Uttaran 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Meethi is holding the mike and calls out for Akash to join her. meanwhile, Rathore makes an entry too. Meethi wants to say something. They notice Rathore and greet him by shaking their heads and he reciprocates as well. Everyone else also notices him and is happy. She begins saying, Akash always used to say that love always wins but honestly I thought I would never be able to walk again. But he gave me strength. He stood by me in every step and helped me. love made a miracle again and won.

Vishnu comes and stands next to Mukku. He recalls her words that she would be happy with whatever he will bring for her with love. he apologizes to her. she smiles…a little happy, a little emotional. Meethi resumes talking. She thanks Akash with all her heart. Everyone is happy except a few people. She

thanks their families for joining them. akash takes the mike now. mukku goes to meet her dad excitedly. She notices that he looks lost and asks him about it. He shakes his head and in turn asks about her. I get stuck like always. He meets Vishnu too and then leaves to meet others. Mukku senses something.

Rathore is looking around for Ambika when Jogi comes to him. Right then, Akash announces Ambika’s performance which leaves everyone surprised. Maiyya is not happy. jogi indicates towards Ambika to Rathore as she starts approaching the stage. Rathore looks in her direction anxiously and is surprised as he looks at her face. Ambika takes the mike. This song is in the remembrance of someone who I have never seen or called as mom. She died as soon as she gave me birth. Rathore is shocked by this piece of news. She continues, dad says that mom always used to hum this song. Ambika starts humming the same tune (Heer) which shocks Rathore all the more. ambika looks sadly at Akash and Meethi happily dancing together. Rathore is in a trance like state. He recalls how Malvika used to sing the same song. Damini takes Vishnu and Mukku to the dance floor. Nani is irritated to see them together. Rathore looks content as he is lost in the flashbacks of Malvika. Rathore tells Jogi that he was right. All my questions have been answered. This is my daughter. He looks so emotional as he says it. Ambika steps down and looks sadly at Akash as she continues singing. Mukku notices this while Rathore keeps looking at Ambika with love. Ambika goes back on the stage and continues with the song. She forgets a few words and stops. Everyone looks at her. maiyya is irked at the hindrance caused by her. rathore tells the lyrics to Jogi. Meethi asks Ambika through gestures what happened but she sadly shakes her head. Jogi goes and tells the lyrics to Ambika. Everyone watches them surprised. Rathore exclaims, I found our daughter Malvika! Ambika thanks Jogi and goes back to the stage to sing. The couples resume dancing. Rathore tells Jogi that Malvika used to hum this song very much. Everyone claps for Ambika as the song comes to an end.

Akash excuses himself for a minute to welcome the board of members. Meethi hugs Ambika and appreciates her singing skills. Rathore notices Ambika approaching him and Jogi and turns the other way round. She asks Jogi how he knew the lyrics. Rathore turns to look at her and Jogi looks at him. He introduces her to Rathore, my SIL and Mukta’s husband. It was he who remembered the lyrics. She realises she must touch his feet and does so. Rathore stops her calling her daughter then alters that daughters don’t touch feet. He is not able to talk as he is undergoing so many emotions at once. He leaves from there excusing himself for a minute. She is confused at his behaviour. Jogi diverts the topic to Chaubey. She tells him he would have joined her while singing this song if he was here. He gets very emotional whenever he sings this song. He too goes to check on Rathore. She is still wondering / confused.

Rathore tells Jogi he never found himself to be as helpless as he feels today. that year when I was living all alone in some corner of the world…I had a ray of hope in my heart that mine and Tapasya’s daughter is alive somewhere in this world. There must be someone taking care of her and that she would be all right. But I dint knew about her. I dint knew that I and Malviya had a daughter…my elder daughter! Why did this happen with me? jogi asks him to control himself. Rathore is in tears. What do I do? How do I stop myself, the storm inside my heart? Why not to go tell her that I am her dad? Why not go and tell her that she is my daughter?

Jogi stops Rathore from taking a step like this. Don’t take a wrong step by thinking emotionally. Don’t forget that she still considers Dharamvir Chaubey her dad. She loves and respects him a lot. You might lose her instead of gaining her like this. You will have to wait for the right time. Be patient. Rathore understand his point. I have to wait. He leaves from there.

Akash introduces the board of directors to Meethi. they appreciate the values of their house. Ambika is watching them from far. She thinks, you haven’t realised the values yet. This drama will be done by my husband only, but where is he?

The board of directors approach the bar. Sankrant is there only. He introduces himself and greets them with the drinks. Meanwhile, Ambika mixes alcohol in one of the 2 glasses of cold drinks she has been holding. She looks at it and is happy. I have already changed your medicine, now this one peg is important for you. They say the addiction never goes if an alcoholic drinks it once. Sankrant excuses himself for a minute. Ambika comes to him. wont you take care of me? you don’t have time to have a soft drink with your wife? She gives him his glass which he drinks diligently. She watches him finish it off happily. he turns to go and feels dizzy. She checks on him if he is all right. He nods and leaves. She smirks thinking the honour of the party getting ruined will come onto you tonight. This is just the beginning.

Precap: Nani talks ill (to Mukku) about the saree which Vishnu has brought for her. he should have atleast thought about the respect / reputation of Thakur family. Vishnu listens this and is hurt. She walks off from there. Vishnu agrees with Nani. You (Mukku) should have worn that 17k dress. Sankrant is drunk and is holding Ambika’s hand a little forcefully as he wants to dance with her. she tries to move away from him while he holds onto the pallu of her saree which comes off a little. Everyone is shocked to see this. Akash slaps Sankrant.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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