Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th April 2013 Written Update

Meera tells Nandini not to leave the house because its her house and her world and if there is anyone who needs to leave then its her. Nandini tells Meera to shut up because she is nobody to advice her what she needs to do. Beeji tells Meera to go to her room. Meera goes to the room.

Nandini tells Beeji, Shyama, Nupur and Akhil she can no longer stay in the house with Meera. Beeji explains its her house and they all love her. Aloka ammaji comes there hearing sounds and asks who is planning to leave. She sees Nandini standing with her suitcase.. and tells Nandini not to even think of leaving the house because the one who should leave the house is Meera. She makes Nandini sit and politely explains her not to take any stupid decision like leaving because that

would make Meera win she should not leave her right. Ammaji says sorry to all the ill-treatment she used to give her but pleads her to not leave. Nupur agrees with Ammaji and assures Nandini they all love her and they all care about her not Meera. Meera is in the house only because of Balraj. Nandini remembers Balraj’s words of keeping Meera stay. Nandini decides to stay but asks Beeji to promise her something. Beeji right away says she promises to give anything she wants. Nandini tells her she wants Balraj to make Meera leave the house. Beeji promises she’ll make him do it.

Next day everyone having breakfast. Akhil reminds Nupur and Deepika to revise well for their exams and write down the questions for him he’ll discuss it with them at night. Aloka is taunting them its no use to study because eventually they’ll be married and all that matter is household chores for women. Nupur objects and says she wants to study and there is nothing special which comes out of marriage going by the example of Nandini and Ani’s marriage. That relationship came to a point where Nandini was almost about to leave the house. Just then Meera enters. Everyone’s expressions change immediately. Aloka starts with her usual taunts and insults. Meera says HI to Nupur but Nupur gets up and leaves from there ignoring her. Deepika and Akhil leaves too seeing her. Niranjan asks Meera to take a seat but Pallavi drags him away from there. Shyama and Agasthya stays. Shyama tells Meera to to sit… she’ll bring breakfast for her. Shyama goes to the kitchen. Meera feels strange seeing the reactions. Agasthya says the moment she came everyone left from the table as if she is having a disease. Meera asks why he stayed back.. Agasthya answers because of the delicious breakfast. He doesnt want to leave the good food. He takes a bite and says dekho its sweet. He tells her he doesnt care what people says and all those kinda issues. He tells her to sit. She tells him she didnt wanted to stay and the reason she is staying is Balraj. Agasthya says he knows it. She says nobody wants her in the house and she doesnt think she can live for long. Beeji comes with a glass of milk for meera to drink. Balraj enters the dining hall and announces he’ll take Meera to the doctor in the evening and leaves for office. Agasthya and Beeji are surprised. Beeji understood why he wants to accompany. She follows Balraj. Agasthya calls Meera a VVIP guest because Balraj never in his life took anyone to the doctor himself. Meera finds it a bit weird.

Beeji tells Balraj he can manipulate anybody but not her. Shyama will take Meera to the doctor and if he wants she will accompany them but he shouldn’t go. He never took his daughter-in law to the doctor ever she knows why he is so desperate to take Meera himself to the doc. Balraj is adamant and says he will only take her to the doc. Beeji tells him its difficult for Nandini to live with Meera in the same house and she was about to leave last night. Balraj tells Beeji things will be under control.. he’ll talk to Nandini himself after he comes back from office.

Anuja and Rimmi are searching for a ball in Beeji’s room and finds a locked box under her bed. Beeji just on time enters and tells them to leave the box . She takes the box from their hand. They ask her whats inside the box. Beeji says something is not meant to be told to kids. She tells them to do their homework. Rinni asks why everyone calls them Beeji. Beeji tells them she was a kid when she came in this house and were older to Balraj and Kailash (B’s elder brother) so their father told them to call her Beeji. Beeji meaning elder sister and from then on she became Beeji for everyone. She sends them off for homework. Nupur enters next and tells Beeji she’ll be in serious problem if she doesn’t go to her office today. She tells Beeji to save her from Balraj and tell him about her job. Beeji assures her she’ll handle the situation. Nupur hugs Beeji. Nupur notices Beeji dressed up and asks her why she dresses up every thursday and where she goes on this day. Beeji avoids the questions and tells her to go to work as its already getting late. After Nupur goes away from her room. She carefully puts the box under her bed. Beeji remember’s a woman screaming and crying Nahi Jaana mujhe in background and says she is scared the same thing doesnt happen with Meera.

Balraj comes home and sees Nandini sitting alone in the garden. He comes and sits there. He changes his tone and politely asks her about last night and her trying to leave. He says he expected her to understand the situation and his decision to keep Meera in the house. He tells her the reason behind his decision is something related to her. The clause of the house is the reason he had to keep Meera. His father made a strange clause that the house will go to the child of Anirudh and in the future Meera’s child can claim it. He further says Meera is a cheap girl who can create scandal by telling the world about Ani and her relationship which can defame Nandini and the Asthana’s reputation also. People will ask her what was missing in Ani and her marriage which made Ani go to another girl. Balraj tells Nandini to tolerate Meera till the baby is born then they’ll throw money at her face and she’ll happily leave without creating any scene.

Precap-Balraj asking the doctor whats the gender of the child the doctor refuses as its against their policy. Balraj threatens the doc and says he doesn’t care if the child is healthy or unhealthy all he wants to know is if its a boy or girl. Meera hears it.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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