I AM ALL URS— Will U Be Mine?? Part9 by Ahaana (LAST PART)

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Shivaye wakes up at 6:00 in morning prepares break fast for everyone as he was not able to give time to his family so he decided to make something special for everyone with the help of servants he completed his work….
now he thought to go and wake up his angels..

In kidzz room..
He very well knew what the scene could be …
His son Ansh had woke up and was busy getting ready but her darling daughter sleep like a log no actually like her mother. ..
he just went to his son took him in his arms …. ” gm sweetu..” wished shivaye.
he was about to kiss his son but suddenly he stopped in mid way as realization made a place in his mind that his son hate if someone kisses him same as SSO but now SSO loves kisses …..but junior SSO don’t …
he just kept him down settled his hair and again both father and son went to their daily work which was to wake junior Anika …
both went near shivika started tickling her.. she was laughing like maniac.. and she was awake now… Shivaye just kissed her daughter wished her gm and asked her to get ready soon … meanwhile Ansh was asked to gather everyone at dinning table and Both Ansh and Shivika ordered SSO to go to their mom and melt her anger and he just followed their order..

In Anshi room …
shivaye went to her lady kumbkaran kissed her at forehead and wished her gm followed by his big apology letter with i love u mentioned at last…but to his surprise anika just hugged him and replied ” i understand and it’s ok”.. he was glad to get her as his better half..
Then their day went with having yummy breakfast with family then they went for shopping all four then for a movie and at last they had dinner at His beloved sons favourite restaurant followed by kulfi at his darling daughter ‘s wish which he had to follow…
At night All four were tired as they had a blast …
At last they ended up sleeping in Anshi ‘s room all four slept as a happy family cuddling each other with all the warming love present in their hearts for each other…


had a great journey with u all my dear commenters who all made a great motivation for me.. i ‘ll surely miss this one as i had met many new people in this journey and i ‘ll be pleased if u all will continue showering of ur love at me whenever i ‘ll come soon with something new …
THANKS TO ALL GUYS .. who all brought best out of me ..
and i even know it was really unexpected but it has to be ended some day then why not today. ..

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  1. Nila

    hai ishika wow amazing end but y this soon? i miss ur ff plz come back soon

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Nila.. will surely try coming back soon…??

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Aisha.. ?

  2. Haridhra

    Wow awsm Ishika di / Ahaana di ..I have always loved ur ff n would continue to love it .. Even if tis is the end…I hope u remember me I have rarely commented on ur ffs but I’m a regular follower of ur ff .. I haven’t even missed a single epi of Ur’s .. I sad that tis ff is ending ,but happy that u will be back with a bang ?? (in daksh style)..As they say every end have a new beginning ..I waiting 4 ur return..

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Haridhra… m so glad that u admire my ffs so much… surely i ‘ll be back… and i know u …very well even i ve read ur ff today.. but was not able to understand now i ‘ll go to ur old parts and will read it from beginning. ..?

      1. Haridhra

        Ohh.. I’m glad u have read my ff ..Haaha sure di do read n comment if u like, it wuld mean a lot to me ..N I’m waiting 4 ur next ff…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dear??

  3. it was a awsome ending

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks saidha?

  4. Ahsana98

    Ahaana it’s me AHSANA. It’s was an awesome lovely super duper ending dear. but short episode too. I’m really miss your writings so coming back with an super duper ff. I’m waiting for that.

    1. Ahaana

      sorry Ahsana….. and ThAnks too… will surely come back soon..??

  5. Dhar

    Amazing episode dear??, waiting for u to come back with a bang

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dhar..
      will surely come back soon…

  6. Wow…Sweet and Happy ending..loved it dear…gonna miss ur ff very badly…waiting for ur another beautiful story..Keep Smiling

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Adhya..
      will surely come back soon…

  7. Awesome ending!!!!!!
    Do come back soon….

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Bhavna will surely come back soon …??

  8. Thedreamsoul

    Awesome episode dear , it was so cute . Gonna miss you and your ff for sure , do come up with something soon 🙂

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks sana i guess ?? will surely come back soon …??

      1. Thedreamsoul

        You are right ! 🙂

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Come soon with the another ff…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Nikitajai… will surely come back soon….???

  10. Alekhika20


    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dear?

  11. Niriha

    Awesome….loved it come back with new ff

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dear?..
      will surely come back soon. .

  12. Flawless… Amazing…. Plzzzz post ur next ff soon… And come back with a Big Bang…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks jannat?..
      will surely come back soon. ..hope so Will be back with bang?

  13. Great one…. You are really cool…thanks for writing such a beautiful story….will be waiting for your new ff…

    1. Ahaana

      Awwww jane?? thankyou so much dear..
      will surely come back soon. ..

  14. Himani_816

    Wow. Waiting eagerly for your next ff

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Himani…??
      will surely come back soon. ..?

  15. ManyaPV5

    Awesome ending but sad you ended it soon anyways try to come up with some new story.

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Manya..??
      will surely come back soon. ..?

  16. Wowwwwwww……awesome..

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks zaveesha?

  17. Nithu


    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Nithu?

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Beautiful ending Ahaana….. So sweet! Come back soon with a bang ff…. Take care n bye…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Gayathri…
      will surely come back soon….
      bye…. ??

  19. Neha_Pheonix

    Great……mast last part…I will miss this ..I have followed but could not comment as I was busy..love ya

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks neha…
      will surely come back soon….. ??

  20. Well all good things must come to an end…so sorry to see it end, but better we need more than hoping for an end..Thanks so much for keeping us entertained. This was really enjoyable. Looking forward to your next FF.:) 🙂

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dear??…
      Will surely come back soon to entertain u again ……..

  21. Ruksy

    End already ?? amazing totally loved it.

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Ruksy??

  22. Amazing..

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Ankita??

  23. Jerry_36

    Aare its finish. It seemed that it just started Ahaana di !! A perfect ending. Really loved the episode through and through. You are an awesome writer. Will wait for your works?

  24. Ahaana

    Awww jerry ThAnks dear?..
    Will surely try to come back soon…

  25. Aryaraju

    Loved it ?

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dear….

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