Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi sends the torn pages pic to the doctor n then gives her a call, doctor says this torn articles indicate a year 2006 n i think u shd meet me n then we shall discuss further, laxmi agrees. Vimla comes n asks laxmi did she get any clue, laxmi asks vimla did something serious took place in 2006, vimla says serious i don’t remember but that was the year when dolly n nisha went to a sport event together.
Umesh n ramesh decide to make ritesh realise abt his liking towards kirti n for that ramesh n umesh go to a restaurant n act as if umesh is taking quiz for ramesh, ritesh comes there n says hi umesh n papa good to see u here, ramesh gives him a weird look for saying papa, ritesh says nisha has now agreed for wedding n so papa is ok i think, ramesh says thats ok but for now say uncle n let me concentrate on quiz, ritesh says he would like to take this quiz for nisha, umesh says ritesh u can but ramesh will decide whether the answers are right, umesh starts his quiz n his questions n ritesh answers are as follows which are all wrong:
U=umesh, r=ramesh, ri=ritesh
U=nisha favourite colour?
U=favourite season?
Ri= spring
U=favourite cuisine?
Ri=pasta with cheese.
U=favourite animal?
Ramesh says so ritesh all ur answers are wrong but there is a persons picture that comes to my mind when i think of these answers, name starts with k, ritesh says its kirti i know these are all her favourite things i know her very well so well.ramesh looks at umesh n smiles.
Laxmi gives dolly a call n asks her wat happened during the 2006 sports event, dolly says i was busy with boys but nisha fought with some boys n then the principle now who was sports teacher then took nisha to a side n spook to her something.laxmi says to herself principle mam so u new wat happened why didn’t u tell me.
Ashish says to jwala look i have called ur sir n he will take ur retest but don’t tell abt this to anyone just n i will pick u for it n when u score good show it to ur mom. Nisha sees jwala talking to ashish n when he leaves nisha asks jwala wat was he saying, jwala says chill nisha don’t take tension just abt studies, beore nisha could ask something else laxmi comes n takes nisha to her room n asks her wat had happened during the 2006 sports event, nisha gets tensed n shocked when she hears laxmi asking abt it. Jwala gets a call from ashish , ashish asks her to slowly escape from house n meet at the corner n he shall take her to retest n later tell roopan abt it. Nisha scolds laxmi n says this isn’t any important now , i have to look after something more important n goes out in search of jwala where as jwala runs away from home n says to herself if i tell anyone they will scold as they had scolded suku for leaking papers.
Laxmi rushes to principles office n forces her to tell the truth, principles says she knows nothing, laxmi reminds her that she was the sports teacher then n had been there along with nisha n if the principle doesn’t coordinate laxmi says she will complain the higher authorities who are in school for inspection n then laxmi pleads to share the truth .
Jwala n ashish going in an auto, jwala says this isn’t my school road, ashish says this is theres a turn in further n then comes school, jwala updates a status , ashish says this generation of urs n then says oh jwala ur sir needs 15 min more till then i shall do some work of mine is it ok, jwala says yes its fine, nisha sees jwalas location status n follows it to find jwala.
Even after pleading,the principle denise coordination, laxmi looses her temper n says she will now approach police, after this principle agrees n asks to bring nishas file, laxmi goes through nishas file.

Ashish holds jwala tightly n drags her along with him, nisha all tensed screams for jwala loudly searching her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I think nishas teacher probably misbehaved with her which is why she is so worried about jwala

  2. teachers like ashish spoil the image n respect of a real teacher!
    Hope nisha handles everything n d cousins teaches a gud lesson to him!

  3. Update sooooon plz

  4. update 2day’s episode quikly

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