Uttaran 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th April 2013 Written Update

Aatishgarh Haveli:

The episodee starts with Akash saying if Meethi doesn’t want to take it then there is no need to force her. The sisters are taken aback and Gomti is angry with him.

He goes back towards the stairs when Gomti calls out to him. He stops and she comes and stands next to her. Gomti says Vishnu, you know of our rituals / traditions. Whenever something good happens we give bali and every member of our family takes the prashad first thing in the morning. Did you forget? Your wife is offending it.
Akash turns back frustrated. He asks for her forgiveness. If Meethi doesn’t feel like eating it, then you cannot force her to eat it.
Pavitra tries to manage the situation and says jiji leave it. Vishnu beta don’t worry we will do as you say. Meethi comes up to him and thanks him for understanding what she had in her heart. A soft tune is playing in the background. Akash nods at her and they both leave for their room together.

Pavitra mocks Meethi thanku! What has happened to our son? They both go to meet their eldest sister to discuss the issue. Kajri emerges from behind the stairs and smiles seeing their plan fail.

Thakur House:

Jogi asks Rathore if he got to know of something. Rathore replies don’t know why people do such things. The agent is now selling vada pav. Jogi is super worried. How will we find her now? Mukta had told that Meethi isn’t going to Switzerland but then where has she gone.
Mukta listens to their convo and is shocked. She says Meethi is not in Switzerland. I knew that Vishnu was a fraud, a liar but no one believed me then. What if something wrong happens with Meethi? What will they tell Ammo nani? How will we find her bade papa. Tell me.
Jogi asks her to calm down. Damini must not know of this. She will breakdown completely. I know I did a big mistake. But I recently got to know of it when I heard Rathore talking to someone about Meethi. Mukku asks him what they will do now.
Rathore replies they will go to the police…..asap. jogi agrees with him. Mukta worries for the worse.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Pavitra says jijiya, something is wrong for sure. Akash dint let us make Meethi eat the mutton. Gomti too agrees saying the chance to ruin her religion has slipped out of our hands today. Pavitra agrees saying what if tomorrow he says if she is not willing to then don’t force her. Maiyya says she is her son. There must be some reason behind it for sure.
Gomti says we know him since childhood but now there is something that has changed. Pavitra says he spoke as if we are nothing to him and Meehti is his everything. If this continues then he might say one day that he has actually fell in love with Meethi.
Ekadashi slaps Pavitra who takes her step back. She tells her not to repeat what she said or she will have to face the consequences. He has married that Iccha’s daughter for me. He has seen me suffering for 20 years. He is the apple of my eye. He can only hate that Iccha’s daughter but cannot love her. Never ever. She raises her hand to hurt Pavitra again but controls herself.

Meethi has put her head on Akash’s chest. She thanks him for supporting her in front of everyone. I don’t know why massi’s were forcing me to have mutton. You know I don’t and cannot eat it. Plus enjoying on someone’s death? But I thank you from the bottom of my heart to understand what I value. You know what Anni used to say? She used to tell me that if you have done good deeds in the past then you would get a great husband in this life. Just like I got you.
He says he is her husband so this much he can do for her. She asks and love?
He says I do that is why I am standing with you. Meethi smiles saying I know you do. Would you love me like this for the whole life? Wait here, I will bring something for you. She goes and asks him to close his eyes. Meethi gifts him a Ganesha idol.
He asks who gave it to her. She says ma did. She used to tell me that if you are in some trouble or are not able to come to the right decision then you should pray to Gannu. He will show you the right way always. And today, I’m giving it to you. Whenever you are unable to decide something or are in trouble just remember him. He will always take care of you, our love and our relation.
He thanks her but says he needs to eat something too other than love. She sweetly holds her ears and runs out to get something for him. Akash looks back at the idol in his hand.

Police Station, Mumbai:

Rathore shares the print out of the e-mail sent by Akash with the Police Inspector. Veer comes in running and asks if what Thakur sahab said on the phone was true. If she hasn’t gone to Switzerland then where is she. Where did Vishnu take her?
He doesn’t listen to anyone and blames himself for everything. He dint listen to Mukta. First iccha left and not Meethi. She can be in some danger.
Rathore tells him to relax. This is not the time to repeat past mistakes. It is the time to stand by and support each other. I promise you that I will get her back safely.
The inspector tells them that he will give the IP address for tracking. They can trace the location as well. He will take care of everything. Meanwhile, if they get to know of something, they should share it with them too. Rathore nods in agreement and asks him to hurry up.


Aatishgarh Haveli:

Agarth pulls his wife’s hairs and she cries out in pain. She says she is very hungry as she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. He doesn’t let her go and taunts her. You get your food here every day then why you came out running yesterday? You know what I can do. He smiles evilly as she winces in pain. He continues saying, I know you know some of our secrets but don’t think that we will be scared of you because of this. I will lock you in the storeroom without any food or anything.
He leaves her crying and closes the door from outside.

Meethi sees him going and hears someone crying. She wonders who it is and peeps in through the broken glass. She realises its mami ji and opens the door.
She says why are you crying? I am here now tell me.
Mami ji says she is very hungry. She hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Meethi tries to comfort her. She says she will bring in yummy food for her mami ji.
Mami ji is scared and tells her to be careful. If they get to know about it, they will beat her a lot.
Meethi asks her to calm down. She will be back in a second.


She assures her that she herself will bring it for her dearest mami. You stay here only. She leaves while mami continues to sob.

Meethi enters the kitchen taking in the fragrance of the food. She asks Kajri what she has cooked and Kajri happily tells her the menu. She sees Meethi filling in a plate with food and says she has set the table already. Who are you taking it for?
Meethi replies your mother-in-law. Kajri is shocked and tries to stop Meethi saying she shouldn’t be doing it without anyone asking her to.
Meethi replies that she knows she isn’t wrong. She is not scared of anyone and will do what she feels is right. She doesn’t pay heed to kajri’s words and leaves. Kajri stands back helpless.

Meethi comes out of the kitchen and comes across Agarth mama and Nirbhay. Mama says bahu, you are taking all this for Vishnu right. Tell him to come downstairs to have food with all of us.
Meehti smiles and replies she is taking it for mami ji, not Vishnu. She is hungry.
Nirbhay lashes out that she has decided that she will do as she likes. Who has asked you to serve her? She looks him into the eye and replies….then you tell me who should I ask permission from before taking the food? Episode ends!

Precap: Meethi says if you become ill tomorrow then do you think mami wont take care of you? If Vishnu gets ill, then undoubtedly I will take care of him. Leave all that if something happens with me then I can bet on it that Vishnu will take care of me like anything. Akash is witnessing everything from the corridor above.
Agarth says to Nirbhay……my sister’s enemy died now it’s her daughter’s turn. Send her to her mother. Nirbhay feels better now.

Update Credit to: pooja

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