Are you excited to see Surbhi as con-woman in Qubool Hai?

Qubool Hai has always shifted its track to accommodate a new one, bringing more parallel tracks. This time, the new entry is the show is again Surbhi Jyoti in her third role in the serial as Seher, after being Zoya and Sanam. Seher is Asad and Zoya’s daughter and Sanam’s twin. She was lost and drifted apart from Sanam when Tanveer has lit Asad’s house on the fire. Tanveer asks Sanam not to dig her past as she won’t get anything. But Sanam feels maybe she will get someone her own who might also be waiting to unite with her.

Seher’s enters the show with a banging entry, as she dons the look of an old lady and stops a car showing she has been hit by it. The man apologizes to her and seeing her hurt, he takes her in the car. Seher aims a gun at him asking him to shell out all the money he has. The man surrenders and gives all the money. Seher takes the money and is glad that she won’t need to work for one month now. She sheds her old lady image and throws the saree to show her ultramodern attire. She smiles gloriously as she has succeeded. Seher looks modern and very bold and daring. She is a con woman who shells our money from people by scaring them of their lives.

Seher and Sanam are very different in their nature and looks. Sanam and Tanveer have come to know about Sanam’s twin and are looking for her. The sisters will not come face to face, as it will be a hit and miss case, as they are very close infront of each other but can’t see the faces as Seher’s hair comes in her face and Sanam could not see her. Tanveer is tensed as Sanam will find put about her truth, that she has killed her parents Asad and Zoya. Tanveer will be the one to spot Seher first and will eventually plan her tricks against her. Are you excited to see Surbhi’s new look? Give us your opinion.

  1. ok bye bye everyone

  2. surbhi looks better in modern outfits and the zoya hairstyle or seher but not sanam hairstyle but i love sanam habits

  3. just cant wait to see them both together taking revenge on tanveer

  4. love seher , i hope seher and sanam meet each other

  5. Yes, love it

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