Uttaran 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 19th August 2013 Written Update

Akash confidently says, this card is not of Meethi’s choice. Tapu remembers how Meethi told Mukta to choose, but she still says, this is Meethi’s choice. People make mistake once, not again and again. She asks him to return the card and says, you will also get one. Akash returns it.

Rathore takes Tapu on a side and asks why she had to lie just to hurt him? Tapu says, no, just to make him feel. What’s wrong if I gave him little pain? It’s nothing in front of what he gave to Meethi. Tapu leaves. Rathore says to himself, why did I give you this right? Right of hurting.

Akash is crossing out a date on the calendar. Surabhi says, only few days to go for the marriage, but I am sure, in end, your love will win. Akash smiles and says, yours too. Kanha bhaiya has calmed down since he

found out that he’s going to become father. It’s just he is not able to show his happiness to anyone. And if Anni is on your side, then you don’t suffer for long. Surabhi asks him if she should talk to Damini about him as well, but Akash says no. He tells her to rest and he will get to work. He says, I want Meethi to eat food made by me for the remaining days, so she gets used to it. If I leave, then she will cry a lot. Both Surabhi and Akash get emotional and hug each other. Akash wipes his tears and tries to be strong.

Mukta is crying in her room. Rathore comes there. She wipes her tears and tries to give excuses, but Rathore catches it. Mukta hugs him. Rathore says, no one is happy, but still this drama is continuing just so Meethi can get separated from Akash. Mukta says, everyone is happy. Vishnu loves Meethi a lot, and maybe Meethi as well. Rathore says, your magician can read everyone’s face. The problem is your mother and Meethi are being stubborn, and that is why this drama is continuing. Mukta says, it’s possible, but maybe this way Meethi might find new life and will stay happy. Rathore says, when a tear falls from your eye, I feel its pain. Mukta promises that she won’t cry. Both hug. Rathore says, everything will be fine, my little princess.

Meethi is doing her hair. Akash comes there. He sees her and remembers a flashback where he was helping Meethi in doing her hair. Meethi notices him and asks, why did you come here? Akash doesn’t say anything as he’s lost in their beautiful memories. Meethi finally gets his attention and asks again. Akash says, your wedding card is here. Meethi turns her face. Akash continues, first card goes to God.. so Rathore sahab and Vishnu are calling you. Meethi says, I will be there. Akash says, everyone is waiting. Meethi says, I said I will be there. Akash is leaving, but then stops, and tells Meethi that he can help her in doing her hair as he’s an expert. He asks her if she remembers. Meethi too remembers that moment and gets emotional. She wipes her tears and turns to Akash and says, I don’t remember, and I don’t want to remember anything. Now you may leave.. please. She turns her face again. Akash says, cards will be distributed to your relatives very soon. There’s still time to stop your drama because we both know that from heart, you can’t become anyone else’s. And as long as I am live, there is no chance. He leaves.

Kanha sees Meethi crying. He thinks of going to her, but then decides against it.

Kanha now comes to Surabhi and says that he wants to talk to her. Surabhi gets very happy hearing his voice. Kanha says, there is no need to be very happy. I want to make a deal with you. If you do what I tell, then I will accept you. Surabhi says, if you ask me to give away my life, then I will do that too for you. Kanha says, I want you to go to Akash and asks him to leave from here. Because of him, it has become difficult for Meethi to live. If he leaves from here, then I will accept you. Surabhi says, I am ready to do anything, but please don’t ask me to do this. I know Akash loves Meethi a lot. You can imagine what he must be going through seeing his wife getting married to someone else in front of him. Once Meethi gets married, he will leave anyways. Please don’t feel bad, but my heart says, Meethi and Akash can’t live without each other. Kanha says, it’s better if you two don’t talk about living and dying for each other. I know why he came here. So he can take Meethi back to Aatishgadh and abuse her more. This is his mission, and yours as well.. that is why you returned here. But remember, as long as Meethi’s brother is alive, Akash won’t be able to take Meethi to Aatishgadh. He leaves. Surabhi cries.

At a temple, Rathore stops at the entrance. He tells Meethi, I don’t get along with him (God). But Tapasya told me to come here with you so I came. And as I came here, I will tell you what she told you to do. He gives her the wedding card and says, she asked you to put this card in front of that statue of rock or whatever you call it, and take blessings. While you’re doing that, I will stay here outside and enjoy the weather. I will also see whether this statue can see what’s right and wrong which is clear to me. Meethi takes the card and goes in.

Rathore looks at the Gods’ idols and says, don’t be misunderstood. I didn’t come here to ask you for anything. I just came to know the truth. People, who believe in you, won’t lie in front of you.

Meethi joins Damini, Vishnu, Akash, Mukta. Dadmini tells the priest that Meethi is going to get married with Vishnu. The priest goes forward to do tilak to Akash, but Damini stops and says, Meethi is going to get married to him (Vishnu). The priest apologizes and says, by mistake my hand went to him (Akash). Damini asks Akash, why don’t you stand back? Akash steps back. The priest does tilak to Vishnu, and asks Vishnu and Meethi to put their wedding card in front of the idol. When they are doing that, the card falls down from their hands. The priest says, this is not a good message from the God. The card flies away. Meethi goes to get it. Rathore picks it up and smiles. He says in his mind, today even ‘Mr. Parmeshwar’ is on the right side. This is clear, Meethi and Vishnu are not made for each other.

Rathore reads the card and asks Meethi if she knows what’s ‘atoot’, something that can’t be broken. He asks when that’s going to happen, why there is no smile on your face. Meethi says, sorry.. card got slipped from my hand. Rathore says, Mukta calls me a magician and I read faces and eyes. Meethi stares at him for a moment. Rathore returns the card and leaves from there.

Meethi joins Dadmini and family again. Damini tells the priest, I don’t believe in good luck and bad luck, but still if there is any way to correct this mistake, then let them know. The priest tells them to apologize God and put it in front of them. Meethi says in her mind, nothing is hidden from you. You know everything that we don’t want to marry each other, so now show us some way. Vishnu too asks the God to show them a way. Mukta asks the God to help in forgetting her love for Vishnu. Finally Akash asks, why all this is happening? You know we love each other a lot. Show us some way.

Precap: A guy brings wounded Nirbhay to Maiyya.

Update Credit to: DTB

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