Amita Ka Amit 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 19th August 2013 Written Update

Amit gets more and more jealous:

Episode begins with Ammu and Amit on the call. Ammu informs Amit that it’s Siddhant who is going to become Kanaiya. She praises him a lot saying best dancer and what not, and herself is very nervous to perform with him. Amit is on the other hand getting jealous. Ammu asks Amit to join her so she has moral support and can dance well, but Amit refuses saying he has an important meeting. Ammu gets disappoint.

An employee enters Amit’s cabin without knocking, and Amit takes his frustration out at him. The employee gives a bag to Amit saying Ammu sent it. Amit opens it and it’s his lunch box. There is note with it which says “Bhulkkad (someone who forgets a lot), if you like the food, then smile a little”. Amit then opens the lunchbox,

and sees a sandwich with a smile face on it. He smiles looking at it. He changes his decision now and tells the employee to cancel the meeting. The employee asks which client he’s going to. Amit answers that he’s going to his wife to give her moral support.

Ammu and Siddhant are having a good time in an open area. Amit arrives there and notices both laughing a lot. Ammu gets quiet seeing Amit. She asks him about his meeting, but Amit just says it got cancelled instead he cancelled it. Amit asks them to share that joke with him as well as he couldn’t hear. Ammu, Siddhant, and others start laughing again. Amit feels bad and says them to continue laughing and he will leave. Siddhant tells him to stay and then starts screaming practice with Ammu. Ammu screams louder and louder. Amit finds it strange. Siddhant says that practice is to get fear out from inside. Siddhant and Ammu ask Amit to try as well. Amit tries, but his scream was not like a scream at all. Ammu tells him to imagine that team India won a worldcup and he’s very happy. Again, Amit’s scream is not like a scream. Ammu says that it looks like if India got all out instead winning the worldcup from his scream. Siddhant now screams and Ammu is impressed. Amit again says that he will leave, but Siddhant asks him to have coffee with them. When Ammu requests him a lot, he stays.

Siddhant is playing/shaking the coffee container, and Ammu is impressed once again. They sit down to talk now. Siddhant asks Amit why he doesn’t give a break to his glasses and wear contact lenses. Before Amit answers, Ammu interrupts and says she also says him same thing, but he doesn’t listen. Siddhant then says it would be difficult to swim with lens. Again Ammu interrupts and says he doesn’t swim. He asks Amit if he does as she never saw him. Amit says no. Siddhant says he also does sometimes. Amit asks sometimes? Siddhant answers whenever he is in water. Everyone laughs. Ammu now says he doesn’t play outdoor games either. Siddhant says he should play it and in fact he was thinking to take Amit for a volleyball match. Ammu gets surprised knowing Siddhant plays volleyball too. One guy says Siddhant is a champion in volleyball. Ammu is impressed and says that Siddhant is an all rounder.

Amit is recalling recent events in car. He enters a glass shop and asks for contact lenses. The shop guy says why lenses? Because Amit previously had bought it and returned it in 2 hours as he had some problem. Amit still gets it.

At home, Amit puts the contact lenses and joins everyone for dinner. His mother asks why he put the lenses when he has pain in the eyes because of it. Amit says he is comfortable, but when he takes the daal, instead of dropping it in his bowl, he drops outside. Ammu decides to stay quiet as everyone is there.

In their room, Ammu asks him if he’s still having pain. Amit says no. Ammu says that she was going to say outside that.. Amit interrupts, ‘that why did I wear contact lenses, right? I felt like it so I wore them. What’s the big deal?’. Ammu says, ‘no, I was going to say that contact lenses are suiting you alot, but your eyes shouldn’t get red’. Amit says that his eyes are burning a little. Ammu suggests him to take them off then. Amit is taking them off. Ammu offers him for the help. Amit happy says yes. While she’s doing that, they have an eyelock. Ammu then can’t see lenses and feels they went inside. It’s too late now and no one has knowledge of lenses in their home. Ammu thinks of calling Siddhant as he also wears it, but Amit says no saying he has to sleep only, in morning he will go to the shop. They sleep.

In middle of the night, Amit wakes up as he’s having lot of pain. He asks Ammu to call Siddhant.

In the morning, Amit is dropping Ammu. He decides to go in to thank Siddhant for helping last night. Siddhant is teaching the girls how to do the pushups. Ammu is impressed seeing his body and tells Amit that if she was skinnier, then she would be fit like Siddhant too. Amit thanks Siddhant. Siddhant’s assistant asks what happened to his eyes. Siddhant says, ‘yesterday he drank coffee without taking out the spoon’. Ammu laughs at his humor. Amit then thanks again and says he will leave. Ammu asks him to stay to see “his Radha’s” practice, but Amit refuses saying he’s not in the mood for that. Ammu is surprised with his behavior.

Precap: Batuk explains Amit that everyone can’t be same when Amit tells him that Ammu doesn’t like guys like him, she likes guys like Sooraj, one of their friends.

Update Credit to: Priyanka

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