nani takes Rani with her in a taxi. MUkta is sitting at the driver seat.

Mukta, Nani and Rani reach their destination. Mukta is worried about her son. Rani reassures her that she will get Manav once she hands over her to Ratna Bai. She wipes Mukta’s tears. Mukta knows it that she is separating her (Rani) from her mother, her Gori Didi. Don’t worry once I get my Manav I will take you back to your Gori Didi. I wont leave you here. Rani is happy to know that she will go back to her Gori Didi. Mukta tells her to keep looking at her all the time. Once I signal you to run you must come and sit in my car asap. Don’t be scared, I wont leave you here at all. Nani isn’t happy to hear this. rani hugs her Driver Didi. Mukta thinks that she has to do all this to save her Manav but she wont leave Rani here. They hear the noise of approaching cars and get alert.

Mukta is happy to hear her Manav’s cries. Ratna Bai steps forward along with her goons. Rani gives her intro. Mukta tells Rani not to leave her hand. Don’t separate from me till I get Manav. Rani nods. Ratna Bai claps for them as they have brought Rani. Send Rani here and take your son. mukta isn’t ready to believe her. what if you don’t give me my son? ratna Bai says I run a brothel, not some orphanage. Nani tells Mukta to give Rani to them. mukta reminds Rani of their plan. On the other hand, Ratna Bai tells her goon to give Manav to Mukta. From one side, A guy walks towards Mukta with Manav while on the other side, Rani heads towards Ratna Bai and her men. Epi ends on the split screen of Mukta, Rani and Meethi.

Precap: Mukta gives Manav to Nani. They both sit inside the car and Mukta drives off while Rani runs towards them shouting for her Driver Didi to stop but in vain. Meethi is happy to see Manav back home safe and sound but then she realises what must have happened as Rani is missing. Mukta tells her that they couldn’t bring back Rani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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