Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vimla sees laxmi n says laxmi dare u help ramesh, laxmi smiles n says no no i wont, vimla says come lets go have some fun n laxmi n vimla go to kitchen,vijendra says oh laxmi n vimla u are here good come help us , vimla says no way n leaves with laxmi. Umesh comes to kitchen n asks have u seen mom, mohan says forget mom help us cook, umesh looks at vijendra, ramesh n mohan look at vijendra n says brother say yes, vijendra says ok umesh come help us, umesh says why not but on one condition u have to follow wat i say.
Dadaji praises ramesh mohan n vijendra for the tasty food but find out that the food was actually cooked by umesh, all laugh on it. Ramesh confuses vimla n roopan asking them to work hard on the entertaining skills.
Suku starts the entertainment program n introduces vimla roopan n laxmi to the family members n introduce dadi n jwala as guest.
Scene: 1
Roopan as dadi, vimla as vijendra n laxmi as dadaji n these three meet at a party.
Roopan as dadi(in dadis tone) says oh wow how good is this party, let me take a selfie n send it to kids, laxmi as dadaji wat is this loud noise n these lights n the ball light looks as its not working properly , vijendra come n reapir this, vimla as vijendra says oh dad its disco ball n it works this way.
Ritesh praises kirti saying she is looking beautiful, ramesh sees this n says this is the right time for my plan n drops a scene 2 n asks suku to use this cheat next.
Vimla says ramesh i have to play ritesh wat shd i do, ramesh says no worries i will play ritesh.
Laxmi as kirti, roopan as nisha, ramesh as ritesh.
Laxmi in kirtis tone oh so blah theres no one of my standard, roopan as nisha oh kirti u shopped clothing worth 3000 so many kids would be helped by this money. Ramesh as ritesh hi girls im ritesh from America n im here to get married n my choice is n hugs kirti, roopan says ramesh she is kirti n not laxmi n ur ritesh not ramesh, ramesh says ritesh is never wrong n starts singing a song: “jab pyar kiya tu darna kya”. Umesh starts clapping n says oh wat a wonderful skit , ritesh n kirti feel awkward.
Laxmi stops ramesh n says ramesh i want to talk to u, ramesh says i know wat trust me im doing it for my kids, laxmi says its not that, ramesh says later n leaves. Ramesh tells umesh something n then goes to ritesh n says go out n have fun with cousins, ritesh says ok n leaves.
Kirti n nisha are bursting crackers together, nisha says kirti do u really like ritesh, kirti says oh nisha u know my feelings for boys keep changing, nisha says sorry kirti i wish i could give u wat u deserve, kirti says plz nisha u don’t need to say sorry its just the situations n we cant help it n both hold their hands.
Dadaji says to dadi, tomorrow is nisha n ritesh engagement n i didn’t like ramesh jokes, but dadi is lost in her own thoughts, dadaji says saroj where are u lost, dadi says nothing n gets up, dadaji says where are u going, dadi says to call laxmi n leaves. Laxmi says to dadi im scared n couldn’t gather guts to speak to ramesh, dadi says wat u didn’t speak to ramesh yet, dadaji comes n says wat is the matter u both look tensed, dadi says come lets talk inside. The three go to dadis room.

PRECAP: Laxmi starts crying dadaji says dont waorry laxmi watever u want to tell feel free, laxmi says i wish even nisha could talk to her mother as her friend abt the 8 year old incident, dadaji says wat 8 year old incident.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Akhi….dadaji plz done ri nd ki engagement..nd free our nisha

  2. Skit was funny!

  3. This is my favourite show……
    But this update has many punctuation errors..
    But thanks for updating this episode

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