Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with raj who spots avni and looking at her and smiling continuously, after sometime avni turns and sees raj, she remembers about raj fighting in the hotel, she thinks that what is he doing here, then she goes from there towards everyone where they are sitting, raj goes behind her avni goes and sits there, there raj is stopped by sis and sis comes and asks she was finding him since when, raj tells he was just roaming here and there, the owner comes and sis tells him to pack all sarees which she took, owner says ok, then sis also looks at avni as she looks there because raj was seeing her, then she looks at the saree avni is wearing and she tells that she wants that saree owner tells no as they have chosen it sis tells please and raj tells her to go and sit in

the car and he will bring the saree, sis goes, raj tells owner that he does not need that saree as they have already chosen it, owner says thank you and tells that good he understood that situation because even they are his old customers and they have taken the sarees because they are having marriage at home, raj tells whose, as there arpita is standing owner tells its that girls marriage who is standing, owner tells he will come and goes, raj turns to see whose marriage it is, there avni stands and makes arpita sit and when raj turns he sees avni and he gets sad and remembers his first meet and every time he met her coincidently, then the khandelwal family get up to go and raj then is going there they all go and raj goes at the stairs and stands there sadly whereas they all go, owner comes with sarees and he asks raj what happened, raj says nothing, sis comes and asks raj that why didn’t he still come as she was waiting, owner gives sarees and goes, raj tells sis that that girl is…..sis understands and asks that is she his…?…raj says yes and sis asks did he meet her, raj tells he got her but even lost her, raj tells that her marriage is going to happen, sis gets sad and they go home.

At home at night avni is reading novel and she finishes it and is crying, she tells herself that why does this always happen and why does the hero not get the heroine even after doing so much, devika calls her and asks what is she doing, avni is crying and devika asks why is she crying she tells that the hero did not get the heroine and tells her that in the novel the hero did so much but did not get the heroine, devika tells that she is stupid and cries for such small things, avni tells that if the relationships are to be broken then why does god make them, then avni tells devika that she wants to sit alone for sometime and cuts the call, she then looks at the bracelet of raj and smiles.

At rajs home in the room raj is looking at the 5o rs note and the payal and he says to himself that now what is the use of keeping those things if she cant be his, he tells that he will not keep those things as to keep it as remembrance, he puts in the drawer and sleeps. Next day jiju and sis are down and jiju is calling raj when sis tells that let him sleep as he has not slept whole night,, but raj comes down happily talking to the phone and is telling that he wants everything in the catering good and they are top caterers in jaipur and they have to give excellent service and even they will give one complimentary dish then he keeps phone and goes near dining table and eats kheer, sis tells jiju that he does not like kheer still he is eating, jiju tells that when love is broken then person can eat anything, jiju and sis go to him and then jiju takes him sit and tells that he will go and ask for his and that girls marriage at that girls family, raj gets up and makes jiju sit and tells him that he only told him that if a girl says no then he should not go behind her, jiju gets happy and hugs him.

At arpitas house the ceremony has started and everyone are happy, the catering, is jiju and raj are there and they are as caterers for the engagement, arpitas mom comes to jiju and jiju tells her that everything is ready and they will give excellent service to everyone, then jiju gives the sweet dish to taste and mom tastes it and gets happy and tells that its excellent and that’s why his catering business is top in jaipur. Then jiju asks where is the bride, she tells she is making halwa for her in laws as it is their ceremony to do this, then she goes as she is talking with someone else.

There in the kitchen arpita is trying to make halwa, servant tells her to stop as he will do it as she will not get to do, then arpita tells that she has to make by her own as it is for in laws and she tells servant to go and close door, servant goes outside and closes door raj comes with men to keep some desert in fridge, servant tells him that inside arpita mam is making halwa and told not to disturb, raj tells then where to keep this, servant tells that in another fridge, raj tells men to take it away and put it in another fridge all updates at desi tv Then they go raj then knocks the door and asks arpita that what is she doing, she tells she is making halwa and tells that it is not being made as some has stuck on the utensil, he tells her that he can give her tips to make the halwa, he tells her to take another fat utensil and the he tells her how to make the halwa from outside and she makes as he tells and the halwa is made, then he tells her how to serve and tells her to take gold bowl, she does as he tells her, then after the serving it looks beautiful and is tasty, he tells her that can they be friends as he helped her, she tells yes and she then thanks him, he tells that now that they are friends then he will not take thanks, she tells ok and laughs, then he tells her thanks and tells that her halwa will be liked by everyone and he goes, arpita goes and opens the door and looks at raj who is going and tells that he is such a good man and tells that it would be good if her avni would get such a boy.

There raj goes out and is telling all the men to serve good and no complaints from anyone, jiju comes and tells raj that he has some other work so he is going and he tells raj to manage, jiju goes, raj tells the people that he wants no complaints and their name should not go down, arpitas mom comes and tells that this is why they are top in their service and she goes as raj tells her thanks.

The khandelwal family also come and they are welcomed with good music, then arpita and her mom go and welcome them, bhavna and avni tell that the decoration is very nice and avni tells especially the big cloth dupattas, avni then asks savri that isn’t it good, savri tells that the decoration is ok and at her engagement they had put more than 30 dupattas, bhavna tells that they had got 1 month time but this family got only 1day time, then they sit, arpita brings the halwa and she gives to everyone but buah says no as she is diet and arpita asks that its ok and asks that does she want cold drink, buah says she has neck pain, arpita then asks for tomato soup, then bhavna says ok and tells savri will eat it, arpita is going to bring when avni tells she will bring and avni goes to bring, there raj who is near the stall for food is preparing and managing everything, avni is behind and suddenly meets someone and arpita also comes and avni and arpita are talking with someone, when a woman comes and tells that the bride is here and everyone is waiting there, raj turns to see and sees avni there smiling and talking, he thinks she is the bride.

Precap: at the engagement arpita comes and sits as she is the bride, raj looks there and he sees that arpita is the bride and he sees avni standing aside, he gets happy as avni is not the bride.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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  1. So far so good keep it up I like avni an raj there make a good couple

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