Tumhari Pakhi 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the houseowner lady asking Anuja to give Pakhi a nek. Anuja gives her necklace. Pakhi looks on. The lady leaves making an excuse. Anuja laughs and leaves. Pakhi says I understood this when I saw you scolding a mum being careless, I understood that you are hiding your past, else how could you understand my pain. She says don’t know how your children are bearing to be away from you. Lavanya says Naina got vaccine. Girish comes to her. Lavanya cries missing her mum. She says I did not think I m responsible for all this, I did not try to reach my mum being a daughter, I did not know her pain.

Girish says you did Anshuman’s upbringing as his mum. If your mum was here, she would have forgiven you and scolded us for being sad. Lavanya smiles. Pakhi is making tea. Deepika tells Deepika that Anuja has children. Deepika says children without marriage, so she hides. Pakhi says no, she is giving a life without her children, I feel she is running from relations. Deepika says you both are running from families, Anshuman loves you a lot, that’s why I was thinking why did he come for shoot, you should forgive him.

She says if Prateek makes a mistake and he apologizes, I will forgive him, ego is not good. Pakhi says its about self esteem. Deepika gets a call from Prateek and talks to him. She asks how much do you love me. Pakhi smiles. Prateek asks her to come back. Deepika says yes, I will come soon. Prateek gets angry and scolds her. Deepika says fine, I will do as you like. She gets upset. Pakhi gives her tea and says we should not interfere in Anuja’s life.

Anshuman is at the terrace and looks at the moon and thinks about Pakhi. Anuja comes there and drinks wine. Anshuman talks to her and says I also drunk a lot, it gives peace for sometime and then………. Pain does not become less. Anuja says yes, same here. She says I drink sometimes to forget everything. He tells Pakhi’s lines about the sky and moon. She looks at the sky and laughs. He says try it, it gives peace. She says no, I m fine, I don’t have any pain. Anshuman insists. They look at the sky.

He says I did very bad. He says I could not understand her heart, she gave me so much love that I could not handle it. He says I did much wrong. He asks her to judge him being a woman. He asks will she forgive me. She says if you hurt her heart, she will forgive, but if hurt her soul, then she will not forgive. She says if you regret truly, then you may be forgiven soon. She asks whats your name. Anshuman is about to tell the name but a waiter comes to call him for dinner. She says go and eat food.

He says yes, I have to eat to live. She asks will you have Prasad. She gives him and says I had a mannat for my son. She says I gave everyone, this might be for you. She says have it, I will feel my son had it, you are also like my son. Anshuman smiles and eats it. She asks is it good. He says I don’t remember when did I eat my mum’s food last time, but I know food made by mum can never be bad. She says I wish you get your wife and you never get hurt. He says I will also pray for your happiness, you don’t need wine ever. She smiles and leaves.

Anuja comes to the room. Pakhi says I kept your gold chain in your drawer. She asks about her family and says I will not ask if you don’t want to say. Anshuman comes home and tells everything to Ayaan. Ayaan says you became like Pakhi, loving and caring. Anshuman hugs him. He gets a call and Lavanya says Mr. Sardesia called and said he met our mum in Delhi. Anshuman gets happy and says tell me more. Lavanya says he will meet us tomorrow. Anshuman says how will I wait till morning, bye. Its morning, Anshuman meets Sardesia. He says I saw your mum and saw the pic in her purse. He says two girls were with her, she called one bahu and other daughter. He says thanks.

Lavanya and Anshuman thanks him. He leaves. Anshuman says we are very late, mum has a family. Lavanya says fine, if we could not give her love, she is getting from others. He says yes, you are right, I was selfish, I was thinking to meet her, apologize. Anshuman bumps into Tanya at the café. She comes with her boyfriend. She insults Anshuman and says he is Prachin Maan Singh. He came here for me, he does not live here, he has oil wells in middle east, the list is long. She says he is my fiancé, I m marrying. She smiles.

Prateek comes to meet Deepika and calls her characterless. Pakhi and Anuja are shocked. Pakhi tells Anuja that she feels to go back to Ayaan, did she never feel like this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. looks like new lingo – calling all women characterless !! ha.. creeps

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