Uttaran 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Hospital and Thakur Haveli
All are shocked to find meethi, collapsed on the ground. they ask her toopen the eyes, while damini gets water. As they spray water on her, meethi finally comes back to conscious. she says that she doesnt realise whats wrong, and adds that she doesnt want to be the cause of problems between vishnu and mukta. thakur and mukta ask her not to think like that. meethi says that she would go, while granny states that she already caused a disruption in the puja. she asks akash to go, while akash says that her presence cant create problems. Meanwhile, rathore is too happy to find movement in vishnu’s finger. While they are discussing, thakur gets rathore’s call. Rathore gives the good news to thakur, that vishnu’s condition is improving, and that he moved a finger too. Thakur is very happy. He is told that the doctor says that there’s much scope for improvement. All are super pleased. Mukta hurriedly takes the phone from him and is super pleased to hear this, while others are relieved too. Mukta says that she would come rightaway. Rathore agrees. muykta tells about this to meethi and hugs her. she tells this to everyone. Tapasya tells meethi that she apologises for what they said, and compliments her for her bravery and patience for having the capacity to bear and handle the situation. meethi smiles and asks akash to take her home. damini asks meethi to take care and call her if need be. they excuse themselves and leave. damini is tensed and eyes granny angrily. She tells granny that meethi’s presence didnt hamper the puja or vishnu’s condition. she asks granny to stop talking ill of meethi now. garnny remains silent, while damini walks off. All are tensed. granny says that meethi almost indirectly slapped her today.

In the hospital, mukta overjoyed hugs rathore. the doctor says that there’s definite improvment and vishnu might just come to senses and live a normal life. all are happy. Thakur says that he had told that meethi’s presence can only bring in happiness. mukta is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Yuvaan remembers Rathore’s indirect barbed statements, and meethi’s stern confrontation with him too. He says that mukta was coming closer but first meethi interrupted and then rathore. He gets mukta’s message sayingt hat she is very happy, and tells about mvishnu’s improvment and thanks him for all that he did. Her gets into a rage and wonders what he emans and hoeps that he doesnt come in conscious and blurts out everything. he thinks that he would have to do something.

Scene 3:
Location: Meethi’s residence and the hospital
Meanwhile, the doctor comes and checks on meethi, while all are tensed. Akash asks if there’s anything serious. the doctor sdays that its very serious. they are all tensed and scared too. Akash and his mother ask whats happened. the doctor relieves them and adds that meethi is pregnant. she is shocked, while the others are shocked too. The doctor asks them to take care of meethi and leaves. They are all superjoyous and akash is still in a daze. They hug each other, while the ladies are very happy too. He comes to meethi and takes her hand, overwhelmingly, kisses them. Akash’s aunmts leave in frustration. meethi smiles, while akash says that she has given him the biggest happiness, awaiting a princess. She is shy, while all congratulate her.

Thakur decides to call meethi and ask about her condition. Akash picks up but is unable to say anything. Akash gives the phone to meethi, She shyly takes it. He asks her how’s she, and if she’s okay. She hesitates, while they ask her to say things. she is unable to, and then akash’s mother tells him ther news that meethi is expecting. thakur is unable to believ and then is very happy. He asks her to repeat, while puitting the phone on speaker. Damini and others are very happy for her. damini talks to meethi but is unable to say anything, overwhlemed with emotions. Tapasya starts giving maternal advise and asks her not to take stress, as everything is okay. she asks meethi to rest, while promising that they all would come to visit her. Tapasya greets damini. granny is frustrated. Mukta is happy too. Akash’s mother leaves to make sweets for the celebration of the news. Akash gets intimate with meethi, congratulating her for her news.

While akash’s mother is working in the kitchen, the sisters come in and try to instigate her, while she tauns them too, saying that they dont seem too happy. Manjari says that their words maybe bitter, but the truth has to be told. akash’s mother asks her not to poison, as the happiness is coming after a long time. The aunts instigate akash’s mother dounting whether the child is of their family, indirectly hinting at meethi’s stay in the brothel. She is shocked, and set to thinking too. Akash’s mother terms it off as nonsense. unable to take it any longer, she slaps manjari, asks if she’s her enemy. manjarai says that had she been an enemy, she would not have borne the slap, and told the truth still. the other asks what would they answer to the society’s barbs. they leave, while akash’s mother is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
While all are happy for vishnus’ and overhwelmed mukta comes and sits by his bedside. She takes his hand and eyes him. Meanwhile, yuvaan comes and finds mukta’s hand in vishnu’s from the glass pane, and turns his face away in anger. rathore finds yuvaan, staring at the doorway, in anger, oblivious that rathore is watching him. he turns around to find rathore staring right at him, from the other end of the glass. He is scared and surprised. Rathore opens the glass door, and meets him, and asks him not to peep and evetease as those people do this, who have evil intentions. Yuvaan says that he neither has a home nor a familky. rathore says thats why he sondiers this as his family. He tells him that if not family, he has work and business which he should tend to, as if he doesnt, it would lead to losses. yuvaan is unperturbed and says that the world is coming of age, and the office is in the mobile, and can be updated anytime. he says that mukta gave him the good neews, and hence thought of meeting vishnu. rathorer sarcastically tells him that he must be happy, as he being almost family now, and vishnu’s condition is improving. He says that he is. Rathore says that its evident. yuvaan says that he doesnt seem too happy finding himself here. he excuses himself, and leaves. the screen freees on Rathore’s tensed face.

Precap: Rathore confirms on the phone,that a year back, there was neither any yuvaan nor any company by his name. When its confirmed, he says that yuvaan thinks that he is oversmart and hence it would be amusing to counter him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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