Uttaran 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 15th January 2014 Written Update

Vishnu looks at his relieving letter sadly as he recalls his boss’s words. He is sitting near some temple worried when he gets a call from Mukta. He wipes his tears and picks up her call. She asks him about his whereabouts. He has a bouquet for her. she tells him she has already ironed all his clothes. She notices the sadness in his voice and gets worried. Are you ok? He lies he is ok. I will be a little late tonight. I have some work in office. She asks his permission for going to the client meeting. He agrees. You have been promoted so your workload would have increased. Vishnu allows her. She thanks him with all her love while he too replies, though a little emotionally. Vishnu is sad as he looks at the small temple / idols.

Meethi is reading magazine in her room when Ambika comes asking if Akash is back. Meethi tells her he had gone to get his phone from your room. Ambika knowingly hints he isn’t back yet. On Meethi’s insistence, she tells her that he has gone to get a surprise for her. meethi gets worried for him as the weather outside is not good. Ambika tells her not to worry as he might be coming soon. Meethi nods. Ambika smirks thinking he wouldn’t return ever now. meethi is super worried.

Akash takes two bouquets. He thinks of heading back asap before Meethi gets to know or the fog increases. Meethi is still worried for Akash. I am feeling very uneasy as its too late now.

Mukku comes to the hotel. She asks for the table booked for Yuvaan Enterprises but is told there is no table reserved under such a name. She is confused. Yuvi comes there. She tells him about what the manager has told her just now. Yuvi pretends to make a call and gets angry that he wasn’t informed about something. He ends the call angrily. Mukku asks him about it. He calls it the second mistake of the day but this time it happened because of Naina. The meeting is after 2 days. She is saying she e-mailed me but I haven’t received a thing. Mukku tells him it is ok. I will go home. He calls it an insult. What if the client hasn’t come? We too colleagues who work together…can we not have dinner together? She reminds him that she wouldn’t be able to stay till late in the meeting. He nods. But now that you have come here can we not sit together for a while please?

Akash is driving carefully in the heavy fog. Meethi cannot sit inside her room like this. She looks out of the window but cannot see a thing. Akash continues driving. She decides to call him but the number is switched off. Now why has he done this? The fog outside is so thick and he is outside. Everyone has been told not to go out and he has! Ambika is enjoying it. Akash wont return ever. Now its Meethi’s turn. She will go to where Akash will be very soon. Akash is happy as he is driving. A tearful Meethi looks at the Ganesha idol and prays for Akash’s safety. A chant plays in the background. She gets a message from Akash’s number asking her to come out as he has a surprise for her. Akash saves himself from one collision. By then the brake oil is finished which shocks him.

Meethi comes out at the reception but the manager asks her not to go out in the fog. She again gets a message asking her to come out and she leaves telling the manager she will be back in 5 minutes. ambika watches this. This is your turn to hide in the fog now. meethi goes out. She again gets another message where she is asked to come on the road. Ambika wishes her to go fast. Meethi wonders about the surprise. Ambika is happy. now she too will go to where Akash will be. Both will be lost in the fog. Sankrant comes to her wondering where she had been to. She shows him the fog. I have never seen something like this earlier so was looking at it. He notices Akash’s phone in her hands and asks her about it. Ambika is worried / thinking. She gets saved as Sankrant gets a call from Maiyya on his own number. He goes aside to talk while she is relieved. She decides to hide Akash’s phone. Anyways the work is done. Both are gone in the pit of fog.

Vishnu is walking on the road all lost. How do I tell Mukta I don’t have a job anymore? He recalls the things which Nani had brought for Mukku and her taunts. Because of me Nani will taunt her all the more. he looks at the flowers sadly and continues walking. He notices Mukku and Yuvi in a restaurant. He looks confused / questioningly at Yuvi and lowers his flowers while she keeps looking at her watch worried as she is getting late.

Meethi calls out for Akash to come out as she comes outside on the road. She keeps looking everywhere but cannot see him. she also tries his number but it is unavailable. But he just messaged me! She gets worried thinking where he could be. Ambika is watching the news. The weather outside in Shimla and nearby places is very bad. So far, 4 accidents have been reported because of which 6 people have died. Ambika smiles thinking 2 more names will be added in the dead people’s list by tomorrow morning. She gets a call from Meethi but disconnects it. Die in that fog. Sankrant comes out of the washroom and asks her about the call. She lies that it was her dad. I will talk to him later right now I want to talk to you. She acts a little romantic and also gives him his medicines. She also switches off his phone as she gives him sleeping pills instead of his regular medicines. He is about to go tell Akash Meethi to eat food. She stops him saying they would be lost in each others arms right now just like us. He smiles.

Meethi is on a road crying and calling out for Akash. She gets saved from being hit by a car. She is scared but all the more worried for Akash who is having trouble driving that jeep. She continues looking out for him. Various chants keep playing in the background. Akash is saved from a collision with a truck because of which his jeep loses balance and he ends up ramming into a tree. Meethi can see him now. Due to the impact Akash falls off and starts rolling down the hill. Meethi gets up with a start (stands on her feet) as she calls out for Akash (with an alarm in her voice). She cannot see him anywhere and is shocked.

Precap: Meethi calls out for Akash from the top of the hill. A hand appears and she is a little relieved. She offers him a branch to hold onto and climb on. Don’t leave your hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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