Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kaira informing Sheela on phone that they are returning home from their honeymoon. Sheela gets worried and so is Pankhudi. Anisha hears it. Govardhan tells Dadaji that Anisha is egoistic. Dadaji says, Anisha is also good at heart. We should respect her. Vikram says, thanks to Avantika ji. I am heading the dispute community. I am throwing a party to celebrate. I called Varun and Kaira too. Adi asks what do you want? Vikram says patience. Vikram asks Adi to give him another cheque before the party. He gives credit card bill of Varun and asks him to pay.

He asks him to reach 30 min prior to party. Vikram tells himself that you are very mean. Adi has become your servant. Payal says, why Vikram called Kaira and Varun back? Sheela asks Pankhudi did you talk to Vikram. Pankhudi is tensed. Sheela tells Pankhudi to hire a detective for Adi. Pankhudi says no need. Rubel says, he might be tensed with office work. Adi comes. Rubel asks about Vikram’s party.

Vikram comes there and greets them. He asks Adi to tell. Adi is quiet. Vikram says, I overtake head of chamber position from Avantika. Rubel says, it is little surprising. Vikram says, I am very surprised. Adi says, mom is not having any guilt. Vikram says, may be she thought I am more deserving. I called Kaira and Varun and says sorry. Rubel says, we understand. Vikram says, I will leave now. Sheela says, Avantika took the right decision. Adi looks tensed. Pankhudi looks at Adi.

Adi calls Mr. Mehta and asks him to transfer 25 crores in his account. Rubel comes and says I just wanted to ask you. Are you investing in some new project. I got to know that you transferred the same amount in your account. Adi says, it is for personal expenses.

Vikram comes to Harish and says I got the position. Harish says, no one can be saved from Avantika. Harish says, I feel bad for you. You are clean bowled. Vikram smiles. Harish says, all husband should love their wives. Vikram says, I have to go now and invites him for the party. Harish thinks Vikram is trapped.

Adi comes to his room and asks Pankhudi what are you doing? Ignoring me? Pankhudi says, I said nothing. She says, you are hiding something from me. I won’t ask you again. Adi asks her not to emotionally blackmail him. Pankhudi says, I will get to know soon.

Kaira tells Pankhudi and Payal to go to singapore once as the place is nice. Sheela asks Kaira to talk to Anuj and asks him to take her for an outing. Kaira says, ok. Kaira hugs Adi. Adi says, you came back. Kaira says, Varun wants to meet Anisha Dadi that’s why we came here from the airport.

Adi calls Vikram and says I want you in my office right now. Adi says okay. Rubel looks on. Sheela asks Kaira to call Varun. Anisha asks Varun, did you enjoy your honeymoon? Varun signs yes. Anisha says, Vikram should not have called you back? Varun says, he called us for party. Anisha says, I can understand. She asks him to fulfill Kaira’s responsibility and shift to another house. Varun says. How it is possible. Anisha asks him not to be dependent on Vikram. She offers him money. Kaira comes and calls them. Rubel overhears everything and is shocked. He thinks why Anisha asking Varun to shift to another house and how she will arrange the money. Sheela asks Varun to eat something. Varun says, I will talk to Anny. Sheela says, she is sitting in the lawn. She asks Kaira to teach Varun how to talk.

Varun says, I can’t take decision until I am with bhaiyya. He got me married to Kaira so that he gets 200 crores money. He asks her to say something. Someone is sitting on the chair. She might be Anisha or Pankhudi.

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