Uttaran 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 11th April 2014 Written Update

Vishnu deletes the messages from Mukta’s mobile. She asks him if he is calling someone from her phone. He denies. I thought someone messaged you but that wasn’t so. She is confused at his behavior for he has never checked her phone ever before. I mean you can do it but I don’t like it. It feels like you are spying or keeping an eye on me. He promises not to do it again. She gets back to cooking their dinner.

A courier guy delivers something at Bundela House and Maiyya receives it. She is asked to sign over the copy but she offers to give a thumb impression. He makes fun of her. Nowadays even the servants of big houses know how to sign and you want a stamp. Maiyya gives him a fitting reply and Meethi gives him a piece of her mind too on manners and education. You want me to complaint against you in your company? He apologizes to her and leaves after taking Meethi’s signatures. Maiyya too goes inside upset.

Yuvi is waiting for Mukta and she comes there just then. She talks to some Sharma ji about some meeting while Yuvi looks at her from top to toe. She looks so happy. Is this for our meeting? I am happy to see it! He goes outside to talk to her. They exchange greetings and she again addresses him as sir. He reminds her to call him only by his first name but she still adds sir to it. He appreciates her prompt replies to his messages. She is confused but then thinks of something else. I was absent for so many days that I have to be prompt in my replies. He is happy that she agreed (to meet him). This time I feel that you are fully ready. She smiles in affirmation. You have been so patient regarding my absence then how could she be late in reporting. Don’t call it reporting it feels like strangers, he says. She smilingly agrees not to. What time do I have to come? Tell me what time is the meeting? He thinks that she is calling it a meeting maybe because Sharma ji is around. He shares that he is very excited about this meeting. This time I have to fulfill my incomplete wish. I will message you the timing and location by evening. She nods and then turns to talk to Sharma ji about some data while Yuvi leaves from there.

Meethi brings Maiyya to Damini Paathshala to study. Maiyya is amused at the idea. I will study in this age? She encourages her to study as she will catch up in a year. There is no age to study. You must learn it so that no one is able to misbehave with you like that courier guy. Meethi introduces Maiyya to the teacher there. She too will study with the kids from today onwards. Maiyya feels she is stuck here. Meethi asks her if she doesn’t trust her. Meethin has brought light in her life so she can even die for her. Meethi instead asks her to study for her while she goes to meet the carpenter. Maiyya sits down with the kids who smile looking at her.

A lady is being kidnapped by some men. They tie her hands and mouth as she is shouting too loudly. Meethi comes to talk to the carpenter and hears the noise. The carpenter calls it a normal thing while Meethi runs off to see what’s happening. She notices those men forcing that lady to enter in a van. She tries to stop them but in vain. She asks other people about where are they taking this lady. They tell her that there is some kholi no. 12 nearby where these men bring some ladies like this. They have never informed in police about it for they are scared. These ladies are forced to do some work or the other. Meethi is in thoughts. (I think it is Kajri but not sure!).

Mukta comes home. Vishnu asks about her day. She has finished all the pending works. She is about to go to change when he asks about Yuvaan Sir. He is all right, she tells him. Why are you asking like this? He talks about the issue on site. She had spoken to him about it but he doesn’t want to talk personal stuff while at work. Don’t worry you will get a good job. He wants to know if he sent her any message. She wonders as to which message he is talking about. He lies that he had messaged her. Did she get it? She declines. I received dad’s message. He has kept a Baisakhi party and we both have to go. He agrees to go but he will reach half an hour later than her as he has to meet the labors. She agrees and then goes to freshen up. He is thinking about message just then Mukta’s phone beeps. He is looking at her phone just when she comes asking him to check her phone for she heard the beep. He hides the phone before she can see it and says it was his phone instead. She goes back inside. He checks her phone again. Yuvi has sent the location and timing. He has booked a table for them in Ocean View Restaurant for 8 pm tonight. Vishnu is angry and his head starts hurting again. He ill definitely go to meet Yuvi tonight.

Yuvi receives a reply that makes him happy. He smiles to himself and kisses the phone. Even I can’t wait Mrs. Mukta Kashyap. You and your husband will remember this night forever. On the other hand, Vishnu imagines Yuvi and Mukta romancing with each other. His head is hurting badly all this while. He deletes the message. This was your last message Yuvaan as you wont be able to sms my Mukta after tonight. I will teach you such a lesson that you wont dare to do something like this ever again in life.

Meethi comes to police station. She is outside and cannot help recalling what all she had to bear because of Ambika. She was in the same jail. She encourages herself. It is very important to help that woman right now. You cannot fall weak. If you wont lodge a complaint then don’t know what will happen to that woman. Coincidentally, Ambika is being brought outside too and they both come face to face. Guess they are taking her somewhere. Ambika smiles looking at Meethi. You have come to meet / save me right? Come to meet / save me tomorrow for sure. You have the swear of our relation. She laughs hysterically. You aren’t happy even though you are safe? You look worried. Ambika continues laughing like a mad person. She is taken away by the police. She again asks Meethi to come meet her tomorrow. Do come back to save me.

Precap: Vishnu beats Yuvi very badly. Yuvi puts his hands in front of his face to save himself from Vishnu’s wrath when he stops and looks at Yuvi’s hand. It has a tattoo of YB initials – Yuvraaj Bundela!

Update Credit to: pooja

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