Uttaran 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Maiyya saying my grandson will be born and raised here in front of me. You have my family’s lineage in you. It isn’t some bad blood. I welcome you along with my grandson in this house. She tells Malvika to get Sankrant’s room ready as this younger DIL will stay there only. Malvika nods. Ambika seeks Maiyya’s blessings. Malvika takes Ambika upstairs with her. Akash walks away from there in a huff.

Maiyya turns to Meethi. Hope no one has any problem or wants to ask me anything. This is my house too now. Meethi nods. This house is yours too. Don’t worry about Akash. I will make him understand.

In his room, Akash is upset with Maiyya for taking this decision in haste. She will regret it. he gets a call from Vishnu. Vishnu wants to meet Akash asap. Akash finds something wrong. Vishnu calls him to meet him somewhere asap. Don’t tell anything to Meethi or anyone else. Akash agrees but wonders what it could be.

Malvika is happy for Ambika. They don’t want anyone to doubt on them over their relation. That Meethi will certainly act as a spy. Malvika laughs. Anyone can do anything but no one will throw you out of this house now. ambika wants to seek revenge from this family for sending her to jail. Malvika too is angry with maiyya for insulting her all the time by giving money. She thinks I am some beggar. Ambika says they will pay for their every insult. Malvika turns to go. don’t know who will be keeping an eye on me. ambika thinks of Rani. Will Maiyya allow her to become the daughter of this house? Will Meethi adopt her? malvika assures her that there is nothing to worry. You have come here. Maiyya has got her ace card – her heir. Even if Meethi adopts her then it wont matter. Ambika denies. It would mean that she will have a right over this house I wont let anyone snatch my baby’s rights. This house will only have one heir – my baby!

Akash meets Vishnu who tells him about Ratna Bai’s men coming to their house. They looked really dangerous. They want Rani. If we don’t agree to what they say then it can be dangerous. Akash wonders who they are, what they want. Vishnu tells him about their warning.

Nani tells Mukta not to take things lightly. You will hand over your son for that girl? stop thinking about others. Think about your own son. mukku cannot sacrifice an innocent for her son. nani tells her to think about it. rani is not even Meethi’s daughter that you cannot hand her over to those goons. Look at Manav! You have kept him inside you for nine whole months. Is his life nothing for you? A teary eyed Mukku hugs her son. I am as much worried about Rani as I am for Manav. Vishnu will surely find some way out. Nani doesn’t believe him. he is not a God. What’s our relation with that Rani? She will go back to the same surroundings from where she has come. End of the story! Mukku tells her to stop talking like that about a girl. she thinks of Chameli. I wont be able to do it. nani suggests her to be ready then. Goons will come and take your Manav. What’s the logic in shedding your own blood for someone else? Till when will you be able to save Rani from those men? They will find her one day. What if something happens to Manav before that? This is quite similar to what Iccha did. She fought with Avinash Chatterjee for Kanav forsaking Yuvi. But she dint get anything because of it. kanha got saved but Yuvi never forgave his mother. What if your son questions you about it when he grows up?

Vishnu is in a dilemma. How can I tell them about Rani when we all know that Meethi has accepted her as her own daughter! How can we give Rani to them? Akash says we wont do that for sure. Rani is not an orphan anymore. We have decided to adopt her. Vishnu is happy for them. we must think of a way so that neither of the kids get hurt. These goons are very powerful. Akash decides to go to police. Vishnu is scared of the goons’ scare but Akash makes him understand. Vishnu reluctantly agrees.

Ambika is happy to be back in the house. She is as usual irked with Sankrant. I cannot tolerate that fool around me anymore. Malvika is waiting for the baby to be born. Then we will show everyone who we really are. Meethi tries to call Akash but his number is not reachable. She hears someone’s voice. Malvika advises Ambika to be patient. We will get everything but on the right time. Ambika nods. Meethi thinks who it can be in the guest house. She knocks at the door. who is inside? Please open the door. ambika opens the door. Malvika hides behind the door.

meethi apologizes saying I had no idea you were here. I heard some noises so got curious. What are you doing here? You should be in your own room. Ambika comes out of the room. I thought to stay in this room till everyone in the house accepts me. meethi had heard her talking to someone. Ambika lies that she has got used to talking to herself. I know you haven’t forgiven me yet. You aren’t happy with me staying here? Meethi tells her to think about herself. Don’t think about my happiness. Ambika remarks that she has changed. I want my baby to be like you. I want my baby to learn it from you how to be a good human being. Meethi replies the baby is Sankrant’s so it will get all the love. Ambika asks her if she will not get any love. meethi feels she wont leave her without listening to the truth. I still don’t think you have changed. You are still the same Ambika. It might be true that you are pregnant but I feel you are using it for another drama of yours. you are playing with Maiyya’s emotions. Ambika folds her hands nervously all along. For your info, don’t even think about harming anyone in this house till I and Akash are here, not even in your dreams. One more thing, becoming a mother is a very beautiful experience. God has given you another chance. If possible, change! You are lucky to have a husband like Sankrant who loves you a lot. Don’t break his heart again as he will breakdown completely. I wont tolerate it at all. Remember this! Saying so, she leaves from there. Ambika likes it that her enemy is good enough to fight with. It will be interesting!

Inspector suggests deploying 2 constables outside Vishnu’s house. Vishnu says the number of goons is higher. How will they protect us in that case? Akash explains that they have been warned against seeking help from police. We will have to be very careful in catching them. inspector says their complaint has been registered. They are criminals so they keep going to and coming out of jail. No one will mess with police. Akash says Vishnu’s son will be kidnapped in that case. Inspector assures them that they wont let anything happen to anybody. He gives order to two of his constables and then excuses himself. Akash assures Vishnu that everything will be fine.

Meethi is waiting for Akash. Rani notices her worried and asks her about it. meethi says I cannot get in touch with Akash. Mukta and Nani come to Meethi’s house. Rani hugs her driver didi. Why did you come here after so many days? Mukku gets a little emotional. Nani is irked seeing them together. Look at the fates of some people. This bad blood girl is here in this big house while my Manav is stuck in that chawl. Mukku looks at Rani. She recalls the threat by the goons and Nani’s words. Meethi finds her lost in some thoughts. Is everything alright? Nani declines. she asks Mukku to speak up. Mukku takes Meethi a little aside while Rani goes to play with Manav. Maybe it is time to return Rani to those guys only from whom Chameli was trying to save her. we will have to send Rani to the brother. Meethi is stunned by her words.

Precap: The goons snatch Manav. They even beat Mukta and Vishnu as they try to save Manav. Rani had heard everything. She tells her Gori Didi to take her to Ratna Bai’s place. I will kill them all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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