Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-4)

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Episode -4:
Sukor meet….. :

Hii!!! So why to waste time???? Let’s go

Episode -4:
Sukor meet…….. :

Vivaan and Imli are sitting side by side. Even Imli was feeling happy from inside. Rani and Rahul along with Chakor went to Imli. Chakor was feeling happy!!!!

Rani ran and hugged Imli. Rahul and Chakor followed her.
Rani : How are you Imlu???
Imli : I’m fine!!! How’re you??? And where is Rahul??
Rahul : I’m here imli ji!!!Hii !!!
Imli : Hii!!! And can I ask whose standing right behind you??
Rani : Hey Imli, She’s RADHIKA VERMA and Radhika she’s Imli, my bestie.
Imli: Hi Radhika!!!
Chakor : Hi Imli!!! Congratulations for your Engagement!!
Imli : Yeah sure!!!

Imli was feeling some connection with Chakor and Chakor was flying in the sky. Even Vivaan joined them.

Vivaan: Hey Rani!!!! Can you give us privacy???

Imli: Vivaan!!! Be quiet!!! I am sorry!!!

Chakor: That’s okay…

Chakor and Rani moves from there.

Chakor: I’m really, really happy today. Really Rani I can’t contain my excitement!!!!

Rani: Chakor, control your excitement, we are in a function!!

Chakor: Whatever it is, that doesn’t bother me!!! I am happy that’s it

Rani: Chakor!!!

Aarav who was passing by hears the name “Chakor” and stops.

Aarav: Hi Rani and she

Chakor: Cha…….

Rani: Radhika!!!

Chakor: Ha Radhika!!! Aap..

Aarav: Hi I’m Aarav Gupta!!!(Aarav shakes hands with Chakor)

Chakor: Hey Aaru!!!!

Aarav: Aaru,but chakor calls me like that.

Chakor got goosebumps.

Chakor: Who’s Chakor and why I will be like her???

Aarav: But I feel her presence, but okay I had many works, see you later!!!!

Aarav leaves whereas Chakor composes herself.

Chakor: I never expected that Aarav will identify me before Imli.

Rani: Don’t feel sad and even see no one are angry on you dear.

Chakor: But wait Rani!!!! We can’t come to a conclusion and I know my Imli is very very angry on me for not even informing her about me after 12th standard. I know about her very well.(Oh so for this small reason Chakor is worrying about Imli’s anger)

Rani: But one thing, I really can’t understand that will Imli really be angry on you for this small issue.

Chakor: You know what??? Imli is very dramebaaz from childhood!!!

Rani: Sacchi!!!

Chakor: Muchii!!!

Rani and Chakor hi-fi. Rahul calls Rani. Rani asks Chakor to wait. Chakor nodded. She was waiting for Rani.

Suddenly she striked with someone who was carrying some flowers. Both the flowers and Chakor’s purse fell down. They both bend down to take their things.

Both are picking their valuables. Then, Chakor raises her head to see the person and was mesmerized in his eyes. She was in other words, staring him. Even he was staring her like he hasn’t seen this much beautiful girl ever in his life. But suddenly reality rang in both their minds and they composed themselves . Chakor was feeling nervous.

Chakor: Woh.. I’m sorry
Suraj (still staring) : That’s okay but I haven’t seen you anywhere. Are you from Imli’s side???

Chakor was about to answer but Rani interrupted.

Rani : Hi Suraj!!! ( Oh ✌ so your all guesses are correct only. It’s only our Suraj who had right to stare Chakor. Am I right??)

Suraj : Hi Rani!!! How’s you and Rahul??? Completely forgot where’s he???

Rani : He’s here only and by the way, meet my bestie and Rahul’s Colleague Radhika

Chakor who was shocked knowing that he’s Suraj : Hi!!!

Suraj : Hi and I am Suraj !!!!

Chakor : Yeah and I am sorry!!!

Suraj : That’s alright. Catch up with you later!!!

Rani : Ha!!!

Suraj left but Chakor was still staring him.

Rani : Chakor!! ( No response) Chakor!!! ( Still no response) CHAKOR!!!!

Chakor : Rani!!! I’m not deaf!! Okay!!!

Rani : Okay dear. Come let’s go………

Function Started,

Vivaan kept ring for Imli and everyone clapped. Even Imli kept ring for Vivaan. Thus the Sagaai (Engagement) Ended. (Just don’t want to drag it.)

All left. Rani want to inform about Chakor’s identity but Chakor pulled her and left.

In Rani’s house,
Rani : Arey Chakor!!! Why didn’t you reveal yourself???

Rahul : This time don’t give silly reasons yaar!!!

Chakor : Actually I wanna make the movement special.

Rani : And do you think it isn’t special??? Arey yaar it’s her engagement???

Chakor : And I don’t want to spoil it by my revelation!!!

Rani : Chakor!!! Please!!! It will add more happiness to the event.

Chakor : But still I can’t now but wait aren’t you planning about some Trip !!

Rani : Ya…. Trip in Europe!!! Oh so that’s the reason for this!!!

Chakor : Of course now come to point!!!!

Rahul : But Chakor how can we reveal you??? I mean any planning!!!!

Rani : Arey Rahul!!! I’m fed up of these planning and plotting and Chakor please let’s reveal!!!! No plans, nothing!!!

Chakor : How will it be interesting without any plans???

Rani : Are your plans more important than me???

Chakor : Of course not!!!

Rani : Then please leave it to me!!! I can’t play these hide and seek!!!! Okay!!!

Rani convinced Chakor.

Chakor : Okay baba do something!!!!

Rani : But Chakor how you knew about Europe trip!!!!

Chakor : You’re really my best buddy, so that’s why you sent your approval message to me instead of Imli!!! Through your mobile, I chatted with Imli and I got to know about this Trip.

Rani : Oh so you used my source!!! Well and good but promise me that you won’t plot or plan anything.

Rahul and Chakor promised.

At night,

In Suraj’s room,

Suraj was lying on the bed and was thinking about Chakor!!!!
Suraj : Suraj!!!! You are thinking more about this Radhika Verma!!! But something magic is there in her eyes that made me stare her and I’m confused about it!!! Anyhow I again felt Chakor’s presence by her!!! Is she Chakor???? No no what are you thinking Suraj, how can she be Chakor. She’s Radhika. But my heart is saying that She’s Chakor!!!!!!


So guys how’s today’s episode???? Is it boring??? If you have any problem regarding this ff, you can inform me.

1. So will Chakor reveal herself????

2. Will Suraj get to know about Chakor????

To know that just stay tuned


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    1. Smiley010403

      Thanks for ur support Aanya

  3. wow i loved ur ff they are getting more exciting day by day cant wait for the next one

  4. Shreya.

    S smiley…Dis part also simply superb…even i can’t control myself…waiting for d next part…

    1. Smiley010403

      Thanks but wait for sometime

  5. Amazing, loved their first meeting. I think Chakor will reveal herself but Suraj won’t know about her. I really like your comments in the story they’re funny. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

    1. Smiley010403

      Thanks!! Even I’m thinking about this

  6. It’s simply awesome.. Loved this. It’s getting interesting day by day. Eagerly waiting fr the next part

  7. Sukorian

    I read both epi. 3 + 4 nice

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