Uttaran 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th April 2014 Written Update

Meethi keeps the gifts on her bed and sits down too. Akash too quietly sits down beside her. She is crying as she got hurt by Nani’s words. Can I ever think ill of Mukta? No, right! Its ok that she insulted me but why did she insult Anni? Why all these superstitions of doing this and not doing that? Even all this is fine but the thing that I am jealous of Mukta as I am not a mom yet which is why I want to hurt her? How can she say all this? You tell me what should I do that Nani’s misunderstandings go away? He reasons that everyone knows how Nani is. Only remember that we had gone there for Mukta, not Nani. You have lived with her for years so you know her better. We cannot change her outlook at this age. It is better not to feel bad about what she says. But yes, Nani was right about one thing. He moves closer to her. Don’t know why I am feeling that we too should have a little princess at our home. She feels shy and he is happy to have proved his point. I have an idea what we can do with the gifts. There is a small township near to our school. Distribute all these gifts there. They will feel good and bless Mukta and you too will feel at peace. They both talk sweetly to each other.

Mukta tells Vishnu about how Nani insulted Meetho today because of the gifts she had brought. If it was someone else then I would have surely given him / her a piece of my mind. He says what’s done is done. You must not worry about anything but should think good, feel good. Don’t worry about all these things. She asks him about where he was. Nani comes there on the terrace looking for Mukku but stops as she notices Vishnu. She decides to go back inside as Vishnu might speak ill to her again but he stops her. This time he talks sweetly to her. You were going away as Mukta is upset with you, right? I know your words hurt but somewhere they are true too. You have raised pointers at my status many a times but then I thought about what you want from me. You only want that I should keep Mukta happy. See she is upset with you for some reason when she should actually be happy in pregnancy. Now you only go and make her happy. Nani is confused. Mukku doesn’t want to talk to her but Nani calmly says that I make mistakes at times as I belong to the older times. I follow the older traditions. Please forgive me. Mukki tells her not to do so as she is elder to her. But you must also understand that Meethi is my sister. She too is a part of our family you shouldn’t have talked to her like that. Nani accepts her mistake. I will take care of it in future. Mukku smiles at her finally.

Akash notices some laborers sitting outside his office and is told that they are looking for some work. HIs employee has already spoken to them about it that there is no work for them as of now but they aren’t ready to go. They keep on saying that it would have been easier to get a job here if Baldev ji and Veer ji were here. They belong to the same town from where Baldev ji was. Akash immediately goes to talk to them. The laborers tell him that they were working with Yuvaan constructions. A laborer got injured while working on the site. In spite of getting compensation we all lost out jobs. One person who was fighting for us lost his job too. Akash takes Vishnu’s name. They say that he was the one. He too lost his job because of us. Akash is surprised to know that Vishnu lost his job and dint tell anyone about it. He tells his employees to hire all of them. I will check the rest of the details later. The laborers thank him heartily.

Meethi distributes those gifts in the township near her school. She hears someone’s voice and realises that it is coming from room number 12. She tries knocking at the door but it is locked. She peeks in from the window and is shocked to see a lady all tied up. Meethi is shocked to see her thus. She calls out for people to help her. Some people come but are not in a mood to help her as the people are dangerous. She is sure she can do it by herself and tries breaking the door. The people around give her a brick and she breaks open the door. She frees the lady and asks her what happened with her. Let us go to the police station. The lady in turn runs of from there. Meethi and those people who helped her run after her too. She keeps on asking that lady to stop but in vain. That lady takes a bus and is gone. Meethi decides to inform police about it but those people don’t want to involve themselves in all this. Meethi decides to do something on her. The one who tries never loses!

Akash comes to meet Vishnu at Thakur House. He seeks Damini’s blessings. She is happy to see him here after all what Nani said to him and Meethi. He cannot break a relation because of a few bad things. Damini goes to call Vishnu as Akash wants to meet him. Akash talks straight forwardly to Vishnu. He talks to Vishnu about his job. Some workers came to me from Yuvaan Enterprises. I got to know that you have lost your job. Join me now. Vishnu agrees he lost his job. Thank you for thinking about me but I don’t like taking favors. Akash calls him an asset for that anyone as he is too good at his work. Vishnu stays put. A favor is a favor. Even bade papa had given me an option to join his company but I feel suffocated that ways. Akash tells him to take his time. You can even talk to Mukta about it. Vishnu feels dizzy again and Akash can see it on his face. He gets concerned for Vishnu. Are you all right? What happened to you? I am getting worried. Is everything all right? Vishnu charges at him much to Akash’s surprise. How can everything be all right? Everything that has gone wrong with Meethi has happened because of you. You stole my identity to come in Meethi’s life. You have lived my life by using my name. Akash has already apologized for his past mistakes but Vishnu continues lashing out at him. You lied to Meethi and married her. When it came to saving her you just disappeared. I got hit by a bullet. I don’t know where I am struck because of you, your family and that Ambika! Akash is confused. What has happened to you? You knew everything which was why you supported me. Vishnu says he had to support him as whatever wrong has happened in Meethi’s life has Happened because of you and your mom’s revenge. Akash cannot understand why he is talking about all this now. Nani comes to see what’s happening. Akash has done penitence for all the mistakes done by his mom. Vishnu yet again talks about Meethi’s plight. She was about to get hanged not you. She is the daughter of teacher didi. Vishnu is having those sensations again and pushes Akash lightly. Maybe you forgot that she was my wife before you. Akash gets infuriated but Vishnu does not stop. Will you hurt or shoot me? Go ahead if you want to. There will be guns at your home but I will continue speaking against you. You took advantage of our goodness. You have ruined teacher didi’s daughter’s life by marrying her. Akash pushes him angrily and Vishnu lands on the floor.

Precap: Mukta has come to meet Yuvi. She is concerned for him. How did this happen? It was good that Vishnu saw you in the hospital and told me about it. Yuvi lies that he fell from the stairs. Akash apologises to Vishnu for pushing him like that. I should have controlled myself. Vishnu seems to have forgotten all about it.

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