Paanch 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

THE Epsiode starts Rosh gets out from the Car in Burqa along with Gauri Enters in the hostel Watchman stops Rosh Gauri replies she is with her….After a minute Nikhil enters in the form of a Pizza deliver boy.Nikhil says lets go Gauri says one minute she tells if she go with them then Gauti will know everthng she says that work should be over within one Hour…Nikhil says Dont worry clip work will over Rosh says Gauti “s also Gauri says If they Wantedly leaked the clip then they will never get Neha”s clip..And they will be finished Rosh says that they wil never do that because there is diff between LADA”s and kATARIA.Gauti comes along with his frnd flirting…Someone calls GAUTI he turns its Rosh she raises piston against him Gauti is shocked And shots Then Rosh realises that it was her imagination Gauti Comes along with her new Galfrnd flirting He goes towards his room Rosh calls and inform Nikhil that Gauti iz coming…Nikhil beats Gauti from backside he Faints Nikhil tell Gauti new gf that if she tell anyone Rosh is here she would be killed like Nihal..She leaves..while Rosh tortures Gauti and says that He killed Neha di and should not be alive..Nikhil slaps him and asks where is the laptop otherwise it will be worst then what happened with yudi…

Gauti laughs and says that now Gauri And Rosh are in a same team..Rosh and Nikhil Searches laptop everwhere they found laptop in dart board Gauti laughs says that they can never crack the password and the girl already informed before police can come anytime…Gauri.takes nikhil and Rosh in a room were they try to hack passworf tries many times bur fails Nikhil sprays the keyboard Gauri asks what are you doing Nikhil says that with the with the help of chemical spray they can find the password tries but only two attempts are left otherwise the laptop will lock with the help of chemical spray they find sone letters “172GVN” Neena verma gauri mother middle name and 17 of feb 10 years before one the day Gauti”s father got married to Gauri mother And G stands for Gauri police comes in Caught Gauri Rosha and Nikhil jump from backside police asks Gauri where is Nikhil and Rosh…Nikhil asks Rosh to go away as he have to crack the password only 60 seconds are left Rosh leaves…Nikhil is arrested..Gauri stops the clip uploaded on the clip…Gauti”s girlfrnd comes and frees Gauti and Says that Nikhil is arrested He checks the internet and does not find the clip and get worried says that Nikhil has stopped Gauri”s clip…Rosh runs away in Dark And hides near a old building someone beats her and tie her hands and puts her in the class.

Rosh fainted The Man put her in coffin and Screws it..The policeofficer comes and shows the clip to judge in which she admitted that she was planning to kill Nihal…Judge says that Since Rosh is not Surrendering herself she is a criminal..She cannot be granted bail Nikhil asks permission and tries to call Rosh but the person cuts the call Rosh in Coffin tries to open and Somehow manages to Come out She frees herself..and Runs The Man comes and says She ran away…Gauri shows the clip of Neha”s death to Judge..Nikhil tells that Gauti Killed Nihal..Judge grants bail to Gauri till that Rosh enters says that Gauti tried to Kidnap her Judge grant her bail and says that Gauti is doing Crime one by one…Nikhil is happy

PRECAP:Gauri is Sitting with Zaara and Roy.. Zaara asks Where is Gauti…Gauri says He is on the Run….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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