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The guy rushes to help her. he runs along the stream. She is flown to a corner due to the flow. That guy picks her up in his arms and takes her aside at a place away from water.He looks at Meethi and checks her pulse. She is alive. His dad thanks God for his mercy. He rubs her feet. The guy comments that the body is lifeless but the soul is still yearning to live. She is still alive. His dad considers themselves as a medium to save this girl’s (meethi’s) life. The new guy wonders as to why people commit suicide. God has given one life to find something and not to end it like this. His dad suggests that she might not have committed suicide but something happened with her. God has given us a very big responsibility of saving her. We should take her home and will call the physician at home. They avoid going to a hospital as in case she has tried to commit suicide then they will have to complete many legal formalities. The guy picks Meethi and heads towards his tempo with his dad following him.

Damini, Rathore and Akash have come to file a missing report for Meethi Chatterjee. Inspector will put up all the information outside on the notice board as soon as he will receive it from the railway authorities. Identification will be done based on that only. You must wait outside till then. Rathore thanks him.

Akash looks at his and Meethi’s pic in his wallet. Alvida plays as past memories come flashing before his eyes. On the other side, the guy puts Meethi in his tempo while his dad drives them home. The guy moves Meethi’s hairs off her face and keeps looking at her. akash is lost /sad thinking about their past moments together. Meethi feels cold so that guy removes his jacket and covers her nicely.

Akash sits next to Damini and offers her tea but she looks away. rathore requests her to take it but she is in no mood. Constable comes to call Damini inside as she was in the same train. He wants to ask some questions from her. Akash is against it as she is anyways worried for Meethi. Look at her state of mind and you want to do an enquiry. Constable tells him it is his work and he is doing that only. Akash isn’t ready but Damini wants to help. Maybe we can find Meethi somehow. She goes inside with the constable.

Inspector asks Damini about her train journey and Meethi. Damini also tells him as to why she had gotten down at Nangla. Inspector doesn’t buy it. She tells him about Fida. He asks her why her granddaughter dint get down at Nangla too. He suspects Meethi to be the suicide bomber which shocks Damini. She boards from Nangla again and there is a bomb blast after 5 minutes. he is raising a doubt as such incidents are very rare. It might be that your daughter told you to get down in order saving your life. Damini declines. He asks her if she suspected anyone in her compartment or if she found something fishy. Damini recalls Fida’s husband’s protective behaviour towards his bag. She tells it to the inspector. Fida’s husband is shown in a new look…business like, clad in suit and tie. Meanwhile, Damini tells the inspector about his odd behaviour. I saw him briefly. He seemed to be a short tempered guy with not so right mentality. He is shown to be heading towards a bus. Damini shares his seat number with her. she doesn’t know his name. The guy is standing in queue for the bus as the police checks everyone one by one. He helps a female passenger standing before him and is about to board the bus when the constable stops him. he hands him his card which had fallen from his pocket. The guy takes it and smiles. He boards the bus as well. Damini is let off by the inspector but he tells her to tell him anything that she remembers about her train journey. Damini nods.

The guy settles down in his seat. He asks the lady about her daughter’s name. He smiles as he hears the name – Fida. It was a good name!

Doc checks Mukku. Everyone is anxious to know if everything is alright. Doc tells them that both Mukku and her baby are fine. But you must take care of her. She checks Vishnu next. His condition is stable as well. She takes their leave. Jogi goes to drop her till the main door. Nani and Divya leave too after telling Mukku to be careful. Mukku talks to Vishnu. what if something had happened today? she kisses him on his cheek.

A lady helps Damini who thanks her. She felt dizzy so that lady had helped her. Rathore and Akash are concerned for her but she is only concerned about Meethi. she ignores Akash completely. Rathore tries to make her understand that he has spoken to police. They will call us if they get any info. She declines leaving without Meethi. He reminds her that she is a heart patient. How will you be taken care of here in case you fall ill? She is only thinking about Meethi. who will think about her? who will take care of her if she comes back? She has no one besides me to call her own! Akash is hurt by her words. He puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her he will take care of Meethi. I am here for Meethi. I know it all happened because of me. it all happened because of a misunderstanding. Trust me I wont let anything happen to your daughter. I have lost her so I only will find her. But right now you must go home. Please listen to me. he takes her blessings and she finally relents. She leaves with Rathore while Akash stays back to find his Meethi.

Meethi is still in the tempo. Akash apologizes to Meethi mentally. I made a very big mistake because of which we have grown apart today. come back once. I will rectify all my mistakes. I want to tell you that I love you very much. I can forsake this whole world for you, what’s a baby before that. This Akash is incomplete without his Meethi. Please come back. I wont be able to live without you. Epi ends on both split screen with Akash and Meethi.

Precap: Meethi is still dizzy as she opens her eyes. She calls out for her Anni. The guy’s mother thinks that she called her Ammi (mom). Her husband corrects it for her yet she feels that Meethi is one of their own.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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