Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked to know that Ishita can be pregnant. Mrs. Bhalla says but she is……… Ishita says its not possible as actually I can never conceive. The doctor says sometimes there can be miracles, a woman was childless for 15 years and she became a mum. Mrs. Bhalla is happy and hugs the doctor. She lifts Simmi. The doctor asks Ishita to do the test. Ishita thinks what to explain them, Raman and I don’t have any relation. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla this can’t happen. Mrs.Bhalla says for me hope is a big thing. She asks Romi to bring sweets. She hugs him. Raman gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla is very happy. She asks Raman why is he sad. Raman comes to Ishita.

He scolds her and asks why did you tell this nonsense, you know you cant become a mum, why did you give them hope Ishita says the doctor told about miracles. He says we don’t have any relation between us, then how can this be. When they know the truth, think what will they go through. She says I did not lie to them. He says you can’t be pregnant, you know the truth. She says what could I tell them, our marriage is a compromise for Ruhi, that we sleep apart. Raman says they will be hurt tomorrow. I m going to tell them. She stop him and says I m not interested in you, they will know it tomorrow as I will show them my test results

Ishita talks to Raman and Parmeet hears them talking. Ishita says they will be disappointed that I m not pregnant but they will be hurt knowing we don’t have any relation between us. Simmi takes sweets for Raman and Ishita. Raman makes her eat. Simmi makes Ishita eat. Parmeet thinks about Ishita and her words. He laughs and says its great, Ishita got a lovely family and Raman does not love her. He says Ishita, you are my queen, her husband does not love her, but she needs love and support, I will give her love. He smiles and says Ishita look at me, your hero is here.

Appa comes to Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla welcomes him and asks to bring sweets for him. Mrs. Bhalla wishes him happy baisakhi. Appa says Amma will come now to greet you. Appa comes to discuss evening function and they should keep a party. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to call a DJ. He asks about his re exams. Romi says I m going to study. He leaves. Pammi comes and wishes Mrs. Bhalla hugging her. Pammi talks to Appa and says I want to thank Ishita for Pooja’s delivery, she is great and an example for everyone. She praises Ishita.

Everyone are happy. Pammi says its a surprise for Ishita. Amma comes and hears this smiling. Amma says Ishita will be very happy. Pammi leaves. Amma wishes Mrs. Bhalla happy baisakhi. Amma brings neem chutney. Mrs. Bhalla tastes it and does not like it. Amma asks about Ishita. Simmi says she is not well. Amma brings gifts for Raman and Ishita. Raman greets Amma. Amma wishes them happy new year. Amma asks Ishita about her health. Ishita says I m having vomitings. amma says you have indigestion. Amma gifts Raman as its our new year custom. Raman thyanks her.

Ruhi comes and shows her dress. Amma tells them about evening party. Ruhi hugs Amma. Ishita laughs. Everyone meet in the party. Parmeet looks for Ishita. Mr. Bhalla introduces him to the society people. Parmeet thinks where is Ishita. Raman comes with Mihir. Mihir says it looks everyone are here. Raman says but where is Ishita. Raman asks Ruhi where is Ishita. Ruhi says she will come, she is getting ready. Ruhi goes with Shravan. Parmeet thinks Ishita is getting ready and Raman is here, I will go and make Ishita feel good.

Trisha comes in the party. Amma shows her to Vandu. Trisha compliments Mihir. Raman asks Mihir to spend some time with Trisha. Amma tells Vandu that she feels bad for Mihika, she tried to make Trisha leave home, but she does not go. Vandu says its over now, Mihir and Mihika’s relation is over now. Trisha greets Mrs. Bhalla and takes her blessings. Amma and Vandu looks on. Mrs. Bhalla praises Trisha. Amma says I will show them. Amma calls Mihika and asks her to go home, get ready well in a saree and come. Mihika says no. Amma says its our new year, get dressed well and come soon. Vandu smiles.

Mihika comes dressed in a saree. Amma and Vandu smile seeing her. Amma says Mihika, beautiful. Amma says you are the most pretty in this hall. Mihir looks at Mihika. Trisha says Mihika is looking pretty today. Trisha asks is she competing with me. Mihir says you are overthinking. She says she still loves you. Mihir leaves. Trisha compliments Mihika. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla see Mihika. Amma calls Simmi and says look at Mihika, Madrasi girls are classic beauty, no one is good infront of her, Ishita, Vandita, Mihika all pure beauties. Ishita is getting ready. Parmeet comes home and says Ishita ji I have come to please your heart. He opens the door partly and looks at her getting ready. He stares at her. He says can I help you, control, slower. He smiles. Ishita feels weak and thinks how to go down. She says I have to go. Parmeet looks at her.

Parmeet talks to Ishita sweetly and tries to show care. Ishita says I m ok.

Update Credit to: Amena

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