Uttaran 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Khalid’s body is put on a stretcher by Ansari’s men. He is there too. Saba keeps asking Khalid to wake up while her Ammi tries to comfort her. She finally takes an inconsolable Saba inside. Asgar talks to Ansari and acts to be shocked at what all have happened. There has been no theft in this house till date and now this murder! Surely some thief has done it. Anyways I have a request to make. Khalid was a very nice man. If you allow then can do preps for his last rites? Ansari points out that it was a murder. No ritual can happen without a post-mortem now. Asgar politely asks for it indirectly but Ansari is bound to follow law. Ashfaque too supports Ansari. We should not overlook the fact that someone has shot bullet at our family member. Rizvi ji gives a green signal to Ansari as well. This murder is a blot on our family. the murderer needs to be arrested. Ansari isn’t disappointed with Rizvi ji. We will hand over the body to you tomorrow morning after post-mortem. He is all set to leave with his constables and Khalid’s body when he notices the kalava on Khalid’s hand. It looks only a day old. Who has tied it (while eyeing Meethi)? everyone is in a fix. Saba offers to tell but Ashfaque interrupts her. Bhaijaan had made a mannat at dargah. He wanted to buy a new home. Ansari yet again looks at Meethi who looks straight with a blank expression on her face. He wants to ask her something. Where will you when this murder took place? Tears stream down Meethi’s face as she answers him that she was in her room. I came running there when I heard Aapa (Saba’s) screams. Ansari wants to know about the relation that she shared with Khalid. Meethi calls him her brother. Ansari next turns to Asgar. Where were you at the time of murder? He lies that he was not in the house since evening. Ashfaque looks confused. Ansari leaves finally. Asgar is worried that he has very less time. The story is getting complicated. I will have to fulfil this mission asap or I will be in trouble.

Akash wakes up with a headache. Just then Juman Chacha enters with tea. Akash cannot understand why he locks the door from outside. Juman chacha lies that police is looking for him. I lock this door so that no one doubts that someone is hiding in here. Akash reasons what if he has to go out. I am fed up of staying inside this room. I will feel better if I will get some fresh air. Juman chacha denies. asgar will also be caught then. Akash agrees with him. I am a culprit in the eyes of Pakistan police. Juman chacha tells him not to worry till Asgar is there. He leaves from the room. Akash wonders as to why is he feeling so weak.

According to the post-mortem report, the bullet has been fired from point blank range. Ansari thinks that no one heard gunshot but Saba’s shot. His junior reasons that the silencer might be attached on the gun. Ansari feels that Khalid must have seen his killer. It means that it might be someone from the house only or his screams would have been heard. Is it that Rizvi family knows the killer and is trying to hide the truth from us? Saba surprises him with her appearance there. Rizvi family has sheltered that killer. He offers her a seat. She has come here as no one will let her speak the truth there. She tells him that Khalid’s killer is their guest, Meethi. ansari is shocked to hear it that Fida’s real name is Meethi. Saba wants him to arrest Meethi but he wants to know everything from the beginning. Who is she and how did she reach there? Why do I feel like I have heard this name a few days ago? Indian police had called regarding an Indian woman. Her name was Meethi only. Saba affirms that she is an Indian. My family has sheltered her. the last words on my husband’s lips were – Meethi, danger. She tells him everything in mute. Ansari looks angry.

Ashfaque finds Meethi crying in her room silently. He gives her her kalava and she recalls tying it on her brother’s hand. He remarks that life is weird. Someone gets a rakhi on his hand in the morning which makes his day the most beautiful day of his life and dies at night. That too a murder? I was too shocked when I threw soil at his grave. Meethi asks him if he too thinks that she killed her brother but Ashfaque trusts her fully. It is impossible that you can do such a thing. Now Ansari ji only will find out the truth.I am sorry for what Saba Aapa said to you. Meethi understands Saba’s pain, anger. She never liked me anyway and it all turned into hatred today. I cannot understand why it happens with me always. She wonders who it can be who has killed Khalid bhai mercilessly. Whoever it is, hope God never forgives him. Asgar had just come in and hears it. ashfaque notices his presence. He asks for his opinion. Who would have killed such a great guy? Asgar mutters that if he had any idea about it then he would have punished that person on his own. Ashfaque talks well about Khalid. Meethi wonders if he (Khalid) came to know about some secret which none of us know about. Asgar is taken aback.

Saba comes home. Ammi rushes to her. where have you been? Saba replies that she had been to that place where she should have gone long back. We might not have seen this day then. Asgar deduces that she had gone to meet Ansari. She affirms it. just then Ansari comes there with his men. There is a good news for you all. He calls out for Fida. Meethi comes downstairs. He too blames Meethi for Khalid’s murder. Saba told me about it. asgar counters that his sister is in a shock. How can you trust her? ansari is ready to wait till he finds proof but I can arrest him because of our doubt. Asgar is not going to let him arrest his guest. Ansari asks Rizvi if he should go back. She has done a crime whose proof I have. She has come to Pakistan from India illegally and is living here now. her name is not Fida, but Meethi Chatterjee. He asks Asgar if he wants proof. Saba has given a statement for the same. Ashfaque wants to tell him the truth but Ansari is not in a mood to listen to another story. Be grateful that I am not arresting you. I will listen to all the stories in jail now. Don’t test my patience. Ashfaque too wants to go with Meethi. Ansari is surprised to see both the brothers defending their Indian guest. Meethi tells them all to stop. I cannot lie anymore. She agrees that she is Meethi Chatterjee, an Indian. She holds out her hand to be handcuffed. Ansari gestures his constable to do so and he obliges.

Precap: Akash asks about Meethi from Asgar who tells him that Meethi has been arrested by police. On the other hand, Ansari interrogates Meethi about her terrorist links. She declines being a terrorist. He is not ready to listen to her and orders her to be put behind bars even though continues to request him to listen to her once.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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